Hong Kong police confiscate HK$300 million of cocaine, record seizure of drug this year

Hong Kong police confiscate HK$300 million of cocaine, record seizure of drug this year

Officers seized 411 grams of what appeared to be ketamine in a plastic bag he was carrying. “Officers then brought the man back to his rented flat [in the building] for a search, where they discovered 386 slabs of suspected cocaine, each weighing one kilogram, with a total value exceeding HK$300 million,” Tam said. The man was detained on suspicion of trafficking in a dangerous drug – an offence punishable by up to life in prison and a HK$5 million fine. Police said they believe that the decrease in the price of coca leaves, the raw material used to produce cocaine, had lowered the cost of importing the drug. “We believe local drug trafficking syndicates have seized this opportunity to procure and stockpile large quantities of cocaine at a low cost,” Tam said. “They can then flexibly distribute the drugs in batches to meet the demand of the local market.” According to the force, the flat had been used by a drug trafficking syndicate as a storage facility of the illegal substance for about a month. An initial investigation suggested the arrestee worked as the keeper of the drug storage facility, the superintendent said. “The man was allegedly paid HK$15,000 to assist the drug trafficking syndicate to rent the flat used for storing the narcotic and he was also responsible for delivering the illegal substance,” Tam said. He said the police operation had successfully prevented this large batch of cocaine from being circulated onto the underground market. Chief Superintendent Ng Wing-sze, who heads the narcotics bureau, said that in addition to requiring the man to live at the premises and spend long hours overseeing its storage facility, “the drug syndicate utilised technology to remotely monitor and manipulate him”. Officers seize 386 slabs of cocaine weighing 1kg each during a raid

Hong Kong fund strikes another AI deal with Beijing robot maker Galbot to boost industry

Hong Kong fund strikes another AI deal with Beijing robot maker Galbot to boost industry

Hong Kong Investment Corporation (HKIC), a HK$62 billion (US$8 billion) government fund, has inked a partnership with Galbot, a Beijing-based humanoid robot start-up, in the latest high-profile move from the financial hub to shore up its artificial intelligence (AI) industry. The deal will see Galbot establish a local entity called HK-Galbot Embodied AI Lab, and the company will explore applications for humanoid robots in Hong Kong with pilot projects in industries including retail and tourism, HKIC CEO Clara Chan said on Friday at a signing ceremony. Galbot will also work with local schools to set up training programmes for embodied AI – which is integrated into physical objects so that AI systems can interact with their environments – and train more than 100 teenagers every year, Chan said. A potential benefit of embodied AI, according to Chan, is that it can replace humans in performing dangerous and tedious tasks. Chan Clara, CEO of the HKIC, speaks at the ceremony announcing the government fund’s partnership with Galbot at Island Shangri-la on July 19, 2024. Photo: Dickson Lee The year-old Beijing start-up, the third company chosen by HKIC to boost Hong Kong’s technology sector, will also prioritise Hong Kong as its destination for an initial public offering in the future, according to Chan. Companies the HKIC has collaborated with, including SmartMore and Biomap, are bringing technology, research capabilities, talent and pioneering products to Hong Kong, which will attract more companies and investment firms to the city, Financial Secretary Paul Chan said at the same event on Friday. “We believe that Galbot will participate in depth in building a robotics ecosystem in Hong Kong,” he said. At a media briefing, HKIC’s Chan declined to disclose how much the government fund had invested in Galbot. He Wang, an assistant professor at the Peking University’s

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Asia’s First Bitcoin Inverse Product to Launch on Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Details

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (HKEX) will reportedly launch Asia’s first-ever Bitcoin inverse product later this month.  Dubbed CSOP Bitcoin Futures Daily (-1x) Inverse Product (7376:HK), the fund is designed to provide inverse exposure to BTC’s price movement.  Key Details of the Fund  According to famous Chinese reporter Colin Wu, the upcoming Bitcoin inverse product will launch on July 23, 2024, making it the first of its kind in Asia.  Exclusive: On July 23, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will launch Asia’s first Bitcoin inverse product, named CSOP Bitcoin Futures Daily (-1x) Inverse Product (7376 HK), which directly invests in the nearest expiring monthly Bitcoin futures traded on the CME. The trustee is HSBC… — Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) July 19, 2024 Notably, the product will directly invest in the nearest expiring monthly Bitcoin futures contracts traded on the leading global derivatives marketplace, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).  Under this initiative, investors can speculate on the price actions of nearest-to-expiry Bitcoin future contracts without actually holding the cryptocurrency.  Furthermore, Colin Wu revealed that the Asia arm of HSBC Institutional Trust Services Limited will serve as the trustee for the fund’s oversight.  7376:HK Will Track S&P Bitcoin Futures Index  Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, the upcoming fund is designed to track the inverse daily movement of the S&P Bitcoin Futures Index before accounting for fees and expenses.  This implies that when the price of the S&P Bitcoin Futures Index surges by a particular percentage on a given day, the value of the 7376:HK fund will decrease by approximately the same rate, and vice versa.  Upon the fund’s launch, Bloomberg would track the fund’s price action via its market data platform. In the meantime, the market data for 7376:HK is marked as “pending” in anticipation of its upcoming listing.  Institutional Clients Gain More

Hong Kong lawmakers call on government to lower rents as survey underlines ailing retail sector

Hong Kong lawmakers call on government to lower rents as survey underlines ailing retail sector

Hong Kong lawmakers have called on the government to take the lead in lowering commercial rents, after a survey examining the city’s struggling retail sector found more than half of business owners were facing increased prices despite lower footfall and sales numbers. Revealing the results of the survey on Friday, lawmakers from the New People’s Party said districts near the border with Shenzhen, such as North District, Sha Tin and Tai Po were some of the worst-hit areas, confirming the trend that linked residents’ spending on mainland China with local store closures, they said. “We think there is a healthy flow of people [visiting] the Greater Bay Area, and this is something that the government has been promoting for a long time,” said lawmaker Eunice Yung Hoi-yan. “But at the same time, we have to tackle the loss of business in Hong Kong.” The party’s survey conducted in May and June this year interviewed 3,477 residents and 409 individual shop owners across the city’s 18 districts. People outside a closed store in Mong Kok. Photo: Yik Yeung-man Overall, 49 per cent said they noticed lower footfall in their district’s shopping centres and wet markets following the Covid-19 pandemic. Wan Chai was the hardest-hit area with 72 per cent of respondents saying they observed fewer people, followed by North District with 69 per cent. Meanwhile, nearly half of Hongkongers interviewed, or 47 per cent, said they noticed more empty shops. Towns in the New Territories near the border appeared to have suffered the most, with North District performing the worst in this category as 74 per cent of residents reported seeing shuttered stores, followed by Tai Po at 61 per cent. Sha Tin South district councillor Eddie Lam Yu-sing highlighted the issue in Sha Tin, citing Shui Chuen O Plaza as

British Airways to cut London-Hong Kong service to 1 flight a day due to surging cost

British Airways to cut London-Hong Kong service to 1 flight a day due to surging cost

At present, the British airline runs two daily flights between Heathrow airport in London and Hong Kong, while Cathay operates five return-flights. Generally, British Airways flights are cheaper than the Cathay ones. “We regularly review our global schedule and we have decided to temporarily reduce our Hong Kong service to one flight a day, from 27 October 2024,” she said. “We are contacting any affected customers so they can rebook on to our other flight or have a full refund.” The spokeswoman cited rising operation costs due to a longer journey caused by the Russian airspace restrictions. “Like other UK carriers, we are not able to use Russian airspace which means our flight time is considerably longer, this also adds cost through fuel and staffing,” she said. “This is a temporary measure during our winter service 2024 and summer service 2025 … We will keep this under review.” The service adjustment comes after the UK airline rolled out plans in March to re-establish its presence in Asian markets such as Hong Kong, mainland China and Japan in the coming years. The move is part of the carrier’s £7 billion (HK$69.5 billion) transformation plan, the largest in its history, and includes a new aircraft as well as enhanced services. A traveller checks flight information at Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: Edmond So British Airways resumed services from London to Shanghai and Beijing last summer. It currently runs two daily flights between London and Hong Kong, another one with Shanghai and four a week with Beijing. But many overseas airlines have been caught in the crossfire of war after Western countries announced the closure of their respective airspaces to Russian aircraft following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The Kremlin subsequently retaliated by restricting airlines from 36 countries in Europe and

LED display maker Hanover among 19 UK firms to set up in Hong Kong in first half: InvestHK

LED display maker Hanover among 19 UK firms to set up in Hong Kong in first half: InvestHK

UK-based Hanover has picked Hong Kong to set up its Asia-Pacific headquarters, as the passenger information systems provider plans to use the city to market its LED products in the region. Hanover is one of 19 UK-based companies that have either set up shop or expanded their operations in the city in the first half, according to InvestHK, which is responsible for attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). Overall, 322 firms established their business or boosted their presence in the city in the first half, according to InvestHK. The UK was the third-largest source of cross-border investment after mainland China and the US. Other UK companies that have expanded into Hong Kong are content production network Casual, engineering consultancy Cranborne Group, financial services firm GC Partners, and health products and supplements marketer Lify Wellness. “We have received very positive feedback from our seminar series from 250 companies in the UK,” said Daisy Ip, head of investment promotion at InvestHK London. “Many of them were optimistic about the opportunities in Hong Kong and we are hopeful to achieve or exceed the achievement we had last year.” In 2023, the UK was the second-largest FDI contributor to Hong Kong, with 48 companies from Europe’s second-largest economy establishing or boosting their presence in the city, according to InvestHK. Kwan Yu-him, the regional head for Hong Kong and China at Hanover Far East. Photo: Cheryl Arcibal Ip said many of the UK companies are keen on Hong Kong, owing to opportunities in the local market and proximity to mainland China, particularly the Greater Bay Area. The bay area is Beijing’s scheme to link Hong Kong, Macau and nine cities in southern mainland China into an integrated economic and business hub. Other reasons include plans to expand into Southeast Asia, as well as the ease of

Hong Kong officials ‘highly concerned’ over IT outage that caused airport chaos

Hong Kong officials ‘highly concerned’ over IT outage that caused airport chaos

“The deputy secretary has asked government departments to closely keep in view developments under their purview and be prepared to make prompt response, as well as immediate reports where necessary,” he said. “The deputy secretary will also give instructions as necessary.” The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer had contacted Microsoft to urge the tech company to release solutions to the public as soon as possible and provide support to affected users. The outage was affecting airlines and airport operators across the world, including those in Germany, Australia, New Zealand and India. The London Stock Exchange was also among those hit. Airlines staff were forced to process passengers by hand. Photo: Dickson Lee At Hong Kong’s airport, passengers formed long lines as check-ins slowed to a crawl when airlines were forced to resort to processing fliers manually. More than a dozen flights departing from the city, including ones operated by HK Express, suffered delays. In a social media post, transport minister Lam Sai-hung noted that Hong Kong’s airport had activated its contingency plan to minimise the impact on operations, while also asking passengers to allow sufficient time for check-in. The websites of several airlines stopped functioning and Cathay Pacific’s self-service check-in facilities at the airport temporarily became unavailable. The Airport Authority announced after 3.30pm all air passengers were being processed manually, and just at around 10pm said most airlines had completed checking in affected travellers. Microsoft said in a social media post it was investigating an issue affecting the ability of users to access various apps and services on its cloud-powered platform. Apart from HK Express, Cathay Pacific’s low-budget arm, other international airlines also attributed halts to parts of their operations to the outage of e-commerce solution provider Navitaire. Navitaire’s website showed that its customers included Jetstar Japan, IndiGo,

British Airways to cut London-Hong Kong service to 1 flight a day due to surging cost

British Airways to cut London-Hong Kong service to 1 flight a day due to surging cost

At present, the British airline runs two daily flights between Heathrow airport in London and Hong Kong, while Cathay operates five return-flights. Generally, British Airways flights are cheaper than the Cathay ones. “We regularly review our global schedule and we have decided to temporarily reduce our Hong Kong service to one flight a day, from 27 October 2024,” she said. “We are contacting any affected customers so they can rebook on to our other flight or have a full refund.” The spokeswoman cited rising operation costs due to a longer journey caused by the Russian airspace restrictions. “Like other UK carriers, we are not able to use Russian airspace which means our flight time is considerably longer, this also adds cost through fuel and staffing,” she said. “This is a temporary measure during our winter service 2024 and summer service 2025 … We will keep this under review.” The service adjustment comes after the UK airline rolled out plans in March to re-establish its presence in Asian markets such as Hong Kong, mainland China and Japan in the coming years. The move is part of the carrier’s £7 billion (HK$69.5 billion) transformation plan, the largest in its history, and includes a new aircraft as well as enhanced services. A traveller checks flight information at Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: Edmond So British Airways resumed services from London to Shanghai and Beijing last summer. It currently runs two daily flights between London and Hong Kong, another one with Shanghai and four a week with Beijing. But many overseas airlines have been caught in the crossfire of war after Western countries announced the closure of their respective airspaces to Russian aircraft following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The Kremlin subsequently retaliated by restricting airlines from 36 countries in Europe and


Hong Kong Stock Exchange Sets Date For Asia’s First Bitcoin Inverse Product

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK) will launch Asia’s first BTC inverse product on Tuesday, July 23. This coincides with the iconic Spot Ethereum ETF launch scheduled for the same day in the U.S. The innovative inverse product, managed by CSOP Asset Management Limited, aims to provide sophisticated investors with a new tool for short-term trading or hedging. Overview Of The CSOP Bitcoin Futures Daily Inverse Product Hong Kong‘s CSOP Bitcoin Futures Daily (-1x) Inverse Product is a futures-based investment vehicle. It targets the inverse (-1x) of the daily performance of the S&P BTC Futures Index. This means that if the index declines, the product aims to increase in value, and vice versa. The product achieves this by investing in short positions of BTC futures traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). This includes both standard and micro BTC futures. The product is managed by CSOP Asset Management Limited, with HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Asia) Limited serving as the trustee. This BTC inverse product has an annual average daily ongoing charge of 2.00% and an estimated annual average daily tracking difference of -0.05%. The financial year ends on December 31, and any potential distributions are at the manager’s discretion, with no guarantee of regular distributions. Key features of the product include: 1. Denomination and Trading: The product is denominated in USD, but it is traded on the SEHK in HKD. Creations and redemptions are conducted in USD. 2. Short-Term Investment: This product is designed for day trading. Holding the product longer than a day could result in performance deviations from the intended inverse performance. 3. Sophisticated Investor Target: The product is aimed at sophisticated trading-oriented investors who understand the risks and monitor their investments daily. 4. Risks: Investors should be aware of the extreme price volatility associated with Bitcoin futures,

AI giant iFlytek to invest HK$400 million in Hong Kong, opens international headquarters

AI giant iFlytek to invest HK$400 million in Hong Kong, opens international headquarters

“Our initial budget is HK$400 million,” iFlytek senior vice-president Duan Dawei told the South China Morning Post at the opening ceremony of the new premises on Friday. “If everything goes well [in Hong Kong], that figure is going to be more.” Duan Dawei, senior vice-president at iFlyTek, speaks at the opening ceremony of the firm’s international headquarters in Cyberport on Friday. Photo: Handout With the firm’s new international headquarters, Duan said iFlytek intends to expand the market for its flagship Spark LLM and voice-recognition tools to various enterprises in the city and local consumers. Founded about 25 years ago in Hefei, capital of eastern Anhui province, iFlytek also plans to collaborate with local companies, such as those in the education and healthcare sectors, in developing computing infrastructure and using its LLM to build custom AI applications, according to Duan. He added that Hong Kong’s Legislative Council has already adopted iFlytek’s real-time, voice-to-text tools for meetings. Hong Kong will also serve as iFlytek’s launch pad to expand the overseas reach of its intelligent education hardware and services, with a focus on the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Duan said. The move by iFlytek bolsters the Hong Kong government’s efforts to establish the city as a tech innovation hub. Sun Dong, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, welcomes iFlytek at the opening ceremony of the firm’s international headquarters at Cyberport. Photo: Handout “The government has always strongly supported the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong, with a key focus on AI and life and health technology,” Sun Dong, the city’s Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, said at the opening ceremony at Cyberport. Hong Kong business park Cyberport in Pok Fu Lam. Photo: Jelly Tse “Cyberport is building an AI ecosystem, including a supercomputing centre,” Rocky Cheng, chief

Hong Kong paves way for UAE listings, recognising Dubai, Abu Dhabi stock exchanges

Hong Kong paves way for UAE listings, recognising Dubai, Abu Dhabi stock exchanges

“This expansion demonstrates HKEX’s continuous efforts to support companies in one of the world’s fastest growing regions to tap Hong Kong’s markets, home to a diverse Asian and global investor base,” Ng said in the statement. Hong Kong’s became the first bourse to list a Saudi Arabian exchange-traded fund (ETF) tracking 56 Middle East stocks in November. In May this year Bonnie Chan Yiting, the CEO of HKEX, said the first Middle East listing is only “a matter of time.” 02:12 Dubai prince who made waves in Hong Kong appears to have alter ego as singer in Philippines Dubai prince who made waves in Hong Kong appears to have alter ego as singer in Philippines Separately, the Financial Services Development Council (FSDC), a government think tank that promotes the city as an international financial centre, said it will conduct more studies of Middle East markets and Islamic finance to facilitate Hong Kong’s new status as a “super connecter”. The study of Islamic finance – which refers to investment strategies that are in line with the moral principles of Islam – will help the city to attract more fund flow and talent in the sector, Daniel Fung, vice-chairman of FSDC, said in a media briefing on Friday FSDC has made more than 230 policy recommendations to the government since 2013, with of them 166 adopted. Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu and regulators have toured Southeast Asia and Middle East countries many times over the past two years to promote links with Hong Kong. Islamic finance has made significant progress to become a US$4.5 trillion market globally and is poised to grow by 11 per cent annually through 2030, according to Azman Mokhtar, chairman of the leadership council at the Malaysia International Islamic Finance Centre. FSDC last year signed an

‘Freeze your eggs, free your career’: Hong Kong firm offers staff HK$280,000 baby incentive

‘Freeze your eggs, free your career’: Hong Kong firm offers staff HK$280,000 baby incentive

A Hong Kong biopharmaceutical company has offered a subsidy of HK$280,000 (US$35,850) to each of its employees to encourage them to start families while advancing their careers at the same time, in a bid to help boost the city’s birth rate. Tony Cheng Sai-lung, the managing director of Merck Hong Kong & Macau, said on Friday that employees usually faced an overlap between the prime periods for career advancement and starting families. “Freeze your eggs and free your career,” Cheng said. “That’s why throughout this initiative, we hope to give employees enough freedom and financial support to start their family yet advance their career all at once.” The subsidies were part of the “Family Matters Initiative” launched by the Merck Group, NGO Primary Care Education Foundation and Bowtie Life Insurance Company. “While encouraging the quality business environment of Hong Kong, private enterprises should also shoulder part of their social responsibility by encouraging their staff to organise their families and contribute to the long-term development of Hong Kong,” a joint statement by the three institutions said. Employees could be reimbursed up to HK$280,000 for treatments such as in vitro fertilisation, egg freezing, ovulation induction and infertility treatment. Male employees would also be eligible for money to reimburse them for applicable treatments. “All employees at Merck will be able to receive this subsidy as soon as their second day of their onboarding,” Cheng added. The three organisations conducted a survey on family support needs early this year involving 200 employees and found that financial burden was the primary factor deterring Hongkongers from having children. Tony Cheng, managing director of Merck Hong Kong & Macau, says employees usually faced “an overlap between the prime periods for career advancement and childbirth rate”. Photo: Xiaomei Chen Nearly 80 per cent of the respondents believed that

Wang Jing & GH Expands Hong Kong Office

Wang Jing & GH Law Firm establishes Hong Kong office

Wang Jing & GH Law Firm has expanded its footprint in the Greater Bay Area with the establishment of an office in Hong Kong. Sam Wong, the firm’s founding partner and chairman, is the managing partner of the Hong Kong office. He specialises in real estate and corporate commercial legal services, with extensive practical experience and profound theoretical knowledge in the legal industry. Wang Jing & GH has not yet disclosed the number of lawyers in the new office, only saying that it is relatively small in scale and will provide Chinese legal advisory to domestic and international clients. In addition to the Hong Kong office, Wang Jing & GH has branches in Bangkok, Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo handling the overseas business, and has formed a strategic partnership with Asya Law Firm in Turkiye. Source link

Computer outages cause long lines to form at Hong Kong Airport 

Computer outages cause long lines to form at Hong Kong Airport 

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Now Playing Listen: Recorded announcement at Hong Kong International Airport apologizes for delays 00:40 UP NEXT At least 28 people killed after days of violence in Bangladesh 00:36 Eyewitness video shows deadly fire raging at shopping mall in southwest China 01:21 Six people, including two Vietnamese Americans, were most likely poisoned, Thailand police say 00:59 Mumbai – and Kardashians – prepare for the son of India’s richest man to wed 01:00 Floods and landslides in India’s northeast turn deadly 00:39 Car crash in Seoul kills nine pedestrians 00:41 Watch: Chinese space rocket launches accidentally and crashes in flames 01:01 U.S. military personnel based in Okinawa accused of sexual assaults 00:56 Airport terminal roof collapse kills at least one person in New Delhi 00:54 South Korea military video said to show North Korea missile exploding in flight 00:36 Deadly fire breaks out at lithium battery plant in South Korea 01:04 City in a poor China province becomes a leading electric vehicle production hub 02:46 Putin does not rule out supplying high-precision weapons to North Korea 01:29 Video shows violent confrontation between China coast guard and Philippines navy 00:57 Russia and North Korea sign mutual defense pact at Pyongyang summit 01:53 Congressional delegation meets with the Dalai Lama, sparking anger in Beijing 01:29 Thailand passes landmark bill to legalize same-sex marriage 00:56 Kim Jong Un greets Putin as he arrives in North Korea 00:55 Deadly train crash in India as freight train plows into stationary passenger express 00:45 “A Microsoft outage has disrupted the service of airlines worldwide”:  A recorded announcement was replayed continuously at Hong Kong International Airport, as airline staff manually processed passengers waiting to fly.  July 19, 2024 Read More Now Playing Listen: Recorded announcement

6th Malaysian Durian Festival, Hotel Icon

Where to try durian dishes during peak season

It’s finally that time of the year when the ‘King of Fruits’ is in season. Hongkongers chase durians despite the pungent smell or the texture. And we’re in luck because plenty of restaurants and cake shops are offering the fruit in various shapes and sizes. Whether you’re into savoury or sweet dishes, these durian-themed delights will surely tickle your tastebuds. Take advantage of the peak season for durian and enjoy limited-edition dishes. Here are the best places to eat durian in Hong Kong. When you think of durian, its notorious smell and spikey outer appearance always come to mind. But moving beyond that, you’ll learn to appreciate the fruit’s versatility. It didn’t get its moniker as the ‘King of Fruits’ for nothing. In fact, durian is an ingredient that is perfect for hot and cold dishes, desserts or appetisers. And the results are amazing. That’s why it has developed its own loyal following and these fans are in for a treat this season. The durian’s popularity is backed by the fact that several restaurants and hotels have dedicated buffets and events just for them. It’s now a culinary sensation that a lot of diners are looking forward to every year.  It’s truly the season for durian. See the top places to indulge in the greatness of durian in Hong Kong below. Where to eat durian in Hong Kong in 2024 1 /8 6th Malaysian Durian Festival, Hotel Icon There’s no better place to be for durian than at Hotel Icon. The hotel is already well-known for its durian offerings in its buffet, but the 6th Hotel Icon Malaysian Durian Festival just turns things up a notch. With the support of the Consulate General of Malaysia, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, Malaysian Association of Hong Kong and even AirAsia, it’s the most

Hong Kong police breaks up gambling syndicate, shuts down 7 dens and arrests 46

Hong Kong police breaks up gambling syndicate, shuts down 7 dens and arrests 46

Hong Kong police have broken up a criminal syndicate after they rounded up 46 people and shut down its seven gambling dens which offered arcade machines with fishing games for betting. The force said on Friday that the 31 men and 15 women, arrested the previous day, included the alleged ringleader and his wife, who were also accused of laundering about HK$10 million (US$1.3 million) in illicit gambling proceeds in a year. Chief Inspector Chiu Peng-fai of the Mong Kok district crime squad said after an extensive financial investigation, police had frozen around HK$6.7 million in assets belonging to the couple. He said police also impounded a seven-seater car, valued at about HK$410,000, which was bought by the 46-year-old ringleader with suspected crime proceeds. “Investigations revealed that the criminal gang had recruited people from the same hometown in mainland China to come to Hong Kong as operators of gambling establishments,” Chiu said. “The gang also arranged accommodation for these people to live in the city.” Police also impounded a seven-seater car, valued at about HK$410,000, bought by the suspected ringleader using criminal proceeds. Photo: Handout After gathering evidence, police raided and closed down seven gambling venues controlled by the syndicate in Mong Kok, Kowloon City and North Point at daybreak on Thursday. Officers also raided a Kowloon City flat used by the syndicate as a dormitory for the keepers from the mainland. Officers also raided an industrial unit in the same district, which were used to store arcade machines. During the operation, police arrested 44 people on suspicion of operating a gambling establishment or gambling unlawfully. Thirteen of them were the alleged ringleader, his wife and suspected operators who included seven visitors from the mainland. The 31 others were gamblers. Officers also seized 47 arcade machines, more than HK$22,000 in

Hong Kong truck driver died untreated in hospital of natural causes, Coroner’s Court rules

Hong Kong truck driver died untreated in hospital of natural causes, Coroner’s Court rules

A cross-border truck driver died of natural causes after he spent more than six hours in a Hong Kong public hospital without receiving treatment, the Coroner’s Court has ruled. A five-member jury delivered the unanimous verdict on Friday after Coroner Arthur Lam Hei-wei found no evidence to suggest Wong Yun-chuen’s death at Tuen Mun Hospital in 2021 involved an accident or a slip-up in medical procedure. Lam said he believed the five-day inquiry represented “a big step towards the truth”, but Wong’s elder sister expressed disappointment that little mention was made in court about what she saw as a breach of a duty of care for the deceased. Wong died at the age of 55 after he was transferred from a medical institution in mainland China on August 18 that year for suspected lymphoma. He was admitted to the hospital’s isolation ward at 1.16pm for Covid-19 testing and a preliminary check, but the results were still pending when his elder sister found him cold and lifeless at 7.50pm the same day. The driver with liver failure died after being left untreated for over six hours at Tuen Mun Hospital. Photo: Sam Tsang Wong was declared dead at 8.18pm after a failed resuscitation attempt. A postmortem examination identified the direct cause of death as peritonitis, or inflammation of the inner lining of the abdomen, a complication of T-cell lymphoma. The nursing officer responsible for the isolation ward on the day concerned said the hospital’s manpower was stretched thin that day by other patients requiring immediate treatment. Another doctor said the hospital had no reason to suspect at the time that Wong had an acute condition. But medicine professor Timothy Rainer, who provided an independent analysis for the inquest, argued there was sufficient basis for medical staff to assess the severity of

Global Microsoft outage hits Cathay budget carrier hard at Hong Kong airport, some in 6-hour queues

Global Microsoft outage hits Cathay budget carrier hard at Hong Kong airport, some in 6-hour queues

He also suggested travellers “allow sufficient time to travel to the airport for check-in procedures and stay alert to updates”. A government source told the Post that Hong Kong authorities had not received any reports about disruptions to their computer systems Microsoft said in a social media post it was investigating an issue affecting the ability of users to access various apps and services on its cloud-powered platform. The outage has hit airlines and airport operators across the world, including those in Germany, Australia, New Zealand and India. The London Stock Exchange was also among those that reported disruptions. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing said after market close that all its systems, including trading and settlement operations, were functioning normally. Several Hong Kong airline websites stopped functioning, with that of HK Express inaccessible. A screengrab of an error on a booking page of Cathay Pacific’s website. Photo: Handout Cathay Pacific Airways’ website was accessible as of Friday afternoon, but a Post reporter’s attempt to book a ticket led to a page that stated “service unavailable – zero size object”. The website of Hong Kong Airlines directed to a page that said “Sorry, the page will be fixed as soon as possible”, but the booking page was available. The American tech company on Friday morning warned that its users might not be able to access its various Microsoft 365 apps and services, including OneDrive and OneNote. A spokeswoman for HK Express, the budget arm of Cathay Pacific, said its global e-commerce system, Navitaire, had been affected. “Multiple airlines worldwide, including HK Express’ website, mobile app and WeChat mini-app (including the Gotta Go Super Sale booking) have been impacted,” she said “Self-service check-in facilities at Hong Kong International Airport and our departure control system have also been affected, we are currently performing

Bangkok Post - Male model arrested in forex scam

Bangkok Post – Chinese men flee to Hong Kong after Chon Buri home invasion

Victim’s cousin suspected in extortion scheme PUBLISHED : 19 Jul 2024 at 14:34   Small   Medium   Large Chinese businessman Qian Peng Yi, left, speaks to police via an interpreter, centre, about what happened when a group of men broke into his house in Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri, on Wednesday night. (Captured from a video from Workpoint TV) Three Chinese men escaped to Hong Kong after breaking into a house in Chon Buri, tying up a compatriot for money and kidnapping his female cousin on Wednesday night. Authorities obtained information from a key witness who was hired to pick up the three Chinese men and their alleged abductee to Suvarnabhumi airport in the early hours of Thursday. Investigators believed the victim’s cousin colluded with the three men in extorting the businessman. The incident took place in a luxury housing estate in tambon Nong Prue, said Pol Capt Damchaluay Samkhanying, deputy investigation chief at Nong Prue station, who was reported around 1am. Police and immigration officers found the house owner, Qian Peng Yi, visibly frightened with marks of being tied up with a cable. Qian, 34, told police that a group of three men invaded his home at 9pm, and one of them brandished a gun at him, directing him to his bedroom. They proceeded to bind his hands and feet, gag him with cloth, secure his head with tape and force him onto the bed. The intruders coerced him to transfer 10 million baht to a bank account, threatening the life of his 33-year-old cousin, Tu Peizhi, who was in her second-floor bedroom. They also ransacked the house in search of valuables. Despite continuous pressure to transfer the money, Qian refused. Shortly after, he managed to escape the house when the men were not watching. He hid nearby,

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Hongkong Land (OTCMKTS:HNGKY) Shares Pass Above Fifty Day Moving Average of $16.71

Hongkong Land Holdings Limited (OTCMKTS:HNGKY – Get Free Report) shares crossed above its 50-day moving average during trading on Thursday . The stock has a 50-day moving average of $16.71 and traded as high as $17.44. Hongkong Land shares last traded at $17.44, with a volume of 1,017 shares. Hongkong Land Trading Down 0.9 % The firm has a fifty day simple moving average of $16.71 and a 200 day simple moving average of $16.20. Hongkong Land Company Profile (Get Free Report) Hongkong Land Holdings Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the investment, development, and management of properties in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and internationally. The company operates in two segments, Investment Properties and Development Properties. It owns and manages approximately 850,000 square meters of office and luxury retail assets primarily in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, and Jakarta. See Also Receive News & Ratings for Hongkong Land Daily – Enter your email address below to receive a concise daily summary of the latest news and analysts’ ratings for Hongkong Land and related companies with MarketBeat.com’s FREE daily email newsletter. Source link

Tony Leung Carina Lau

Who are the Wealthiest Celebrity Couples in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is home to some of the most talented celebrities, with a vibrant entertainment industry that has provided us with many artists who have amassed massive fortunes over the years. Among the city’s most influential people are some celebrity couples who define star power in every way. With their combined net worths in millions and contributions across the fields of acting and music, these couples have solidified their positions in pop culture history. Here are some of the wealthiest celebrity couples in Hong Kong. Several popular stars from Hong Kong have gone beyond their roles in entertainment, expanding their portfolios with successful business ventures. From featuring on the lists of the highest-paid actors and singers to displaying entrepreneurial genius, many celebrity couples have earned reputations for being the most influential figures in the industry. Known for their lavish lifestyles and extravagant splurges, here’s a look at the power couples of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry who have amassed multimillion-dollar fortunes. A look at Hong Kong’s wealthiest celebrity couples Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Carina Lau Tony Leung and Carina Lau are one of Hong Kong’s most famous celebrity couples. (Image: Tony Leung/Instagram) Combined net worth: USD 150 million Taking the mantle of one of the most famous celebrity couples in Hong Kong are veteran stars Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Carina Lau. A symbol of long-lasting marriages in the industry, Leung and Lau have been together for over 35 years. It was during her on-screen debut in TVB’s The Clones (1984) that Lau met her future husband. One of the most significant elements of their relationship has been their famously long courtship period, as the couple only tied the knot after dating for 19 years. On a professional front, both Leung and Lau have had great successes in their respective careers as

‘Cantopop is so unhealthy!’: inside Hong Kong’s new experimental music happening, Freespace Noise Fest

‘Cantopop is so unhealthy!’: inside Hong Kong’s new experimental music happening, Freespace Noise Fest

Kung’s subsequent experimental curations since the cube-shaped concert space opened five years ago – organised first under his Experimental Lab tag within the Jazz Fest, later as the stand-alone Sonic Encounter series – kindled the contemporary composer’s interest in left-field musical styles. Now, as Freespace’s head of contemporary performance, the 63-year-old Hong Kong native will host seven evenings of experimental gigs over a fortnight of wilfully unapologetic performances. Faced with programming the annual Freespace Jazz Festival during the pandemic, at its second edition in 2020, curator Kung Chi-shing presented a series of virtual encounters pairing Hong Kong musicians with contemporaries elsewhere on the globe. The Experimental Lab would be repeated for at the 2021 event (pictured) and a third time in 2022. Photo: Freespace “The word ‘noise’ is all embracing – you can have melody but you don’t need it, you can hear the beat but you don’t need to,” says Kung. “Noise is challenging – it isn’t supposed to be easy listening. Noise challenges the way you define what music is; it may not be comfortable, but noise may open a new universe for you.” Thirty musicians from 10 countries and regions will perform during the weekends of July 26 to 28 and August 2 to 4, including Brazilian “DIY cellist” Rafaele Andrade, Chinese industrial electronic artist Mei Zhiyong, Japanese multi-instrumentalist Yuko Araki and Ken Ueno, an American specialist in extended vocal techniques. “One thing with these musicians: they are all very strong individuals,” says Kung. “That’s the fun part, because you need to have a strong personality before you smash your guitar.” Multi-instrumentalist Yoshihide Otomo will perform at Hong Kong’s inaugural Freespace Noise Fest on August 6. Photo: courtesy Freespace Co-curating the festival are two linchpins of the Hong Kong experimental music scene: Steve Hui Ngo-shan, aka Nerve,

Hong Kong truck driver arrested for allegedly running red light in crash with bus, 7 hurt

Hong Kong truck driver arrested for allegedly running red light in crash with bus, 7 hurt

A Hong Kong truck driver has been arrested on suspicion of running a red light after his vehicle slammed into a double-decker bus, injuring seven people. Police said the truck and the KMB vehicle collided at the intersection of Yat Ming Road and Pak Wo Road in Fanling at around 9.17am on Friday, with the bus then crashing into a safety island. A passer-by was among those hurt. “An initial investigation indicated that the truck rammed into a bus, causing the double-decker to lose control, hit a traffic light and knock down a passer-by [on the safety island],” the force said. Fragments from the damaged traffic light also struck a passing car. The bus driver, 63, and five passengers sustained injuries. The injured – three men and four women – were taken to North District Hospital in Sheung Shui for treatment. Police arrested the 63-year-old truck driver, who was unhurt in the crash, on suspicion of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm. A source familiar with the case said police were investigating whether the truck had run a red light. Officers from the New Territories North traffic unit are investigating. Fragments from a damaged traffic light also struck a passing car. Photo: Handout Separately, three bus passengers were injured by glass fragments when the windows of a double-decker bus were damaged by flying parts that broke off from a taxi in Kwai Chung at around 6am. A police spokesman said the taxi slammed into a barrier and flipped over on Kwai Chung Road. The three bus passengers – one man and two women – and the taxi driver were taken to Princess Margaret Hospital in Kwai Chung for treatment. The taxi driver suffered scratches on his limbs. Officers from the New Territories South traffic unit are investigating the cause of

At WTO, China’s trade policy sparks war of words amid a darkening geopolitical outlook

At WTO, China’s trade policy sparks war of words amid a darkening geopolitical outlook

“China is a fertile ground for foreign companies to take root and thrive,” Li said. “China strives to foster a world-class, market-oriented, law-based and internationalised business environment. Multinational companies are upbeat about investing in China.” On Friday, Han Yong, director general of WTO affairs at China’s commerce ministry, refuted claims of the distortionary impacts of excess capacity in the country’s manufacturing sector. In addition, Han flatly denied allegations of economic coercion made, mostly, by Western members, according to sources present. “It is disappointing but perhaps not surprising that China’s response to this criticism is one of denial,” said the assistant US trade representative for China, Terry McCartin, in response. “That is, China denies the existence of excess capacity and overproduction and instead it points the finger at others,” McCartin added. Sources described the exchanges as “frank and open” and conducted by and large in “constructive” fashion. But the barbs laid bare schisms in the global trading system that will doubtless persist amid a darkening geopolitical outlook. Indian Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal speaks at a World Trade Organization gathering in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in March. Photo: Reuters India said it was “concerned by the size of the deficit” with China, which “persisted year after year”. Delhi also complained about “non-transparent subsidies”, which “injure local industry”. Britain’s ambassador to the WTO, Simon Manley, “recognised and welcomed China’s leadership here at the WTO”, but criticised its domestic policies. “We ask China to undertake further reforms to show members that it is committed to transparency and to regulating the provision of subsidies,” Manley said. Ukraine’s representative said Russia’s invasion was “the main obstacle” in its trade ties with China, saying the Beijing had undermined “trade in all sectors and threatens trade routes”. Friendlier nations to Beijing such as Brazil, which has also

After spurning China for years, Brazil reveals plan to join Belt and Road Initiative

After spurning China for years, Brazil reveals plan to join Belt and Road Initiative

Brazil’s president revealed on Friday that his administration was putting together “a proposal to join” the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s flagship infrastructure and investment project. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva shared the news during an event announcing investments by the Brazilian Development Bank to renovate a highway between Rio de Janeiro and Santos, a city 85km (53 miles) from São Paulo, site of the country’s main port. Describing a synergy between Chinese interests and Brazil’s infrastructure gap, Lula voiced openness to accession as long as it brought tangible results. “As China wants to discuss this Silk Road [the initiative’s former name], we will have to prepare a proposal to assess ‘What do we gain? what’s in it for Brazil if we participate in this thing?’,” he said. Lula’s comments marked the first time the Brazilian government has openly discussed the possibility of joining the scheme, despite China extending several invitations in the past. Although historically one of the world’s largest recipients of mainland investment, Brazil has been reluctant to join the China-centred trade and infrastructure network. It is one of only three South American countries not taking part in the project, along with Colombia and Paraguay, the latter of which has no formal diplomatic relations with the mainland due to its ties with Taiwan. The reluctance stems from fears that joining could alienate Western partners and signal an automatic alignment with China. Diplomats told the Post last year that diplomatic and economic relations between China and Brazil were already robust compared to China and belt and road partners, making the benefits unclear. In June, the leader of Brazil’s ruling party in parliament, Jose Guimaraes, hinted on X (formerly Twitter) that Brazilian Vice-President Geraldo Alckmin was set to “finalise” the country’s admission to the initiative during a visit to Beijing.

China's Shandong Carrier Strike Group Wraps Up 10-Day Philippine Sea Deployment

China’s Shandong Carrier Strike Group Wraps Up 10-Day Philippine Sea Deployment

CNS Shandong launches aircraft in the Philippine Sea. JMSDF Photo China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy Shandong Carrier Strike Group sailed back into the South China Sea on Thursday, ending a ten-day deployment to the Philippine Sea that began on July 9, Japan’s Joint Staff Office reported. On Friday, the JSO issued a news release that reported on the Shandong CSG’s activities and location on Wednesday and Thursday. The JSO had earlier issued a release covering the CSG up to Monday, but Friday’s release made no mention of why there was no observation or report for Tuesday. CNS Shandong’s (17) embarked fighter aircraft conducted a total of 20 sorties on Wednesday and Thursday. During the same period, its embarked helicopters conducted 20 take-offs and landings, with the PLAN CSG exiting the Philippine Sea and returning to the South China Sea on Thursday. Japan Air Self-Defense Force fighter aircraft scrambled in response, and destroyer JS Umigiri (DD-158) shadowed the PLAN CSG, according to the JSO release. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s locations relative to Japan’s Miyako Island and the composition of the PLAN CSG on those days per the JSO report are below:  Date: July 17 Position: 236 miles south of Miyako Island Carrier: Shandong Cruiser: CNS Xianyang (108) Destroyer: CNS Zhanjiang (165) Frigate: CNS Yuncheng (571) Fast Combat Support Ship: CNS Chaganhu (905)   Date: July 18 Position: 360 miles southwest of Miyako Island Carrier: Shandong Cruiser: CNS Xianyang Destroyers: CNS Zhanjiang and CNS Guilin (164) Frigate: CNS Yuncheng Fast Combat Support Ship: CNS Chaganhu In contrast, the Shandong CSG’s last deployment to the Philippine Sea in October and November of last year was 12 days long and saw a total of 420 fighter sorties, or an average of 35 sorties per day. The nine out of ten days that the JMSDF observed

Taiwan’s provocative modernisation a gambit against China's intrusion

Taiwan’s provocative modernisation a gambit against China’s intrusion

Taiwan is enhancing its defence capabilities in response to increasing intrusions by China’s PLA. Source: JENG BO YUAN/Shutterstock With mounting incursions by China’s PLA, Taiwan is boosting its defence capabilities. This includes acquiring fighter jets, main battle tanks, and naval vessels, emphasising its commitment to sovereignty and regional stability. In response to the increasing military provocations from China, Taiwan is modernising its armed forces with a focus on its Army, Air Force, and Navy. This overhaul, fuelled by a defence budget increase, aims to counter the threats posed by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and ensure Taiwan’s security and autonomy. According to GlobalData’s “Taiwan Defense Market 2024-2029” report, Taiwan’s defence budget is projected to grow from $19.4bn (T$636.5bn) in 2024 to $23.4bn (T$767.8bn) by 2029. This financial commitment reflects the urgent need to enhance Taiwan’s defensive capabilities amid China’s frequent military drills near its airspace and territorial waters. Bolstering aerial combat Taiwan’s defence revamp is led by the Air Force, which is set to receive 56 F-16V Block 70/72 Viper aircraft. These jets are an upgrade from older models. By 2026, Taiwan plans to operate a fleet of 208 F-16s, a move designed to solidify its aerial combat and serve as a deterrent against Chinese air incursions. In June this year, the US approved a $220m sale of F-16 spare and repair parts to Taiwan, highlighting ongoing US support for Taiwan. China has suspended arms control and non-proliferation talks with the US, blaming Washington’s continued arms sales to Taiwan for escalating tensions. This move follows the US State Department’s recent approval of a $360m sale of loitering munitions to Taiwan, including Switchblade and ALTIUS systems. Reinforcing ground defences On the ground, Taiwan is enhancing its Army with 108 M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks from the United States. This $1.4bn contract

Opinion | Vance’s ‘China-only’ policy would play right into Beijing’s hands

Opinion | Vance’s ‘China-only’ policy would play right into Beijing’s hands

In his first interview after receiving the GOP vice-presidential nomination, Sen. J.D. Vance told Fox News that a second Trump administration would try to quickly negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine “so America can focus on the real issue, which is China.” Vance has long fought against the United States’ efforts to aid Ukraine and thereby keep Russia’s army further from menacing Europe, showing an isolationism that has worried many traditional Republicans. To that group, concerned about what his prominence in Donald Trump’s next administration might mean for foreign policy, Vance’s China hawkishness is no doubt meant to be reassuring. But his proposal to reset with Russia and pivot away from the Middle East ignores how connected these issues are. “That ultimately leads to appeasing [Vladimir] Putin while never actually be willing to fight a war with China,” one former Trump administration national security official told me. In reality, if Vance really wants to prioritize China as the most important threat the United States faces, forsaking U.S. allies and breaking commitments elsewhere is the worst way to compete, or to deter Beijing from attacking Taiwan. Vance often invokes China to argue for ending U.S. support for Ukraine. At the Munich Security Conference in February, the Ohio senator told European diplomats the United States doesn’t produce enough weapons to support Ukraine while still helping other U.S. partners such as Taiwan. In a June interview with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, Vance said the best way to deter Beijing was to bolster Taiwan’s defenses, but claimed “we’re not doing that because we’re sending all the damn weapons to Ukraine.” While it is true there are long delays in the delivery of U.S. arms for Taiwan, the war in Ukraine is not to blame. The overlap of weapons systems between

U.S. Aircraft Carrier in South China Sea

How US Navy’s New Air-to-Air Missile Can Thwart China Threat

The United States Navy has recently put a new air-to-air missile into service as part of an effort to enhance its ability to protect valuable aircraft carriers from China’s evolving long-range threats within the Western Pacific region. As the U.S. military assembled forces with allies and partners for maritime exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) in Hawaii, a U.S. Navy F/A-18E fighter jet was spotted carrying two unusual and huge missiles at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on July 2, The Aviationist reported. F/A-18E and its two-seat variant F/A-18F, dubbed Super Hornet, are the primary multirole fighter jets of the Navy’s aircraft carriers. Besides striking targets on land and at sea, their main task would be acting as the first line of defense to protect the mother ships. In a wide maritime operational environment like the Pacific Ocean, Chinese long-range threats such as cruise missiles, bombers, and drones can be used to form a “keep-out zone,” to deter or deny the U.S. Navy carrier strike groups approaching China’s waters. Brian Hart, a fellow with the China Power Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Newsweek via email that China has been pursuing the development of anti-access/area denial capabilities for decades. The Chinese military is continuing to develop more advanced, longer-range systems that are harder to defend against, such as hypersonic glide vehicles, he added. Newsweek has contacted the Chinese defense ministry for comment by email. U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets multirole fighters are seen on board aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan as it sails in South China Sea on its way to Singapore on October 16, 2019. The Navy has… U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets multirole fighters are seen on board aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan as it sails in South China Sea on its way to Singapore

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China’s First All-Electric Telco Satellite, APSTAR-6E, Begins Operations

China’s first telecommunications satellite, powered by all-electric propulsion, has officially launched its operational services, following comprehensive in-orbit and ground system technical evaluations in Hong Kong. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the satellite’s developer, has officially confirmed these developments. Named APSTAR-6E, this satellite operates in geostationary orbit and utilizes the DFH-3E satellite platform. It boasts a designed lifespan of 15 years. Latest Network News: China Debuts First 6G Test Network Utilizing 4G Infrastructure   Since launching aboard a Long March 2C rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the Sichuan province in January 2023, the satellite has engaged in a 514-day journey from its deployment in low-Earth orbit to its designated geosynchronous orbit position. All in-orbit tests for the satellite have reportedly concluded and the results have been reviewed and approved by an expert panel, which convened in Hong Kong. Telecom Review Asia Exclusive Feature: Inside China’s Cutting-Edge Innovation Terrain   According to Wang Min, the satellite’s chief designer, APSTAR-6E weighed 4.3 metric tons at liftoff and is equipped with 25 Ku-band transponders along with three Ka-band gateway transponders. These components enable a total communication throughput of 30 gigabytes per second. The satellite’s primary mission is to deliver high-throughput broadband communication services to Southeast Asian nations. Telecom Review Asia Analysis: China’s Directive for Chip Independence Amidst US-China Tech Rivalry Source link

China’s Communist Party eyes cross-border bribery law to fill anti-corruption gaps

China’s Communist Party eyes cross-border bribery law to fill anti-corruption gaps

He did not give further details or plans for the legislation. Shen made the comments during a briefing a day after the party’s top policymaking body concluded its long-delayed third plenum, during which the party’s anti-corruption fight was highlighted. A full document with more policy details will be released in the coming days. 03:14 China’s Communist Party wraps up policy meeting amid growing uncertainties China’s Communist Party wraps up policy meeting amid growing uncertainties While China has expanded its sweeping anti-corruption campaign within its borders, legal loopholes have made it difficult for Beijing to pursue fugitive corrupt officials and economic criminals overseas. China’s projects overseas have multiplied as it expands its Belt and Road Initiative, increasing the need for tools to fight transnational corruption. China’s anti-corruption watchdog pledged earlier this year that corruption related to the global infrastructure plan would be among its annual priorities. Beijing has faced difficulties in repatriating fugitives from countries that do not have an extradition treaty with China, including the US, a common destination for fleeing Chinese nationals. One recent example is the case of Xu Jin, a former official who is wanted in China on suspicion of bribery and abuse of power. He was one of thousands pursued as part of “Operation Fox Hunt”, Beijing’s massive campaign to chase down fugitives abroad since 2015. After fleeing to the United States, Xu found himself at the centre of a US federal court case. Last year, two Chinese nationals and a private investigator were found guilty of stalking Xu’s family in New Jersey on behalf of the Chinese government. Additionally, there have been few convictions in China for bribery of foreign public officials and officials from international organisations because of a lack of judicial guidance for indictment. These issues are expected to be addressed in the

China’s aircraft carrier Fujian may be set for third sea trial in quick succession

Why there may be room to move on China-US trade in a populist Trump White House

The speech to the party’s national convention was his first since surviving an assassination attempt over the weekend and included a call for unity and protection of the US, which he said had “long been taken advantage of” by countries like China. Zhu Feng, an international relations professor at Nanjing University, said Trump had been expected to to push for tougher trade policies on China, given the US’ increasingly “America-centric” and “inward looking” ideology. To cope with it, China had to show “strategic resilience”, he said. “America is no longer the America we are familiar with. It may even lead to the collapse and end of globalisation,” Zhu said. “So we have to see how China and the United States are each changing and adjusting, especially how China can adapt and respond to a changing US and world with strategic resilience.” The way to strengthen that resilience was through further reform and opening up, he said, referring to a central theme at the Communist Party’s third plenum this week. The twice-a-decade gathering ended on Thursday with the party’s leadership vowing to step up reform efforts amid domestic and international challenges – from a patchy economic recovery to US restrictions on China. 02:11 Trump vows high tariffs on China-made cars in his first speech after assassination attempt Trump vows high tariffs on China-made cars in his first speech after assassination attempt Lu Xiang, a US-China relations expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Trump’s targeting of particular industries such as the EVs would have a limited impact on China, given the US was such a small market for Chinese electric car manufacturers. The US already has a 100 per cent tariffs on Chinese EVs, importing just 12,400 of the vehicles last year – a fraction of the 1.7 million

Chinese and Belarusian troops practice seizing airport in drill near Ukrainian and Polish borders

Chinese and Belarusian troops practice seizing airport in drill near Ukrainian and Polish borders

Its criticism of China over the war in Ukraine also cited its “no-limits partnership” with Moscow and “large-scale support for Russia’s defence industrial base”. Belarus has been a key supporter of Moscow’s war effort since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022 and it has agreed to store Russia tactical nuclear warheads on its territory. Recently Belarus became the 10th full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, a Eurasian security bloc touted by China and Russia as an alternative to Western-led military groups. China has called for direct peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in recent weeks, but Beijing has never condemned the invasion and has deepened its ties with Moscow since the start of the war. The exercise, which is the first time Chinese troops have been to Belarus for training, started on Monday last week and ended on Friday, according to the Belarusian defence ministry. 02:13 Belarusian President Lukashenko meets with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, amid Ukraine crisis Belarusian President Lukashenko meets with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, amid Ukraine crisis A more detailed account of the exercise was published on Thursday by the Chinese defence ministry, which said in a post on its WeChat account that the troops had demonstrated “good technical and tactical skills, solid training levels, and a strong fighting spirit”. The Chinese commander, Wang Bo, said the two sides had practised “encircling, controlling and pursuing” their targets and refined their reconnaissance and blockade tactics. The joint air-ground combat exercise simulating an operation to seize control of an airport from terrorists using drones, paratroopers and ground forces was held on Wednesday. The report said the exercise had proceeded “smoothly” as a result of the “seamless coordination”, “solid training” and “high level of trust” between the two sides. Source link

Samsung Display's booth showcases its QD-OLED screen at the 2022 K-Display (Korea Display Exhibition) held at Coex in Gangnam District, southern Seoul. [SAMSUNG DISPLAY]

Former Samsung engineer sent to prison for leaking OLED tech to China

Samsung Display’s booth showcases its QD-OLED screen at the 2022 K-Display (Korea Display Exhibition) held at Coex in Gangnam District, southern Seoul. [SAMSUNG DISPLAY]   A Suwon court sentenced a former Samsung Display engineer to six years in prison Thursday for leaking 340 billion won ($24.5 million) worth of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology to China.   The lower court found the former senior researcher guilty of violating the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act. The researcher had been on trial, but out on bail, pending the expiration of their arrest in March this year, and was taken into custody and sentenced on Thursday.   “The accused party has wrongly used technology that the company has invested large amounts of money over long periods of time to develop, which is highly condemnable,” Judge Ha Sang-je said of his ruling.   “Strict punishment is required to protect the country’s advanced technology. There have been no circumstances relayed that have been reasonable enough to take into consideration to suspend the accused party’s sentence.”   The former employee was indicted in October of last year on charges of illegally obtaining optical systems for excimer laser annealing (ELA) technology used in the production of Samsung’s OLED displays as well as technology used for OCR inkjets — which are used to attach outer cover glass to OLED panels — to sell to Chinese firms between 2018 to 2020.   The optical systems for ELA technology are used to maintain stable strength levels as well as ensure safety when using lasers on OLED displays’ electronic circuits. An investigation agency says the trade secrets used in the technology amount to at least worth 340 billion won.   The former employee sentenced on Thursday was an OLED expert who worked at Samsung Display for over 10 years.

Microsoft outage leaves China largely untouched as tech self-sufficiency campaign pays off

Microsoft outage leaves China largely untouched as tech self-sufficiency campaign pays off

The Microsoft Windows outage that affected foreign businesses and luxury hotels in China on Friday left the country’s key infrastructure, from airlines to banks, largely unaffected, according to industry sources and social media posts. As of 6pm local time, there have been no reports in mainland China of infrastructure breakdowns, while many airports in the Asia-Pacific region, from Hong Kong to Australia, were hit with disruptions. The international airports in Beijing and Shanghai were operating normally, according to their websites. At the same time, the Windows error that resulted in a bluescreen on computers became a hot topic on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, as many foreign business offices across the country were affected by the breakdown. Travelers queue at check-in counters for Hong Kong Express Airways at Hong Kong International Airport on Friday, after a worldwide systems outage. Photo: Bloomberg A Shanghai-based staffer from a foreign company told the Post that her office started to experience computer crashes early Friday afternoon, and that almost everyone was affected. This employee’s laptop display was stuck on a blue screen with the message, “Recovery. It looks like Windows didn’t load correctly.” The company’s information technology support then instructed everyone to shut down their computers, wait for further instructions and use mobile apps for instant messaging. The employee’s accounting work was subsequently delayed by the outage. “This month’s [financial] report will be late,” according to the staffer. An employee from another foreign firm also reported experiencing blue screens around 1pm. While some of the employees could later restart their computers, they still could not access the company’s website, which displayed a “502 Bad Gateway” error. The company told staff that “global IT support has activated the highest level of response to address the issue”, according to the employee. On Xiaohongshu, an

China husband endures daily 320km round-trip commute to work ‘for love’ of wife

China husband endures daily 320km round-trip commute to work ‘for love’ of wife

He rides an e-bike for 30 minutes to the station to catch a train at 6.15am, arriving in Qingdao in the eastern part of Shandong at 7.46am, and finally takes a 15-minute underground subway trip to his office. He has enough time for breakfast in his company’s canteen before starting work at 9am. Lin catches a train at 6.15am every day so he can reach his office on time. Photo: Douyin After work, it takes Lin another three or four hours to travel home, which is 160km away from his work. Online observers were shocked at the time he spent on the commute, but Lin said it was all worth it “because of love”. Lin had been in a relationship for seven years before they married in May. His wife is from Weifang in Shandong province and the couple bought a flat there so she could have a “sense of security”. He used to live in a rented flat an hour away from his work but he said he wanted to spend more time with his wife, and that it costs more for a flat in Qingdao. Lin works for the Chinese home appliance company Haier, which has a reputation for being a good employer. One online observer calculated that it costs about 1,600 yuan (US$220) a month for Lin’s commute. A one-bedroom flat in Qingdao costs 1,752 yuan on average, according to the coastal city’s government. In any case, Lin said his commute is temporary because his wife is looking for a job in Qingdao, and they plan to settle there if she is successful. The last leg of his daily journey is a 15-minute trip on the metro to his office. Photo: Douyin He also said he does not find the commute too much of a chore, thanks

Donald Trump’s China Stance Risks Angering Republicans

Donald Trump’s China Stance Risks Angering Republicans

Donald Trump’s questioning of U.S. security arrangements for Taiwan appears to be at odds with Republican sentiment about protecting the self-governed island from a possible invasion by China, according to exclusive polling for Newsweek. The survey by Redfield and Wilton Strategies was conducted on Monday, a day before an interview with Trump was published by Bloomberg, in which he is quoted as saying, “Taiwan should pay us for defense.” Despite no formal diplomatic ties between them, the U.S. is the island’s most important international backer and bound by the Taiwan Relations Act to provide the means for its defense, although Washington maintains a policy of “strategic ambiguity” on the territory Beijing says is its own, a claim rejected by Taipei. Beijing’s belligerence in the South China Sea has been of mounting constant concern for Taiwan and its regional neighbors. In May, China held military drills around the island soon after Lai Ching-te took office as Taiwan’s president. Trump’s comments added uncertainty to what his policy toward Taiwan would be should he win in November. He told Bloomberg the island is “9,500 miles away” and only “68 miles away from China,” also complaining that it “took our chip business from us.” Polling performed for Newsweek shows that the stance on Taiwan of 2024 U.S. presidential nominee and former President Donald Trump appears to stray from other Republican sentiment about guarding the island against potential invasion by… Polling performed for Newsweek shows that the stance on Taiwan of 2024 U.S. presidential nominee and former President Donald Trump appears to stray from other Republican sentiment about guarding the island against potential invasion by China. More Photo-illustration by Newsweek/Getty The Redfield and Wilton Strategies polling for Newsweek of 3,500 people gave a snapshot of American voter support for Taiwan if China invaded the island.

Taylor Swift is ‘walking GDP’: Shanghai urged to shake off curbs on foreign stars

Taylor Swift is ‘walking GDP’: Shanghai urged to shake off curbs on foreign stars

Advisers to the Shanghai government have called for restrictions on international performers to be relaxed, while likening superstars like Taylor Swift to “walking GDP”. China’s financial hub has hosted many large-scale, commercial performances in recent years, but “it lacks stars that are weighty, internationally influential or truly appealing to young people”, the counsellors’ office of the Shanghai municipal government said in an article posted on its official WeChat account. Attracting a better range of high-quality performances would help Shanghai to lure both domestic and international audiences, counsellors Li An, Gu Honghui and Zhang Wenyi wrote in the article. Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour showed the economic benefits of hosting such top-level performers, they said. “This is the largest and highest-grossing personal concert tour in history, having generated over US$5 billion in consumer spending so far. It is literally a ‘walking GDP’,” the counsellors wrote. 02:14 Singapore Taylor Swift concert draws fans from every corner of Southeast Asia Singapore Taylor Swift concert draws fans from every corner of Southeast Asia They suggested drawing inspiration from Singapore and Japan’s performance models, warning that Shanghai’s existing regulations around international performances were limiting the potential to attract top-tier talent. Hosting international performances in China is a complex process that involves navigating countless regulations and restrictions. The Chinese government has historically been cautious about granting permission for large-scale events, especially those involving foreign artists, due to concerns over cultural influence and security control. Government departments should streamline approvals, visas, customs and other logistical challenges, the counsellors proposed. They also called for increased venue capacity and flexible ticket pricing. “Key factors that would attract foreign tourists to Shanghai are looser entry policies, streamlined visa procedures and diverse payment methods. For large-scale events, the ease of ticket purchase is also a crucial factor in determining the audience’s viewing

Russia, China and US battle for influence in Africa, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

Russia, China and US battle for influence in Africa, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

LONDON: In the last week of June, the head of the US military’s Africa Command US Marine Corps General Michael Langley, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Charles Brown and head of NATO‘s Military Committee Dutch Admiral Robert Bauer headed to Botswana for one of the largest ever meetings between Western and African military chiefs. As they did so, US service personnel in what had been one of the Pentagon’s most important bases on the continent – near Niamey, the capital of Niger – were packing up to leave. On July 7, the US Air Force reported that pullout was complete, with a second base in the country due to close in August. Multiple countries in the West African Sahel and beyond have seen Russian-linked coup d’etats since Kremlin-linked military commanders took power in Mali in 2021, followed by similar events in Burkina Faso, Sudan, Chad and Niger. Almost all of those have been followed by the official eviction of French or US forces that had previously been focused on fighting jihadist violence. Since then, the US has been working to entrench its influence elsewhere in the continent, widely seen as a response to both recent Russian actions and a much longer-running Chinese campaign of influence and investment. Last month, the US designated Kenya Washington’s first “major non-NATO ally” on the continent, while Washington has also been engaged in a concerted effort to build relations with Angola, previously a major Russian and Chinese ally since the height of the Cold War. The meeting with African Chiefs of Defence (ACHOD) at a luxury hotel in Botswana’s capital of Gaborone appears to have been another key moment for that strategy. According to a US military briefing note released after the event, Africa Command held more than 70 meetings with

‘Towards a greener, low-carbon future’

China is the world’s leader in high-speed rail, boasting a robust network that has sprung up practically all within the last two decades. Now, the country has revealed the world’s first passenger train made completely from carbon fiber, Interesting Engineering reported. The new train could significantly cut down on pollution, largely thanks to its hugely reduced weight. “In the field of rail transit, a key technology is to reduce the vehicle’s body weight and its energy consumption while ensuring vehicle performance towards a greener, low-carbon future,” Qingdao Sifang, the company behind the train, wrote on Chinese social media app WeChat, as reported by the South China Morning Post. Qingdao Sifang reported that the train has already completed factory testing and will begin operations in a coastal city later this year. The train has achieved a top speed of 87 mph, and Qingdao Sifang estimated that it will use 7% less energy than a standard steel train. Even before this innovation, studies have shown that high-speed rail is the most planet-friendly form of long-distance travel, creating less air pollution per passenger than cars or planes while also minimizing noise pollution and taking up much less space than roadways.    China’s high-speed rail system, with its nearly 28,000 miles of track (and counting), is the envy of the rest of the world, with trains that can travel at speeds of up to 125 mph and transport people all over the vast country quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. Recently, the country reported that network operations and maintenance have been fully passed on to artificial intelligence. Join our newsletter Good news, green hacks, and the latest cool clean tech — straight to your inbox every week! Other countries are attempting to catch up. The car-centric United States lags far behind but does have a few projects

Chinese team on tracking US warships, abandoned cats in Hong Kong: 7 highlights

Chinese team on tracking US warships, abandoned cats in Hong Kong: 7 highlights

2. China’s Communist Party sticks to painful reform playbook to target risks and growth Xi Jinping, Li Qiang, Zhao Leji, Wang Huning, Cai Qi, Ding Xuexiang and Li Xi arrive to attend the Central Committee’s third plenary session in Beijing. Photo: Xinhua China’s ruling Communist Party concluded its twice-a-decade policy meeting, releasing a communique that sought to strike a delicate balance between growth and security in the face of mounting uncertainties. 3. ‘The world has forgotten us’: MH17 disaster haunts victims’ families, 10 years on It’s been 10 years since Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by pro-Russian separatists over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 passengers and crew on board. But a decade later, the families and victims are still grappling with unimaginable grief. 4. Paris Olympics: Mongolia team’s ‘insane uniform’ rated hands down most beautiful at Games The uniforms, designed by Mongolian fashion brand Michel&Amazonka, have been widely applauded. Photo: Photo: Instagram/michelamazonka From the ugliest to the most stylish, the cheapest to the most innovative, Olympic uniforms have run the gamut – and two Mongolian designers may have come up with the most beautiful attire in Paris. 5. Asian-American community angered by erroneous report that Donald Trump shooter was Chinese The Asian-American community has reacted angrily to an early erroneous report stating that the shooter involved in an attempted assassination of former president Donald Trump over the weekend was Chinese. 6. Pet smuggling from mainland China may have contributed to Hong Kong increase in dumped cats Smuggled cats crammed into a tiny cage, which can lead to the spread of diseases, the SPCA has warned. Photo: SPCA An increase in pet smuggling into Hong Kong from mainland China could be partly to blame for an 11 per cent leap in the number of abandoned

A former Samsung Display researcher has been sentenced to six years in prison for leaking OLED manufacturing technology to China

Former Samsung Researcher Sentenced to Six Years for Leaking OLED Tech to China

A former Samsung Display researcher has been sentenced to six years in prison for leaking OLED manufacturing technology to China A former Samsung Display researcher has been sentenced to six years in prison for leaking OLED manufacturing technology to China, a case that underscores the high stakes of intellectual property theft in the tech industry. The sentencing took place on July 18 with Judge Ha Sang-je of the Suwon District Court’s 12th Criminal Division presiding over the case. Mr. A, an expert in the OLED display field, worked at Samsung Display for over a decade before resigning to establish and operate his own display company in Korea. From 2018 to May 2020, Mr. A illegally acquired and used Samsung’s trade secrets, including the “OLED Display ELA (Excimer Laser Annealing) Equipment Inversion Optical System” and “OCR Inkjet Equipment” technology, to sell and provide to Chinese companies. The ELA equipment inversion optical system is crucial for maintaining the intensity and stability of lasers used on OLED electronic circuits, while the OCR inkjet equipment is used to bond the OLED panel and the outermost cover glass of the screen. These technologies are valued at more than 340 billion won (around $251 million) and are integral to Samsung’s competitive edge in the OLED market. Mr. A’s scheme involved his juniors, subordinates, and friends from his time at Samsung, who helped siphon off trade secrets to his domestic company and replicate Samsung Display’s technology. In August 2020, five accomplices were indicted. Among them, three former Samsung Display researchers were sentenced to one to two years in prison, while two friends received suspended sentences. In October 2020, Mr. A was indicted and detained on charges of violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Act (leaking trade secrets

Does Tibet’s ‘Heavenly Lake’ hold clues to the future in core samples from ancient past?

Does Tibet’s ‘Heavenly Lake’ hold clues to the future in core samples from ancient past?

A Chinese-led international climate research team has drilled its way into the record books after digging deep into the past of one of the largest and deepest lakes on the Tibetan Plateau. The team drilled to a depth of 510.2 metres (1,674 feet), well past the previous record of 153.4 metres for the deepest lake drilling in China, state broadcaster CCTV reported on Wednesday. Over 42 days, the team drilled seven holes at Nam Co, or “Heavenly Lake”, which sits 4,700 metres above sea level, and extracted more than 951 metres of core samples from the bottom of the lake. The core samples of sediment from Nam Co are expected to help understand environmental changes on the plateau. Photo: Xinhua Researchers hope Nam Co’s sediment, which is more than 700 metres thick, will shed new light on climate change and the geological evolution of the plateau. The project “will provide new scientific evidence for the study of climate and environmental changes on the Tibetan Plateau over the past million years”, the report said. The Nam Co drilling project, which is being conducted through the International Continental Scientific Drilling Programme (ICDP), was carried out at the highest ever altitude for such an endeavour. Researchers and technicians pose for a photo on July 12 to celebrate sample collections from the lake. Photo: Xinhua The expedition team comprises 70 scientists and drilling technicians from the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as researchers from Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and other countries. The core samples, which consist mostly of lake sediment, are like time capsules that contain a wealth of information about climate and environmental changes over aeons, including clues about the kinds of life forms that existed long ago. Nam Co, which is about 70km

15 Chinese tourists hurt in dual bus crashes on treacherous New Zealand road

15 Chinese tourists hurt in dual bus crashes on treacherous New Zealand road

Two buses carrying Chinese tourists veered off the same stretch of road in perilous weather on New Zealand’s South Island, with 15 passengers taken to hospital, two of them seriously hurt. The buses were travelling in the same direction on a stretch of highway popular with tourists when they slid from the road on Thursday and overturned, at about the same time and only 100 metres (109 yards) apart, New Zealand’s police said in an emailed statement. Temperatures in the area were freezing and others driving on the highway reported heavy fog and black ice on the road at the time. Passengers are seen beside one of the crashed Chinese tour buses near Lake Tekapo on Thursday. Photo: Grace Duggin/via AP Their cause was not known, New Zealand officials said. A spokesperson would not confirm the nationality of those on board but the Chinese consulate in Christchurch said by email that the buses were carrying Chinese tourists. The local ambulance service said 15 people were taken to hospital, two by helicopter in a serious condition. Eight of those hospitalised were moderately hurt and five had minor injuries. Officials did not say how many others were treated at the scene or how many people were on the buses. No other vehicles were involved in the crashes. The road remained closed several hours later, with no alternate routes available. A police officer at the site of one of the bus crashes on New Zealand’s South Island on Thursday. Photo: Xinhua Grace Duggin, an Australian tourist, was travelling in a car behind one of the buses and saw it veer off the road, rolling multiple times before landing in a field. Conditions before the crash were made treacherous by slippery black ice, she said, which regularly closes the South Island’s tourist highways in

Washington has been working to boost its diplomatic presence in the Pacific to counter what it sees as a growing threat from China, its main strategic rival.

U.S. opens embassy in Vanuatu, latest step in China competition

Washington has been working to boost its diplomatic presence in the Pacific to counter what it sees as a growing threat from China, its main strategic rival. | Photo Credit: Photo credit: X/@StateDept The United States opened an embassy in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu on July 18, the latest U.S. move in a long-running competition with China for influence in the Asia Pacific region. “The opening of the embassy builds upon our efforts to provide more diplomatic presence throughout the region and to engage further with our Pacific neighbors,” the U.S. Department of State said in a statement. “The U.S. earlier opened embassies in two other island nations, Solomon Islands and Tonga, and plans to open one more in Kiribati,” a State Department official told the U.S. Congress in March. “The Kiribati mission is awaiting Parliamentary approval,” the official said. Washington has been working to boost its diplomatic presence in the Pacific to counter what it sees as a growing threat from China, its main strategic rival. In February, the United States cautioned Pacific island nations against accepting assistance from Chinese security forces following a Reuters report that Chinese police were working in Kiribati, a remote atoll nation near Hawaii. Chinese police have deployed in the Solomon Islands since 2022 after a secret security pact criticised by the United States and Australia as undermining regional stability. Concerns have been raised also over workers in military uniforms in Vanuatu after a Chinese company began logging there. Source link

China flag

Chinese officials expect bumpy road in economic policy implementation | World News

China grew at a slower than expected pace in the second quarter. Image: Shutterstock 2 min read Last Updated : Jul 19 2024 | 10:20 AM IST Chinese officials acknowledged on Friday the sweeping list of economic goals re-emphasised at the end of a key Communist Party meeting this week contained “many complex contradictions,” pointing to a bumpy road ahead for policy implementation.   Following a four-day, closed-doors meeting led by President Xi Jinping, which takes place once every roughly five years, officials made a raft of pledges, from modernising the industrial complex to expanding domestic demand and from stimulating growth while curbing debt risks.   The initial summary of the meeting, known as plenum, did not contain details on how Beijing plans to resolve these tensions between these goals, such as how to get consumers to spend more while resources flow primarily to producers and infrastructure.   “Pushing forward Chinese-style modernisation faces many complex conflicts and problems, and we must overcome multiple difficulties and obstructions,” Tang Fangyu, deputy director of the policy research office of the Party’s central committee, said on Friday as committee members met the media.   These contradictions in Chinese policy efforts have been present for decades, as were goals to increase manufacturing value added, enhance social security, liberalise land use and improve local government tax revenues.   But making tough choices is an increasingly urgent task as the world’s second-largest economy faces multiple challenges, from weak domestic demand and deflation risks, to a relentless property sector downturn, a debt crisis in some cities and higher tariffs on Chinese goods from key trade partners.   China grew at a slower than expected pace in the second quarter, leaning hard on industrial output and external demand, but showing persistent domestic

Charred remains of a burned out bus in Harehills, Leeds

Cooper calls Leeds disorder ‘audacious criminality’

The Home Secretary has branded violent disorder that broke out on the streets of Leeds as “audacious criminality”. Five people have been arrested after trouble flared in the Harehills area on Thursday. Videos on social media showed crowds of people in the streets and a bus was later set on fire and a police car

What’s Left for France’s Left?

What’s Left for France’s Left?

Since winning legislative elections, a coalition of left-wing parties has done little more than squabble. Now some wonder whether it will have any power at all. Source link

29-Year-Old Inherited $2 Million And Wants To Retire Early But Fears People Will Think He's An 'Inheritance Baby'

29-Year-Old Inherited $2 Million And Wants To Retire Early But Fears People Will Think He’s An ‘Inheritance Baby’

29-Year-Old Inherited $2 Million And Wants To Retire Early But Fears People Will Think He’s An ‘Inheritance Baby’ A Redditor recently posted in the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) subreddit, sharing a dilemma after inheriting $2 million from their late father. At 29, he contemplates quitting a high-stress job to pursue a more relaxed lifestyle focused on health, wellness, and travel. He asked the community for advice on whether this decision would be selfish and what considerations to keep in mind. Don’t Miss: “My father recently passed away. He left me $2 Million, which I will have full, unfettered access to within the next few weeks. I work a job which does bring me fulfillment, but with it comes so much stress, responsibility, and public presence that I haven’t been ‘enjoying’ it for the last two of four of the years. I want to quit my job, work part-time jobs doing things I like such as health, wellness, and travel, and work no more than 20 hours a week … Is this selfish? What are your thoughts?” The Redditor explained he doesn’t have children and doesn’t plan to, having gotten a vasectomy. The loss of his father led him to confront his mortality, prompting a reevaluation of his life choices. No longer burdened by the pressure to save heavily for retirement thanks to a substantial inheritance, the user now has the freedom to prioritize their hobbies and happiness. However, concerns linger about how his friends might perceive this shift. He worries about being judged as an “inheritance baby” who no longer needs to work full-time. Trending: Rory McIlroy’s mansion in Florida is worth $22 million today, doubling from 2017 — here’s how to get started investing in real estate with just $100 One commenter suggested a practical approach: “If I

“I’ve always known they were a nuisance. They just poo everywhere,” said a resident of Lake Waukomis where 150 Canada geese in June were rounded up and, as part of wildlife management, euthanized by permit from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

150 geese were a ‘nuisance’ in this Kansas City suburb. So homeowners had them killed

The summer days have turned quieter — all too quiet for some — at Lake Waukomis, the tiny waterside town just north of Kansas City. And there is a honking good explanation: All their geese are dead. OK, not all. There’s still about 30 left. But in June, 150 Canada geese — deemed by the lake’s homeowners association to have become a growing nuisance and health concern to the hamlet’s 1,000 residents — were corralled during a massive “goose roundup.” Funneled into a truck, they were later hauled off to a processing plant where their meat would be donated to food banks. Although Canada geese are federally protected, the roundup was perfectly legal, conducted by permit and sanctioned as a management tool of last resort by the Missouri Department of Conservation. The Waukomis roundup, the department said, is the largest of five similar efforts this year in the Kansas City area. Some Waukomis residents have expressed outrage that so many geese were removed and killed. “It’s just like if I go buy a beach house. Why don’t I buy a shotgun and shoot all the seagulls?” said Michael Riney, a 15-year-resident whose home sits along the north side of the 90-acre lake. “There are people here who are just freaked out about one piece of goose poop on their grass. “I would describe it as absolutely brutal. I just don’t understand why you move to the lake if you don’t like geese and birds and deer or anything else. Why do you live here?” As rare as it is now to find Canada geese on the lake, it may be even harder to find residents upset that they’re gone. The issue is not that they don’t like geese, they said. But they don’t like goose poop. The prime complaint is

Ryanair was among many firms affected by the global IT outage (Nicholas T Ansell / PA)

What is CrowdStrike? Security firm at the heart of global tech outage

The CEO of cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has apologised for triggering a global IT outage with a software update. In the early hours of Friday morning (July 19), thousands of Windows computers began crashing. The resulting pandemonium knocked out airports, banks and supermarkets in its wake, causing widespread disruption around the world. Experts immediately pointed the finger at CrowdStrike, a US-based company whose popular cyberattack-protection software is used by thousands of businesses around the world. CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz has now said the tech firm is “deeply sorry” for the issue and the global disruption it has wrought. In an interview with NBC, Kurtz said a faulty update that contained a “software bug” was the culprit, confirming what others from the firm had said earlier on Friday. “We identified this very quickly and remediated the issue,” Kurtz said, adding that its systems were constantly being updated to ward off “adversaries that are out there”. Here’s what you need to know about CrowdStrike, the company at the heart of an “unprecedented” global tech outage. What happened? In the early hours of Friday morning (July 19), scores of Windows devices started crashing and showing users a blue screen of death (BSOD) error. CrowdStrike has apologised for the outage, with the firm acknowledging a problem with its flagship product Falcon shortly after the system failure came to light. When will it be fixed? Although CrowdStrike’s boss Kurtz said the problem had been fixed on its end, he warned it could be “some time” before systems return to normal for everyone else. “It’s our mission… to make sure that every customer is fully recovered,” Kurtz said. Why the wait? For general users The issue is likely “still in the system, and will take time to flush through,” according to James Davenport, Hebron and Medlock professor

The Protests in Bangladesh

The Protests in Bangladesh

Students, armed mainly with sticks, have been demonstrating for days against a quota system for government jobs they consider unfair. At least 19 people have died. Source link

Is She the Oldest Person in the Amazon?

Is She the Oldest Person in the Amazon?

The life of Varî Vãti Marubo shows how much life has changed for the rainforest’s Indigenous tribes — and how much has stayed the same. Source link

Sky News goes off air due to Microsoft Windows global outage(Twitter)

Sky News goes off air for hours due to global Microsoft outage | World News

The UK-based media outlet Sky News was forced to go off-air for around three hours on Friday morning following a global Microsoft outage. Viewers were left with a stock footage, after which the channel changed the screen to an apology. Sky News goes off air due to Microsoft Windows global outage(Twitter) “We apologise for the interruption to this broadcast. We hope to restore the transmission of Sky News shortly,” the apology message read. One of the presenters, Jacquie Beltrao, posted a picture with her fellow colleagues on X (formerly known as Twitter) and wrote a message for the viewers: “We’re obviously not on air—we’re trying.” Meanwhile, viewers responded to the post, waiting for the news channel to resume the broadcast. “Have you tried switching it off and back on again? Hope you’re back on air soon,” one of the users wrote. While, another X user said: “Missing my Sky News fix this morning”. A major outage in Microsoft’s cloud services caused massive disruptions to users, flight operations, and media houses. Several flights were cancelled or delayed, leading to inconvenience for the travellers. As the outage hit, Akasa Airlines announced that some of its online services would be temporarily unavailable at the Mumbai and Delhi airports, while IndiGo said that its systems were also impacted by the outage. Spicejet also issued a statement saying it is facing a technical issue in providing flight updates. The US-based Frontier Airlines, a unit of Frontier Group Holdings Inc., grounded flights for over two hours and attributed the cause to issues with Microsoft’s services. Meanwhile, Microsoft said that its outage started at around 6 pm ET, with a subset of its customers experiencing issues with multiple Azure services in the Central US region. Issuing a statement, the company said that it is investigating the issue.

Ryanair Boeing 737 at Manchester international airport

Flights grounded across world after huge IT issue

Ryanair flights have been disrupted by the outage. (Alamy) Ryanair said its flights are being disrupted by the outage. The airline said in a statement: “We’re currently experiencing disruption across the network due to a global third party IT outage which is out of our control. “We advise all passengers to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their scheduled departure time.” On the airline’s website, it posted: “Potential disruptions across the network (Fri 19 July) due to a global 3rd party system outage. “Affected passengers will be notified and any passengers travelling across the network on Fri 19 July should check their Ryanair app for the latest updates on their flight. “We advise passengers to arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance of their flight to avoid any disruptions. “We regret any inconvenience caused to passengers by this 3rd party IT issue, which is outside of Ryanair’s control and affects all airlines operating across the network.” Source link

Stock Market Today: S&P 500 Prints Worst Week Since April Amid Rotation

US stocks closed lower Friday, marking the worst week for the S&P 500 since mid-April. A global IT outage caused by a Crowdstrike update exacerbated Friday’s stock market decline. Next week, investors will focus on upcoming earnings from Tesla and Alphabet, as well as economic data releases. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics

Halliburton (HAL) Q2 Earnings In Line on International Growth

Halliburton Company HAL reported second-quarter 2024 adjusted net income per share of 80 cents, in line with the Zacks Consensus Estimate and above the year-ago quarter profit of 77 cents (adjusted). The robust numbers reflect strength in the international markets. Meanwhile, revenues of $5.8 billion were $35 million higher than the corresponding period of 2023

恒指收市跌360點 伙國指見3個月低 國指全周跌5.6% 半年最差 (16:38) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

恒指、國指見3周最大單日跌幅,及齊見3個月新低,科指見兩周低。全周計,三大指數均下跌,而恒指、科指見近兩個月最大按周跌幅,國指見近半年最大跌幅。大市成交續升,見兩日高,北水流入3日最多。 恒指今早低開174點,高位跌148點,低位跌402點,高低波幅254點。上升股份比例為15.63%,下跌為45.59%,無升跌為38.76%。 恒指收市跌360點或2.03%,報17417點,大市成交金額1020億元,較上日增加16.53%,是7月17日1049.57億元成交後最多;國指跌141點或2.25%,報6165點。恒生科技指數收報3536點,跌2.12%。 藍籌股成交金額549.09億元,佔大市成交53.83%;科指成份股成交金額260.28億元,佔大市成交25.51%;國指成份股成交金額478.58億元,佔大市成交46.91%。 24隻雙櫃台股,總成交0.53億元人民幣,相當於約0.57億港元,佔大市成交的0.06%。 窩輪及牛熊證成交金額減少4.8%,至89.14億元,佔大市成交8.73%。牛熊證成交金額49.45億元,減少0.09%;窩輪成交金額39.68億元,減少10.07%。 藍籌5隻升,76隻下跌,1隻無升跌。中芯國際(0981)升1.85%,收報17.62元,是升幅最大的藍籌,龍湖(0960)跌5.99%,收報10.68元,是跌幅最大的藍籌。 恒生科技指數成份股2隻升,27隻下跌,1隻無升跌。升幅最大的是華虹半導體(1347)收報23.6元,升5.36%;跌幅最大的是同程旅行(0780)收報13.76元,跌6.01%。 恒指跌穿10天線(17732.41點)、100天線(17576.48點)、250天線(17475.95點)。科指20天線(3630.62點)跌穿10天線(3633.26點)、100天線(3642.2點)。 北水南下合計淨流入61.24億元,較上日增加155.53%,淨流入金額是7月16日61.26億元後最多。北水連續第2日流入,累計流入85.2億元。 三大指數表現 恒指曾跌最多2.26%,是6月27日後最大跌幅,當日跌幅為2.28%。低見17376.23點,是4月26日17336.2點後最低。收市報17417.68點,是4月25日後收市新低,當日報17284.54點。第1日陰燭。 科指曾跌最多2.37%,是7月15日後最大跌幅,當日跌幅為3.2%。低見3527.52點,是7月2日3521.5點後最低。收市報3536.54點,是4月23日後收市新低,當日報3449.1點。連跌2日,累計跌104.34點,對上一次連跌2日是7月16日。第1日陰燭。 國指曾跌最多2.48%,是6月27日後最大跌幅,當日跌幅為2.52%。低見6150.25點,是4月26日6146.56點後最低。收市報6165.04點,是4月25日後收市新低,當日報6120.37點。第1日陰燭。 一周表現 恒指本周累跌4.79%或875點,跌幅是5月24日後最大,當時收市跌幅為4.83%;本周表現最佳的是電能實業(0006),累升3.99%,其次為長建(1038)及翰森製藥(3692),分別升3.25%及2.86%。而表現最差的是攜程(9961),累跌12.99%,其次為宏橋(1378)及百度 (9888),分別跌11.63%及11.41%。 國指本周累跌5.63%或367點,跌幅是1月19日後最大,當時收市跌幅為6.47%;本周成份股全跌,表現最佳的是蒙牛(2319),累跌1.36%,其次為中生製藥(1177)及華潤啤酒(0291),分別升1.38%及1.43%。而表現最差的是攜程(9961),累跌12.99%,其次為百度(9888)及中石油(0857),分別跌11.41%及11.35%。 科指本周累跌6.49%或245點,跌幅是5月24日後最大,當時收市跌幅為7.61%;本周表現最佳的是華虹半導體(1347),累升4.89%,其次為平安好醫生(1833)及阿里健康(0241),分別升2.59%及跌0.3%。而表現最差的是金蝶(0268),累跌19.48%,其次為攜程(9961)及百度(9888),分別跌12.99%及11.41%。 午後消息股表現 大摩上調衛龍(9985)目標價至7.4元 評級「增持」。收報6.23元,升2.13%。 野村調升中移動(0941)目標價至89元,中聯通目標價和評級齊下調。收報75元,跌1.12%。中聯通(0762)收報7.19元,升0.42%。 中國澱粉(3838)料上半年扭虧 錄稅前利潤3.5億人幣。收報0.197元,升13.22%。 今早及隔晚消息股表現 貓眼娛樂(1896)擬動用不超過3億元回購。收報8.36元,升1.46%。 和鉑醫藥(2142)發盈警 料中期少賺65%。收報1.36元,跌6.21%。 遠洋集團(3377)擬重組56.36億美元債務,涉抵押遠洋服務股權。收報0.37元,跌1.33%。 大眾金融(0626)上半年盈轉虧,蝕3450萬元。見52周低1.16元,收報1.16元,跌3.33%。 海倫司(9869)明起於新加坡第二上市。收報2.08元,跌4.15%。 GAM與新鴻基公司(0086)組策略聯盟,擬探索另類投資領域合作。收報2.48元,跌1.2%。 理文造紙(2314)料上半年多賺2.2倍。收報2.39元,升4.37%。 京東(9618)旗下京東幣鏈科技冀通過區塊鏈及供應鏈布局,提升全球企業跨境支付體驗。收報102.7元,跌3.3%。 致豐工業(1710)與阿里巴巴(9988)合作拓中亞電動車市場。致豐工業見52周低0.18元,收報0.187元,跌1.06%。阿里巴巴(9988)收報73.8元,跌2.64%。 國泰會員(0293)計劃下半年將推出「Card-linked,Earn」。收報8元,跌0.74%。 召開股東特別大會開支等拖累,佐丹奴(0709)料上半年盈利最多跌逾四成。見52周低1.6元,收報1.61元,跌10.06%。 六福(0590)首財季整體零售值下跌18%。見52周低15.04元,收報15.1元,跌2.45%。 佛朗斯(2499)以近3400萬人幣向三菱重工收購叉車業務。收報14.28元,升0.28%。 匯控(0005)2027年遷出現倫敦總部大樓,將改建並恢復命名8號加拿大廣場。收報66.35元,跌2.14%。 中銀(2388)推萬事達扣賬卡,針對客戶外遊及子女留學理財需要。收報22.65元,跌1.31%。 兗煤澳大利亞(3668)第二季商品煤銷量超過產量,季內噸煤售價升1%。收報34.7元,跌5.06%。 泡泡瑪特(9992)發盈喜,上半年收入按年增長不低於55%。創52周高,見42.3元,收報41.6元,升10.49%。 IGC(0033)子公司與盈信金融訂協議,尋資產管理等領域合作。收報4.57元,跌1.72%。 破頂股表現 破頂股包括,昇能集團(2459)創上市新高,見21元,收報21元,升1.94%;A博時港元(3152)創上市新高,見1062.6元,收報1062.15元,跌0.02%;燕之屋(1497)創上市新高,見13.24元,收報13.04元,升1.72%;經發物業(1354)創上市新高,見9.36元,收報9.36元,升14.43%;廣聯科技(2531)創上市新高,見7.3元,收報7.13元,升10.71%;成實外教育(1565)創52周高,見0.24元,收報0.23元,跌0.43%;香港生力啤(0236)創52周高,見1.1元,收報1.1元,無升跌;青島控股(0499)創52周高,見0.218元,收報0.217元,跌0.46%;SIS INT’L(0529)創52周高,見1.8元,收報1.8元,無升跌;建溢集團(0638)創52周高,見0.69元,收報0.68元,無升跌;亞洲金融(0662)創52周高,見3.7元,收報3.7元,無升跌;華發物業服務(0982)創52周高,見0.275元,收報0.27元,升1.89%;米格國際控股(1247)創52周高,見2.04元,收報2元,升11.11%;川控股(1420)創52周高,見0.113元,收報0.105元,升10.53%;珩灣科技(1523)創52周高,見3.94元,收報3.88元,升2.37%。 破底股方面 38隻股份創上市新低,其中十隻包括,九毛九(9922)低見3.39元,收報3.41元,跌5.8%;飛道旅遊科技(8069)低見0.041元,收報0.043元,跌6.52%;中國新經濟投資(0080)低見0.065元,收報0.068元,跌15%;中手游(0302)低見0.85元,收報0.88元,跌1.12%;延長石油國際(0346)低見0.241元,收報0.248元,跌0.4%;北方礦業(0433)低見0.026元,收報0.029元,跌3.33%;世紀陽光(0509)低見0.141元,收報0.171元,跌18.96%;大同集團(0544)低見0.11元,收報0.11元,跌4.35%;北大資源(0618)低見0.182元,收報0.186元,跌2.11%;普匯中金國際(0997)低見0.022元,收報0.025元,無升跌。 74隻股份創52周低,其中十隻包括,佳寧娜(0126)低見0.17元,收報0.18元,無升跌;東方甄選(1797)低見10.82元,收報10.88元,跌5.72%;金沙中國(1928)低見15.46元,收報15.54元,跌3%;周大福(1929)低見8元,收報8.03元,跌1.83%;六福集團(0590)低見15.04元,收報15.1元,跌2.45%;周生生(0116)低見6.88元,收報6.93元,跌0.86%;英皇鐘錶珠寶(0887)低見0.157元,收報0.158元,跌1.86%;新秀麗(1910)低見19.74元,收報19.8元,跌3.65%;星島(1105)低見0.25元,收報0.25元,跌3.85%;叙福樓(1978)低見0.65元,收報0.67元,無升跌。 異動股 上升異動股,包括,CLSA PREMIUM(6877)創52周高,見0.144元,收報0.122元,升74.29%;中港石油(0632)收報0.115元,升40.24%;錦興國際控股(2307)收報0.162元,升29.6%;富盈環球集團(1620)創上市新低,見0.035元,收報0.047元,升27.03%;中國煤層氣(8270)收報0.51元,升25.93%;喆麗控股(2209)收報4.65元,升23.67%;晉安實業(2292)收報0.9元,升23.29%;文業集團(1802)收報0.054元,升20%;SHANGHAI GROWTH(0770)收報0.1元,升17.65%;奧克斯國際(2080)收報0.191元,升16.46%。

INNOVATE Corp. Announces 1-for-10 Reverse Stock Split of

NEW YORK, July 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — INNOVATE Corp. (“INNOVATE” or the “Company”) (NYSE: VATE), a diversified holding company, announced today that its Board of Directors has approved a 1-for-10 reverse stock split of the Company’s common stock, par value $0.001 per share (the “Common Stock”). The reverse stock split will become effective at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on August 2, 2024, after close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”). The Company’s Common Stock is expected to commence trading on a split-adjusted basis when the markets open on August 5, 2024, under the existing trading symbol “VATE.” The primary goal of the reverse stock split is to increase the per share market price of the Company’s Common Stock to meet the minimum per share bid price requirement for continued listing on the NYSE. The reverse stock split was approved by the Company’s stockholders at its annual meeting of stockholders held on June 18, 2024. As a result of the reverse stock split, every ten shares of the Company’s Common Stock issued and outstanding will be automatically reclassified and changed into one new share of the Company’s Common Stock. Proportionate adjustments will be made to the exercise prices and the number of shares underlying the Company’s outstanding equity awards, as applicable, as well as to the number of shares issuable under the Company’s equity incentive plans and conversion of the Company’s outstanding convertible securities. The Common Stock issued pursuant to the reverse stock split will remain fully paid and non-assessable. The reverse stock split will not affect the number of authorized shares of Common Stock or the par value of the Common Stock. Computershare, Inc. (“Computershare”), the Company’s transfer agent, is acting as the exchange agent for the Reverse Stock Split. Stockholders holding their shares electronically in

Bulls may reign supreme a day before the Budget. Here’s what history suggests

Equity markets had a stellar run in the run up to the Budget 2024 and the bull run is expected to continue one day before the Budget — if history is anything to go by. Both Sensex and Nifty were up over 5% each, scaling record peaks in the last one month, taking heart from the policy stability of the new Modi government and growth-oriented Budget expectations from Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. In the last 10 Budgets, Sensex has delivered positive returns six times one day before the Budget, while the index fell on four other occasions, according to a market analysis by ETMarkets. The data also took into account the market days before the two interim Budgets, including the one presented this year. The highest return by the index was in 2019, where it rallied 1.87% a day prior to the Budget. The year 2022 was a distant second with a return of 1.47%. Continue reading with one of these options: Limited Access Free Login to get access to some exclusive stories& personalised newsletters Login Now Unlimited Access Starting @ Rs120/month Get access to exclusive stories, expert opinions &in-depth stock reports Subscribe Now Uh-oh! This is an exclusive story available for selected readers only. Worry not. You’re just a step away. Sign In to Read for Free Prime Account Detected! It seems like you’re already an ETPrime member with Login using your ET Prime credentials to enjoy all member benefits Log out of your current logged-in account and log in again using your ET Prime credentials to enjoy all member benefits. Sign in & Access ET Prime To read full story, subscribe to ET Prime Get Unlimited Access to The Economic Times ₹34 per week Billed annually at ₹2499 ₹1749 Continue Already a Member? Sign In now Already a

Hologic’s (HOLX) Surgical Business Set to Propel Q3 Earnings

Hologic, Inc.’s HOLX GYN Surgical performance is expected to be driven by a robust international business and sales of MyoSure and the related Fluent system. The Breast Health division is likely to have slowly moved beyond the difficult prior-year comparisons, helped by the robust demand for its offerings and visible gantry orders. In addition, the molecular business may have driven the Diagnostics division’s performance led by its growth drivers. We anticipate the company’s fiscal 2024 third-quarter financial results, slated to be released on Jul 29 after the closing bell, to reflect these aspects. In the meantime, you can also check out why the company could be a wise investment choice before the earnings release.   GYN Surgical Hologic has grown its initial two-product-focused Surgical business to a broader portfolio, including new product lines from acquisitions. In the third quarter of fiscal 2024, revenues are likely to have been driven by strong sales of MyoSure and Fluent Fluid Management products. Additionally, contributions from the newer laparoscopic products, which Hologic acquired through Boulder and Acessa, are also likely to have helped boost growth.  The International Surgical business may have delivered a robust performance in the to-be-reported quarter. This is primarily due to the company’s ongoing efforts to capture more markets as well as its direct sales strategy in the Nordic region of Europe. Also, in April 2024, Hologic secured an Innovative Technology contract from Vizient for its CoolSeal advanced energy portfolio and JustRight 5 mm stapler. The recognition by Vizient’s team of experts underscores the potential of these technologies to enhance clinical care, patient safety and healthcare worker safety and improve the business operations of healthcare organizations. We expect this development to have a positive impact on Hologic’s revenues in the fiscal third quarter. Hologic, Inc. Price and EPS Surprise Hologic, Inc. price-eps-surprise

國泰快運6月30日共載9.2萬人 為疫情以來單日最高載客量 (20:32) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

月內,國泰載客量按年增18.7%至183.77萬人次,月內收入乘客千米數按年上升 23.7%。乘客運載率下跌 4.2 個百分點至 83.5%,而可用座位千米數則按年增加 30%。首六個月,載客量按年增36.4%至1065.96萬人次,可用座位千米上升 42.7%,而收入乘客千米數則上升 34.9%。 貨運方面,期內運載12.46萬公噸貨物,按年增加 12%。月內貨物收入噸千米數按年上升 5.6%,運載率下跌 2.1 個百分點至 59.6%,而可用貨物噸千米數則按年增加 9.4%。今年首6個月,載貨量按年增加 10.5%至71.95萬公噸,可用貨物噸千米數增加 11.4%,而貨物收入噸千米數則上升 4.6%。 顧客及商務總裁劉凱詩表示,隨著需求稍為淡靜的 5 月結束,6 月份的客運需求有所回升,長途和短途航線的休閒旅遊均表現良好。留學生回港高峰期帶動長途航線需求,美國、加拿大、英國和歐洲航線的載客率各均接近 90%。夏季恢復的巴塞羅那季節航班亦深受顧客歡迎,尤其是自香港、西班牙和澳洲啟程的顧客。 貨運方面,儘管 6 月份一般是淡季,但貨運需求卻超乎預期。來自香港、中國內地、日本以及歐洲的按年增長尤其強勁。貨物種類方面,醫藥品載貨量有所上升,當中以歐洲的需求較為殷切。 未來展望,國泰航空將持續拓展新目的地,於本月初宣布將於8月推出每周四班往返寧波的航班,並於今年12月至明年3月恢復每周三班往來開恩茲的季節航班,料這兩條航線將廣受顧客歡迎。貨運方面,下半年向來為傳統旺季,預料上半年的穩健需求將會維持,整體貨運市場景氣,特別是香港和中國內地市場的出口需求將持續向好。 其他報道 新濠博亞聯同日本樂天等辦國際滑板賽 擬在新濠影匯建滑板公園 威高國際違規漏報須予披露交易 涉租沙田港鐵站店舖 香格里拉再發10億元熊貓債 包括港企首次發5年期熊貓債 信義能源發盈警 上半年純利料跌最多35% 兗礦能源擬向澳洲高地資源注資取控制權   群核科技據報正籌備赴港上市 集資最多2億美元 金地商置發盈警 上半年轉蝕約20至23億元人幣 港基金續增持日本FANCL一躍成第二大股東  或對麒麟全面要約構成挑戰 香水品牌管理公司穎通控股申來港上市  冠忠巴士7161萬元採購30架無人駕駛航空器 緬華僑巨亨潘繼澤滯留首都  曾與大酒店合作開發仰光半島酒店   中石化上半年原油產量1.4億桶 微升0.6% 科大訊飛及訊飛醫療港設國際總部 擬5年内投資4億元建150人團隊 投資推廣署上半年引入19間英企在港開設或擴展業務 按年增6% 港交所納阿聯酋2交易所入認可名單 中東企業可來港第二上市 金發局:成立以來港府共採納166個該局金融發展建議 中國電信6月5G套餐用戶數增逾14%至3.37億戶 捷榮售項目錄盈利發盈喜料多賺逾六成 中移動6月底移動客戶總數突破10億名 中國動向:首季Kappa品牌店舖零售流水錄中低單位數下降 亞洲電視發新股籌獲逾2億元 無承配人成主要股東 OneDegree:6月家居保險收入按月增逾1.5倍 創近2年半單月銷售紀錄 統計處:12%主要行業受訪者料第三季業務按季轉差 中信國際電訊發盈警 料上半年盈利跌37%至4.55億 Source link

投資推廣署上半年引入19間英企在港開設或擴展業務 按年增6% (18:04) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

葉翠嫻稱,爲了吸引更多英國企業來港開設或擴展業務,投資推廣署推出「香港倫敦商情面面觀」活動,每月進行圓桌討論,今年10月將舉辦兩場活動,有關創意產業及家族辦公室,7月10日則剛剛舉辦了有關金融服務及金融科技的討論,6月的討論主題是科技初創公司,5月則關於旅游和款待。 其中的成功案例之一為巴士路線顯示屏供應商英企漢諾威(遠東)。漢諾威(遠東)香港及中國地區主管關汝謙表示,公司以往以代理形式發展遠東業務,疫情時期代理因種種原因不再繼續合作,於是在香港投資推廣署的協助下今年初在港航天城成立子公司辦事處,航天城交通四通八達,方便了公司為香港及遠東地區的客戶提供服務,且減少了因時差帶來的溝通問題。 關汝謙指,未來,漢諾威(遠東)將擴充香港區域總部的規模和增聘技術、售後服務和後勤團隊,開拓其他遠東地區市場,加強對中國內地之巴士製造廠的支援,加大香港庫存量提升系統 / 零件的配送速度,長遠考慮在北部都會區設立新的零件倉庫,協助英國總部進行遠東地區、大灣區 / 中國內地的原材料採購。 漢諾威於1985年在英國創立,為家族企業,1999年進入香港市場。漢諾威從事公共運輸業設計和生產乘客資訊系統,並為區內大部分巴士的路線顯示屏供應商。 其他報道 港交所納阿聯酋2交易所入認可名單 中東企業可來港第二上市 金發局:成立以來港府共採納166個該局金融發展建議 中國電信6月5G套餐用戶數增逾14%至3.37億戶 捷榮售項目錄盈利發盈喜料多賺逾六成 中移動6月底移動客戶總數突破10億名 中國動向:首季Kappa品牌店舖零售流水錄中低單位數下降 亞洲電視發新股籌獲逾2億元 無承配人成主要股東 OneDegree:6月家居保險收入按月增逾1.5倍 創近2年半單月銷售紀錄 統計處:12%主要行業受訪者料第三季業務按季轉差 中信國際電訊發盈警 料上半年盈利跌37%至4.55億 全日沽空金額增53% 比率21% 創3個月高 盈富沽空增4.4倍 澳門上半年入境客增44%至1672萬人次 恒指收市跌360點 伙國指見3個月低 國指全周跌5.6% 半年最差 Microsoft全球死機 疑防毒軟件CrowdStrike出事 盤前曾跌近14% 全球死機丨倫交所新聞數據平台故障 科大與阿里簽署合作備忘錄 成立實驗室研究AI及大數據等 大摩上調衛龍目標價至7.4元 評級「增持」 特朗普:上任首日就會结束電動車政策 野村調升中移動目標價至89元 中聯通目標價和評級齊下調 滬指兩連升 全周升0.36% 微軟系統在全球多地出現服務故障 分析稱三中全會公報 顯示當局容忍經濟放緩 刺激措施推出門檻高 英航目前冬季往返香港與希斯路班次減至每日一班 港投:冀銀河通用未來優先考慮在港上市 Source link

科大訊飛及訊飛醫療港設國際總部 擬5年内投資4億元建150人團隊 (18:14) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

研發項目涵蓋深度開發智能語音、構建大模型及AI基礎設施,包含智能教育、粵語智能語音產品、數據處理訓練等,賦能香港AI產業生態。而訊飛醫療則在數碼港設立的國際研究院,將聚焦於融合醫療健康及AI的前沿技術研究。 創科及工業局局長孫東教授表示,科大訊飛在香港落戶及設立國際總部,包括國際研發中心、國際業務總部和國際貿易及資金管理平台,以及訊飛醫療將在數碼港設立國際研究院,將助力香港人工智能產業生態的發展。 數碼港主席陳細明表示,人工智能超算中心的首階段設施將於年内投入服務;同時,數碼港已匯聚200家企業專注於人工智能和數據科學的研發、應用及基礎建設,科大訊飛及訊飛醫療的入駐可多方位提升數碼港人工智能生態結構,助力香港人工智能的創新研發、成果轉化及產業化發展,並以人工智能多元的應用潛力燃動數字經濟及智慧城市發展,為吸引更多海内外的人工智能龍頭企業來港樹立標杆。 其他報道 港交所納阿聯酋2交易所入認可名單 中東企業可來港第二上市 金發局:成立以來港府共採納166個該局金融發展建議 中國電信6月5G套餐用戶數增逾14%至3.37億戶 捷榮售項目錄盈利發盈喜料多賺逾六成 中移動6月底移動客戶總數突破10億名 中國動向:首季Kappa品牌店舖零售流水錄中低單位數下降 亞洲電視發新股籌獲逾2億元 無承配人成主要股東 OneDegree:6月家居保險收入按月增逾1.5倍 創近2年半單月銷售紀錄 統計處:12%主要行業受訪者料第三季業務按季轉差 中信國際電訊發盈警 料上半年盈利跌37%至4.55億 全日沽空金額增53% 比率21% 創3個月高 盈富沽空增4.4倍 澳門上半年入境客增44%至1672萬人次 恒指收市跌360點 伙國指見3個月低 國指全周跌5.6% 半年最差 Microsoft全球死機 疑防毒軟件CrowdStrike出事 盤前曾跌近14% 全球死機丨倫交所新聞數據平台故障 科大與阿里簽署合作備忘錄 成立實驗室研究AI及大數據等 大摩上調衛龍目標價至7.4元 評級「增持」 特朗普:上任首日就會结束電動車政策 野村調升中移動目標價至89元 中聯通目標價和評級齊下調 滬指兩連升 全周升0.36% 微軟系統在全球多地出現服務故障 分析稱三中全會公報 顯示當局容忍經濟放緩 刺激措施推出門檻高 英航目前冬季往返香港與希斯路班次減至每日一班 港投:冀銀河通用未來優先考慮在港上市 Source link

金發局:成立以來港府共採納166個該局金融發展建議 (17:41) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

金發局副主席馮華健表示,繼該局出席去年的第28屆聯合國氣候峰會(COP28)後,金發局今年亦將出席於亞塞拜然首都巴庫舉行的COP29,而於去年峰會所擁有的發言權身份於今年亦會繼續擁有。 金發局主席李律仁則表示,當局與各個地方所簽署的大部分諒解備忘錄(MOU)均有後續的交流,如當局1月時與沙特阿拉伯的金融產業發展計劃(FSDP)簽署MOU的之前及之後,均有聯合專案進行,以加深香港及沙特兩地的相互理解。 至於港府近期開展對施政報告的諮詢,被問到金發局對港府於金融發展方面有何建議時,李律仁回應指,當局給予港府的意見一直持續,而絕大部分的意見已落在報告中及對外公開。 馮華健提到,金發局過去與盧森堡及沙特等地簽署MOU,之後陸續會環繞中亞細亞地區、阿拉伯國家,以及金磚國家進行有關合作進展,而隨著與以上地方合作加深,亦發現香港有需要研究伊斯蘭金融。 其他報道 中國動向:首季Kappa品牌店舖零售流水錄中低單位數下降 亞洲電視發新股籌獲逾2億元 無承配人成主要股東 OneDegree:6月家居保險收入按月增逾1.5倍 創近2年半單月銷售紀錄 統計處:12%主要行業受訪者料第三季業務按季轉差 中信國際電訊發盈警 料上半年盈利跌37%至4.55億 全日沽空金額增53% 比率21% 創3個月高 盈富沽空增4.4倍 澳門上半年入境客增44%至1672萬人次 恒指收市跌360點 伙國指見3個月低 國指全周跌5.6% 半年最差 Microsoft全球死機 疑防毒軟件CrowdStrike出事 盤前曾跌近14% 全球死機丨倫交所新聞數據平台故障 科大與阿里簽署合作備忘錄 成立實驗室研究AI及大數據等 大摩上調衛龍目標價至7.4元 評級「增持」 特朗普:上任首日就會结束電動車政策 野村調升中移動目標價至89元 中聯通目標價和評級齊下調 滬指兩連升 全周升0.36% 微軟系統在全球多地出現服務故障 分析稱三中全會公報 顯示當局容忍經濟放緩 刺激措施推出門檻高 英航目前冬季往返香港與希斯路班次減至每日一班 港投:冀銀河通用未來優先考慮在港上市 中國澱粉料上半年扭虧 錄稅前利潤3.5億人幣 【有片:埋身擊】道指期貨或回調整固 可考慮40000點水平才入巿 半日沽空金額增72% 盈富沽空增6倍 恒指半日跌376點 伙國指齊見近3個月低 科指跌1.7% 北水流入3日最多 港元拆息普遍向下 1個月HIBOR終止3連升 港元貶值見一周最弱 Source link

澳門上半年入境客增44%至1672萬人次 (16:39) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

按客源分析,上半年內地旅客按年增加52.9%至1153.79萬人次,其中個人遊旅客佔595.02萬人次,按年上升31.8%;大灣區珠三角九市旅客增加48.2%至558.03萬人次。上半年十個新增個人遊城市旅客按年增加89%至25.17萬人次,當中個人遊旅客共21668人次。香港旅客佔360.85萬人次,按年增加4.5%;台灣地區旅客達40.49萬人次,按年升1.3倍。上半年內地、香港及台灣旅客分別回復至2019年同期的80.6%、97.7%及75.6%。 上半年國際旅客共116.86萬人次,按年上升1.5倍,恢復至2019年同期的67.2%。東南亞市場方面,菲律賓旅客佔23.43萬人次,按年大增1.1倍;印尼佔9.19萬人次、馬來西亞達8.51萬人次,泰國亦有7.44萬人次,分別升58.2%、2倍及1.5倍。東北亞的韓國及日本各佔23.19萬及6.19萬人次,分別按年增加4倍及1.8倍。長途客源中美國旅客達6.96萬人次,按年增加1.3倍。 今年6月單月入境旅客共255.13萬人次,按年上升15.5%,恢復至2019年同月的82.4%;與5月比較下降5.2%。不過夜旅客及留宿旅客分別佔131.61萬及123.52萬人次,按年分別增加25.8%及6.1%。旅客平均逗留1.2日,較去年同月減少0.1日。 其他報道 全球死機丨倫交所新聞數據平台故障 科大與阿里簽署合作備忘錄 成立實驗室研究AI及大數據等 大摩上調衛龍目標價至7.4元 評級「增持」 特朗普:上任首日就會结束電動車政策 野村調升中移動目標價至89元 中聯通目標價和評級齊下調 滬指兩連升 全周升0.36% 微軟系統在全球多地出現服務故障 分析稱三中全會公報 顯示當局容忍經濟放緩 刺激措施推出門檻高 英航目前冬季往返香港與希斯路班次減至每日一班 港投:冀銀河通用未來優先考慮在港上市 中國澱粉料上半年扭虧 錄稅前利潤3.5億人幣 【有片:埋身擊】道指期貨或回調整固 可考慮40000點水平才入巿 半日沽空金額增72% 盈富沽空增6倍 恒指半日跌376點 伙國指齊見近3個月低 科指跌1.7% 北水流入3日最多 港元拆息普遍向下 1個月HIBOR終止3連升 港元貶值見一周最弱 Meta據報洽談入股Ray-Ban母企 進一步開發智能眼鏡 破產管理署:6月個人破產呈請按年升一成至702宗 摩通:中國三中全會對奢侈品消費構成挑戰 港AI時裝秀英國登場打頭炮 「文化X人工智能」港深續有多輪活動 高盛:三中全會短期政策「略偏積極」仍需更多需求側寬鬆措施 港投公司與北京銀河通用擴展生態圈合作 推動港具身智能發展及應用 公司註冊處:上半年新成立本地公司逾6.67萬間 Netflix第二季流媒體付費用戶淨增數多過預期 第三季收入預測遜預期 中國投資者減持美股 規模創紀錄新高 Source link

ENAV S.p.A.’s (BIT:ENAV) Stock’s Been Going Strong: Could Weak Financials Mean The Market Will Correct Its Share Price?

Most readers would already be aware that ENAV’s (BIT:ENAV) stock increased significantly by 8.6% over the past month. We, however wanted to have a closer look at its key financial indicators as the markets usually pay for long-term fundamentals, and in this case, they don’t look very promising. In this article, we decided to focus on ENAV’s ROE. ROE or return on equity is a useful tool to assess how effectively a company can generate returns on the investment it received from its shareholders. In other words, it is a profitability ratio which measures the rate of return on the capital provided by the company’s shareholders. See our latest analysis for ENAV How Is ROE Calculated? The formula for return on equity is: Return on Equity = Net Profit (from continuing operations) ÷ Shareholders’ Equity So, based on the above formula, the ROE for ENAV is: 10% = €121m ÷ €1.2b (Based on the trailing twelve months to March 2024). The ‘return’ is the yearly profit. Another way to think of that is that for every €1 worth of equity, the company was able to earn €0.10 in profit. What Has ROE Got To Do With Earnings Growth? Thus far, we have learned that ROE measures how efficiently a company is generating its profits. Based on how much of its profits the company chooses to reinvest or “retain”, we are then able to evaluate a company’s future ability to generate profits. Assuming everything else remains unchanged, the higher the ROE and profit retention, the higher the growth rate of a company compared to companies that don’t necessarily bear these characteristics. ENAV’s Earnings Growth And 10% ROE When you first look at it, ENAV’s ROE doesn’t look that attractive. A quick further study shows that the company’s ROE doesn’t compare favorably

美債息上升 金龍指數、美股下跌 道指創新高後倒跌533點 (08:25) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

美國國債息周四收市全線上漲3-4個基點,接近最後一小時觸及的盤中高點。除了美元走強外並無明顯的催化劑,首次申請失業救濟人數高於預期之後國債息曾一度跌至日內低點。 其他消息方面,據The Information報道,博通與OpenAI洽談開發人工智能晶片,有可能進一步進軍輝達的領域。OpenAI發布旗艦AI模型的更小、更廉宜版本GPT-4o mini。另外,據報以色列考慮把加沙拉法過境點的控制權移交給歐盟和巴勒斯坦人。 道瓊斯工業平均指數收跌533點,跌幅1.3%,報40665點。標普500指數收跌43點,跌幅0.79%,報5544點。納斯達克綜合指數收跌125點,或0.7%,報17871點。 高盛跌3.18%,報486.21美元(下同),是拖累道指跌幅最大的藍籌,拖累104點,而Chevron升0.46%,報161.97元,貢獻道指4.8點。 科技股方面,蘋果(美:AAPL)收市報224.18元,跌2.05%,谷歌母公司Alphabet(美:GOOGL)收市報177.69元,跌1.83%,亞馬遜(美:AMZN)收市報183.75元,跌2.22%,Facebook母公司Meta(美:META)收市報475.85元,升3%,英偉達(美:NVDA)收市報121.09元,升2.62%,微軟(美:MSFT)收市報440.37元,跌0.71%,Tesla (美:TSLA)收市報249.23元,升0.29%。 歐洲STOXX 600指數收跌0.16%,報514點。德國DAX指數收跌0.45%,報18354點;法國CAC 40指數漲0.21%,報7586點;英國富時100指數收漲0.22%,報8204點。 納斯達克中國金龍指數收跌1.21%,報5788點。 美國2年期債息曾升最多0.8%,是7月17日後最大升幅,當日升幅為1.33%。高見4.4735厘,是7月17日4.4759厘後最高。收市報4.4714厘,是7月11日後收市新高,當日報4.513厘。連升2日,累計升0.0542厘,對上一次連升2日是7月1日。連續第2日陽燭,對上一次連續第2日陽燭是7月1日。 美國10年期債息曾升最多1.12%,是7月15日後最大升幅,當日升幅為1.53%。高見4.204厘,是7月16日4.2197厘後最高。收市報4.2021厘,是7月15日後收市新高,當日報4.2294厘。 美2年期10年期債息續倒掛,曾收窄至26.357基點,是7月16日20.68基點後最窄。收市報27.355基點,是7月16日後收市最窄,當日報26.17基點。 美3個月10年期債息續倒掛,曾收窄至113.96基點,是7月16日111.641基點後最窄。收市報114.481基點,是7月15日後收市最窄,當日報110.915基點。 金龍指數曾跌最多1.46%,是7月17日後最大跌幅,當日跌幅為2.08%。低見5773.89點,是7月2日5763.13點後最低。收市報5788.36點,是7月1日後收市新低,當日報5787.44點。連跌2日,累計跌181.58點,對上一次連跌2日是7月8日。連續第2日陰燭,對上一次連續第2日陰燭是7月15日。 道指曾升最多0.43%,是7月17日後最大升幅,當日升幅為0.65%。高見41376點,創紀錄新高。其後曾倒跌最多1.46%,是5月23日後最大跌幅,當日跌幅為1.63%。低見40597.5點,是7月16日40263.78點後最低。收市報40665.02點,是7月15日後收市新低,當日報40211.72點。第1日陰燭。 標指曾跌最多1.17%,是7月17日後最大跌幅,當日跌幅為1.45%。低見5522.81點,是7月3日5507.42點後最低。收市報5544.59點,是7月3日後收市新低,當日報5537.02點。連跌2日,累計跌122.61點,對上一次連跌2日是6月21日。連續第2日陰燭,對上一次連續第2日陰燭是6月21日。 納指曾跌最多1.32%,是7月17日後最大跌幅,當日跌幅為2.9%。低見17759.54點,是7月1日17657.64點後最低。收市報17871.22點,是6月28日後收市新低,當日報17732.6點。連跌2日,累計跌638.12點,對上一次連跌2日是6月21日。連續第4日陰燭,對上一次連續第4日陰燭是3月18日。   其他報道 北水增持中石化 減持京基金融國際 Source link

India in early stages of equity cult; budget eyed for populism: Chris Wood | News on Markets

4 min read Last Updated : Jul 19 2024 | 9:00 AM IST Despite the rally in equities over the last few years, India, according to Christopher Wood, global head of equity strategy at Jefferies, is still in early stages of an equity cult. Any changes to the capital gains tax for equities – both long-term and short-term – in Budget 2024 scheduled to be announced on July 23, he believes, can trigger a bigger correction that what the markets witnessed post the Lok Sabha election outcome on June 4 that saw the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lose majority, though it was able to form the government with the help of coalition partners. His conviction on the road ahead for the Indian stock markets stems from the rising participation of retail investors over the years, including in mutual funds, which Wood believes, is likely to continue. The Indian stock market, he said, remains far the most promising asset management story globally, even in the face of loss of majority for the BJP in the general elections earlier this year. “Remember that the stock market only corrected for one day and is now up by 13.3 per cent since then (June 4). This has served to highlight only further the power of the retail investor phenomenon in the sense that retail investors bought as the professionals sold, and so far the retail investors look right,” Wood wrote in his weekly note to investors, GREED & fear. Rising ownership Retail investors and mutual funds’ ownership of stocks, meanwhile, has risen from 16.6 per cent at the end of fiscal 2020-21 (FY21) to 18.4 per cent at the end of FY24 ended March 2024. FII ownership of Indian stocks, on the other hand, has declined from 22.1 per cent

恒指半日跌376點 伙國指齊見近3個月低 科指跌1.7% 北水流入3日最多 (12:18) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

恒指今早低開174點,高位跌148點,低位跌402點,高低波幅254點。上升股份比例為10.61%,下跌為38.96%,無升跌為50.41%。 恒指半日跌376點或2.12%,報17401點,大市成交金額556億元;國指跌144點或2.29%,報6162點。恒生科技指數收報3548點,跌1.78%。 藍籌股成交金額272.26億元,佔大市成交48.96%;科指成份股成交金額122.47億元,佔大市成交22.02%;國指成份股成交金額235.91億元,佔大市成交42.42%。 24隻雙櫃台股,總成交0.32億元人民幣,相當於約0.34億港元,佔大市成交的0.06%。 窩輪及牛熊證成交金額減少13.63%,至80.87億元,佔大市成交14.53%。牛熊證成交金額43.81億元,減少11.49%;窩輪成交金額37.05億元,減少16.04%。 藍籌2隻升,80隻下跌,0隻無升跌。中芯國際(0981)升2.2%,收報17.68元,是升幅最大的藍籌,潤地(1109)跌5.58%,收報25.4元,是跌幅最大的藍籌。 恒生科技指數成份股3隻升,27隻下跌。升幅最大的是華虹半導體(1347)收報23.7元,升5.8%;跌幅最大的是同程旅行(0780)收報14.02元,跌4.23%。 恒指跌穿10天線(17730.83點)、100天線(17576.33點)、250天線(17475.89點)。科指20天線(3631.24點)跌穿10天線(3634.5點)。 北水南下合計淨流入31.53億元,較上日增加31.58%,淨流入金額是7月16日61.26億元後最多。連續第2日流入,累計流入55.5億元,對上一次連續2日淨流入是6月26日。 貓眼娛樂(1896)擬動用不超過3億元回購。收報8.32元,升0.97%。 和鉑醫藥(2142)發盈警 料中期少賺65%。收報1.42元,跌2.07%。 遠洋集團(3377)擬重組56.36億美元債務,涉抵押遠洋服務股權。收報0.385元,升2.67%。 大眾金融(0626)上半年盈轉虧,蝕3450萬元。見52周低1.16元,收報1.18元,跌1.67%。 海倫司(9869)明起於新加坡第二上市。收報2.09元,跌3.69%。 GAM與新鴻基公司(0086)組策略聯盟,擬探索另類投資領域合作。收報2.47元,跌1.59%。 理文造紙(2314)料上半年多賺2.2倍。收報2.33元,升1.75%。 京東(9618)旗下京東幣鏈科技冀通過區塊鏈及供應鏈布局,提升全球企業跨境支付體驗。收報102.8元,跌3.2%。 致豐工業(1710)與阿里巴巴(9988)合作拓中亞電動車市場。致豐工業見52周低0.18元,收報0.185元,跌2.12%。阿里巴巴(9988)收報73.8元,跌2.64%。 國泰會員(0293)計劃下半年將推出「Card-linked,Earn」。收報8.01元,跌0.62%。 召開股東特別大會開支等拖累,佐丹奴(0709)料上半年盈利最多跌逾四成。見52周低1.6元,收報1.62元,跌9.5%。 六福(0590)首財季整體零售值下跌18%。收報15.22元,跌1.68%。 佛朗斯(2499)以近3400萬人幣向三菱重工收購叉車業務。收報14.24元,無升跌。 匯控(0005)2027年遷出現倫敦總部大樓,將改建並恢復命名8號加拿大廣場。收報66.3元,跌2.21%。 中銀(2388)推萬事達扣賬卡,針對客戶外遊及子女留學理財需要。收報22.6元,跌1.53%。 兗煤澳大利亞(3668)第二季商品煤銷量超過產量,季內噸煤售價升1%。收報35.3元,跌3.42%。 泡泡瑪特(9992)發盈喜,上半年收入按年增長不低於55%。創52周高,見42.3元,收報41.9元,升11.29%。 IGC(0033)子公司與盈信金融訂協議,尋資產管理等領域合作。收報4.54元,跌2.37%。 破頂股表現 破頂股包括,昇能集團(2459)創上市新高,見20.95元,收報20.9元,升1.46%;A博時港元(3152)創上市新高,見1062.6元,收報1062.2元,跌0.02%;廣聯科技(2531)創上市新高,見7.24元,收報6.37元,跌1.09%;成實外教育(1565)創52周高,見0.24元,收報0.227元,跌1.73%;青島控股(0499)創52周高,見0.218元,收報0.218元,無升跌;建溢集團(0638)創52周高,見0.69元,收報0.69元,升1.47%;華發物業服務(0982)創52周高,見0.275元,收報0.275元,升3.77%;米格國際控股(1247)創52周高,見2.03元,收報1.97元,升9.44%;川控股(1420)創52周高,見0.1元,收報0.1元,升5.26%;珩灣科技(1523)創52周高,見3.94元,收報3.82元,升0.79%;榮陽實業(2078)創52周高,見0.175元,收報0.169元,升6.96%;安東油田服務(3337)創52周高,見0.52元,收報0.52元,無升跌。 破底股方面 30隻股份創上市新低,其中十隻包括,九毛九(9922)低見3.45元,收報3.46元,跌4.42%;飛道旅遊科技(8069)低見0.041元,收報0.041元,跌10.87%;中手游(0302)低見0.85元,收報0.88元,跌1.12%;延長石油國際(0346)低見0.241元,收報0.249元,無升跌;北方礦業(0433)低見0.026元,收報0.028元,跌6.67%;世紀陽光(0509)低見0.141元,收報0.18元,跌14.69%;北大資源(0618)低見0.182元,收報0.183元,跌3.68%;3D MEDICINES(1244)低見3.96元,收報4元,跌1.48%;生興控股(1472)低見0.051元,收報0.055元,跌6.78%;紅星美凱龍(1528)低見1.21元,收報1.23元,跌1.6%。 51隻股份創52周低,其中十隻包括,東方甄選(1797)低見11.12元,收報11.18元,跌3.12%;金沙中國(1928)低見15.56元,收報15.6元,跌2.62%;周大福(1929)低見8元,收報8.04元,跌1.71%;周生生(0116)低見6.88元,收報6.92元,跌1%;英皇鐘錶珠寶(0887)低見0.157元,收報0.157元,跌2.48%;新秀麗(1910)低見19.86元,收報19.9元,跌3.16%;叙福樓(1978)低見0.65元,收報0.65元,跌2.99%;稻香(0573)低見0.7元,收報0.7元,無升跌;中電華大科技(0085)低見1.12元,收報1.14元,跌1.72%;東方甄選(1797)低見11.12元,收報11.18元,跌3.12%。 異動股 上升異動股,包括,中港石油(0632)收報0.15元,升82.93%;CLSA PREMIUM(6877)創52周高,見0.135元,收報0.127元,升81.43%;脈資資源(8186)收報1.59元,升44.55%;富盈環球集團(1620)創上市新低,見0.035元,收報0.053元,升43.24%;神通機器人教育(8206)收報0.019元,升26.67%;皇璽餐飲集團(8300)收報0.078元,升14.71%;瀚華金控(3903)收報0.32元,升14.29%;巴克1798集團(1010)收報0.57元,升14%;中油潔能控股(1759)收報0.68元,升13.33%;莊士中國(0298)收報0.12元,升13.21%。 下跌異動股,包括,超大現代(0682)收報0.017元,跌32%;如祺出行(9680)創上市新低,見19.5元,收報19.8元,跌20.8%;瀾滄古茶(6911)收報5.51元,跌17.76%;快意智能(8040)見52周低0.32元,收報0.34元,跌17.07%;大唐西市(0620)收報0.225元,跌16.67%;維太創科(6133)收報0.153元,跌16.39%;恒鼎實業(1393)收報0.083元,跌16.16%;盛良物流(8292)平上市低位0.05元,收報0.05元,跌15.25%;港灣數字(0913)收報0.34元,跌15%;世紀陽光(0509)創上市新低,見0.141元,收報0.18元,跌14.69%;建鵬控股(1722)見52周低0.059元,收報0.059元,跌14.49%。 其他報道 港元拆息普遍向下 1個月HIBOR終止3連升 港元貶值見一周最弱 Meta據報洽談入股Ray-Ban母企 進一步開發智能眼鏡 破產管理署:6月個人破產呈請按年升一成至702宗 摩通:中國三中全會對奢侈品消費構成挑戰 港AI時裝秀英國登場打頭炮 「文化X人工智能」港深續有多輪活動 高盛:三中全會短期政策「略偏積極」仍需更多需求側寬鬆措施 港投公司與北京銀河通用擴展生態圈合作 推動港具身智能發展及應用 公司註冊處:上半年新成立本地公司逾6.67萬間 Netflix第二季流媒體付費用戶淨增數多過預期 第三季收入預測遜預期 Source link

港股ADR跌293點 夜期低水196點 美期升亞股跌 (08:39) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

個股ADR普遍向下,騰訊(0700)ADR跌1.16%,折合報364.18元;阿里巴巴(9988)跌0.64%,折合報74.72元;美團(3690)跌0.42%,折合報117.54元;匯控(0005)跌1.1%,折合報67.19元;建行(0939)跌0.07%,折合報5.41元。 道期現升0.102%;標期現升0.17%;納期現升0.29%。日本東證指數現跌0.15%;韓國KOSPI指數現跌0.85%;澳洲S&P/ASX 200 指數現跌1%。 VIX指數隔晚升10.01%或1.45點,報15.93點。 紐油現跌0.88%或0.72美元,報82.09美元;布油現跌0.62%或0.53美元,報84.58美元;金價現跌0.47%或11.7美元,報2433.38美元;LME 銅期貨隔晚跌2.58%或249美元,報9386美元。比特幣現跌0.1%或69.47美元,報63749.51美元;美國10年期債息現跌0.41%或0.0175厘,報4.1846厘。 今日焦點股份可留意: 遠洋集團(3377)擬重組56.36億美元債務,涉抵押遠洋服務股權。 大眾金融(0626)上半年盈轉虧,蝕3450萬元。 海倫司(9869)明起於新加坡第二上市。 GAM與新鴻基公司(0086)組策略聯盟,擬探索另類投資領域合作。 理文造紙(2314)料上半年多賺2.2倍。 京東(9618)旗下京東幣鏈科技冀通過區塊鏈及供應鏈布局,提升全球企業跨境支付體驗。 致豐工業(1710)與阿里巴巴(9988)合作拓中亞電動車市場。 國泰會員(0293)計劃下半年將推出「Card-linked,Earn」。 召開股東特別大會開支等拖累,佐丹奴(0709)料上半年盈利最多跌逾四成。 六福(0590)首財季整體零售值下跌18%。 佛朗斯(2499)以近3400萬人幣向三菱重工收購叉車業務。 匯控(0005)2027年遷出現倫敦總部大樓,將改建並恢復命名8號加拿大廣場。 中銀(2388)推萬事達扣賬卡,針對客戶外遊及子女留學理財需要。 兗煤澳大利亞(3668)第二季商品煤銷量超過產量,季內噸煤售價升1%。 泡泡瑪特(9992)發盈喜,上半年收入按年增長不低於55%。 IGC(0033)子公司與盈信金融訂協議,尋資產管理等領域合作。   其他報道 美債息上升 金龍指數、美股下跌 道指創新高後倒跌533點 北水增持中石化 減持京基金融國際 Source link

Average Stock Market Return Over the Past 10 Years

Paid non-client promotion: Affiliate links for the products on this page are from partners that compensate us (see our advertiser disclosure with our list of partners for more details). However, our opinions are our own. See how we rate investing products to write unbiased product reviews. The S&P 500 has gained about 10.7% annually since its introduction in 1957.  The S&P 500’s annual average return in 2023 was 24%, a significant increase from 2022.  Returns may fluctuate widely yearly, but holding onto investments over time can help. The S&P 500 average return over the past decade has come in at around 10.2%, just under the long-term historic average of 10.7% since the benchmark index was introduced 65 years ago. But the stock market return you’ll see today could differ greatly from the average over the past 10 years. There are a few reasons why you could see a bigger or smaller return than the average during any given year. Read Insider’s guide to the best online brokers for free stock trading>> The S&P 500 average return over the past 10 years There are many stock market indexes, including the S&P 500. This index includes 500 of the largest US companies, and some investors use its performance as a measure of the market’s health. The annual S&P 500 average return in 2023 was 24%. So far, the average return for 2024 is around 19%. “Investing can be a good way to grow wealth over the long term and offers the potential for higher returns compared to a typical checking or savings account,” says Jordan Gilberti, CFP and senior lead planner at Facet. Here’s how the yearly annual returns from the S&P 500 have looked over the past 10 years, according to Berkshire Hathaway data that includes earnings from dividends: Berkshire Hathaway

恒指低開174點 跌穿10天線 科指跌1.1% 20天線跌穿10天、100天線 (09:28) – 20240719 – 即時財經新聞

藍籌1隻升,70隻下跌,11隻無升跌。東方海外(0316)升0.27%,報109.9元,是升幅最大的藍籌,海底撈(6862)跌3.79%,報13.2元,是跌幅最大的藍籌。 恒生科技指數成份股2隻升,25隻下跌,3隻無升跌。升幅最大的是金山軟件(3888)開市報22.4元,升0.45%;跌幅最大的是京東(9618)開市報103.1元,跌2.92%。 恒指跌穿10天線(17751.02點),下試100天線(17578.34點)。科指20天線(3632.36點)跌穿 10天線(3636.72點)、100天線(3642.55點)。 貓眼娛樂(1896)擬動用不超過3億元回購。開市報8.36元,升1.46%。 和鉑醫藥(2142)發盈警 料中期少賺65%。開市報1.46元,升0.69%。 遠洋集團(3377)擬重組56.36億美元債務,涉抵押遠洋服務股權。開市報0.415元,升10.67%。 大眾金融(0626)上半年盈轉虧,蝕3450萬元。無成交,報1.2元。 海倫司(9869)明起於新加坡第二上市。無成交,報2.17元。 GAM與新鴻基公司(0086)組策略聯盟,擬探索另類投資領域合作。無成交,報2.51元。 理文造紙(2314)料上半年多賺2.2倍。開市報2.36元,升3.06%。 京東(9618)旗下京東幣鏈科技冀通過區塊鏈及供應鏈布局,提升全球企業跨境支付體驗。開市報103.1元,跌2.92%。 致豐工業(1710)與阿里巴巴(9988)合作拓中亞電動車市場。致豐工業開市報0.19元,升0.53%。阿里巴巴(9988)開市報74.55元,跌1.65%。 國泰會員(0293)計劃下半年將推出「Card-linked,Earn」。開市報8.05元,跌0.12%。 召開股東特別大會開支等拖累,佐丹奴(0709)料上半年盈利最多跌逾四成。見52周低1.76元,開市報1.76元,跌1.68%。 六福(0590)首財季整體零售值下跌18%。開市報15.22元,跌1.68%。 佛朗斯(2499)以近3400萬人幣向三菱重工收購叉車業務。 匯控(0005)2027年遷出現倫敦總部大樓,將改建並恢復命名8號加拿大廣場。開市報67.3元,跌0.74%。 中銀(2388)推萬事達扣賬卡,針對客戶外遊及子女留學理財需要。開市報22.7元,跌1.09%。 兗煤澳大利亞(3668)第二季商品煤銷量超過產量,季內噸煤售價升1%。無成交,報36.55元。 泡泡瑪特(9992)發盈喜,上半年收入按年增長不低於55%。創52周高,見42元,開市報42元,升11.55%。 IGC(0033)子公司與盈信金融訂協議,尋資產管理等領域合作。無成交,報4.65元。 破頂股表現 破頂股包括,CLSA PREMIUM(6877)創52周高,見0.098元,開市報0.098元,升40%;泡泡瑪特(9992)創52周高,見42元,開市報42元,升11.55%。 破底股方面 創52周低,其中包括,金沙中國(1928)低見15.86元,開市報15.86元,跌1%;佐丹奴(0709)低見1.76元,開市報1.76元,跌1.68%。 異動股 上升異動股,包括,CLSA PREMIUM(6877)創52周高,見0.098元,開市報0.098元,升40%;朗華國際集團(8026)開市報0.355元,升14.52%;泡泡瑪特(9992)創52周高,見42元,開市報42元,升11.55%;中國天保集團(1427)開市報0.245元,升11.36%;遠洋集團(3377)開市報0.415元,升10.67%;HYGIEIA GROUP(1650)開市報0.127元,升10.43%;耀高控股(1796)開市報1.77元,升9.26%;比優集團(8053)開市報0.37元,升7.25%;中國罕王(3788)開市報0.94元,升6.82%;宏光半導體(6908)開市報0.53元,升6%。 下跌異動股,包括,WAI KEE HOLD(0610)開市報0.71元,跌6.58%;華星控股(8237)見52周低0.016元,開市報0.016元,跌5.88%;卓悅控股(0653)開市報0.017元,跌5.56%;北京能源國際(0686)開市報0.161元,跌5.29%;馬可數字科技(1942)開市報1.04元,跌4.59%;寶光實業(0084)開市報0.084元,跌4.55%;NIRAKU(1245)見52周低0.19元,開市報0.19元,跌4.52%;亞洲雜貨(8413)開市報0.137元,跌4.2%。 其他報道 貓眼娛樂擬動用不超過3億元回購 和鉑醫藥發盈警 料中期少賺65% 港股ADR跌293點 夜期低水196點 美期升亞股跌 美債息上升 金龍指數、美股下跌 道指創新高後倒跌533點 北水增持中石化 減持京基金融國際 Source link

What Is Nasdaq? an Overview of the Tech-Driven Stock Exchange

Paid non-client promotion: Affiliate links for the products on this page are from partners that compensate us (see our advertiser disclosure with our list of partners for more details). However, our opinions are our own. See how we rate investing products to write unbiased product reviews. The Nasdaq is the world’s largest electronic stock exchange with two closely watched indexes: the Nasdaq Composite and the Nasdaq 100. Technology, consumer services, and other growth stocks dominate the Nasdaq and have caused it to outperform other stock markets in recent years.  The easiest way for individual investors to participate in the Nasdaq’s volatile but high-performing stocks is through index funds. The Nasdaq is the world’s largest and oldest stock exchange where all of the buying and selling happens electronically, rather than on a physical trading floor. Short for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, the Nasdaq is the second-largest stock exchange globally based on the total market capitalization of its listed companies — exceeded only by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  A pioneer in online operations when it launched in 1971, the Nasdaq provided a listing service for companies that had previously only traded over-the-counter (OTC). It quickly became the home for many new and innovative high-tech startups, including Microsoft and Apple. To help you make sense of it all, here’s what you need to know about the Nasdaq, from how it works to smart strategies for investing.  Introduction to Nasdaq The Nasdaq was created in 1971 by the then-National Association of Securities Dealers (currently known as FINRA). Originally, the word Nasdaq was simply an acronym for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations.  In the beginning, the Nasdaq was just a quotation system — an electronic ticker of bid and ask prices — for over-the-counter (OTC) brokers to provide

KiwiSaver: Strong international stock markets boost New Zealanders’ funds

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King Strong international stock markets have helped boost New Zealanders’ KiwiSaver and managed fund balances in recent months, even as the local economy stagnates. Between January and March this year, KiwiSaver assets grew by about $7.8 billion. During that period, $2.52b was contributed by members and $0.4b was withdrawn for first homes and hardship reasons. Another roughly $1b was probably withdrawn by people retiring. That suggests about 80 percent of the growth was due to market returns. International markets in particular have gone from strength to strength in recent times, in part driven by the AI boom. The S&P500 was up 15.29 percent in the year to the end of June, and up 4.28 percent for the quarter, although there was some volatility this week. Dean Anderson, founder of KiwiSaver provider Kernel, said it would be a struggle to find a KiwiSaver fund that had a negative result in recent months. Equity markets were doing well and the returns from fixed income assets had stabilised, while cash investments were generating interest, he said. “From cash and balanced funds to higher-risk funds, people have probably had a positive result.” Last year was good for KiwiSaver, too, he said. Stats NZ noted the performance of assets such as KiwiSaver and managed funds in its most recent wealth data, which showed a 10 percent increase in those types of assets for New Zealand households in the year to March. Anderson said through last year, many funds were returning 10 percent or 15 percent and that had continued into 2024. The growth of AI firms like Nvidia has been good for investors. Photo: AFP New Zealand’s local market had been less impressive than international counterparts, broadly moving sideways for three years. The NZX50 was down 0.45 percent in the year

Forget DJT, Consider These 3 ‘Strong Buy’ Trump Trades Instead

The stock market has been buzzing with speculative activity following the recent assassination attempt on Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. The incident, which left Trump with a minor injury to his right ear, sent shockwaves through both the political and financial landscapes. Following the scare, Trump – currently appearing at the Republican National Convention – landed endorsements from big names on Wall Street, including Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk and billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman. In response to the weekend news, Trump Media & Technology Group (DJT) experienced a meteoric rise to start the week on Monday, surging by a remarkable 31.37% on the day. However, DJT remains a highly volatile “meme stock,” driven more by social media enthusiasm than solid business fundamentals. For investors looking to make trades around the upcoming U.S. election – without the heightened risk associated with volatile DJT stock – it’s worth considering some of the other names that surged amid the broader “Trump trade” to identify compelling opportunities. Among that group, three stocks in particular stand out as consensus “strong buys” with significant room for growth. And unlike DJT, which trades largely on speculation, these companies operate in sectors and industries that could benefit under a potential second Trump presidency and potential policy shifts. #1. Vista Outdoor Vista Outdoor Inc. (VSTO) is a major player in the outdoor and sporting goods industry, with a portfolio of over 40 brands like Federal Ammunition, CamelBak, and Bell. Given Trump’s pro-gun stance and tough-on-crime policies, Vista is well-positioned to benefit from a potential Trump administration. The company’s diverse range of products, from shooting sports to outdoor recreation, makes it an attractive “Trump trade” for investors eyeing policy shifts. In 2024, VSTO has shown impressive momentum, with a year-to-date gain of 25.8%, outpacing

Stock market today: Live updates

Stock futures were quiet on Thursday evening as Wall Street looked to stabilize after a slide for equities. Futures tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average inched up 16 points, or less than 0.1%. S&P 500 futures ticked up 0.2%, while Nasdaq 100 futures added 0.3%. The move in futures comes after stocks were down across the board during Thursday’s regular trading hours. The Dow fell more than 500 points to snap a six-day winning streak. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell 0.78% and 0.70%, respectively. Despite Thursday’s sell-off, a market rotation still appears to be theme of the week. The Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 are down 1.26% and 2.87%, respectively, heading into Friday. On the other hand, the Dow is up 1.66% and the small cap Russell 2000 is up 2.33%. That divergence has been encouraging to some Wall Street pros who had worried that the market rally was becoming too dependent on a handful of massive tech stocks. “The internals of the market are very healthy,” Evercore ISI strategist Julian Emanuel said on “Closing Bell: Overtime.“ “If you look at the last several months, we’ve literally gone up in a straight line until the last three or four days. To us, we’re not bothered by this pullback here,” he added. Investors will get an updated look at the health of the consumer and the financial sector on Friday, with a handful of key earnings reports due out. American Express, Travelers, Comerica and Fifth Third are all expected to report results before the opening bell. Investors will also be keeping an eye on the the political sphere, where Donald Trump is ramping up his campaign as the Republican National Convention draws to a close and President Joe Biden is under pressure from fellow Democrats to bow out

Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre and Hasbro Gaming team up to unveil four giant classic games

Featuring four-metre “The Game of Life” giant spinning wheel and Asia’s first Connect 4 Competition Introducing giant versions of Hasbro’s popular games, with several classic games showcased in Hong Kong for the first time in giant format Launching the first “The Game of Life” game themed around the Sau Mau Ping area Hosting Asia’s First “Connect 4 Competition”, bringing together top players from across Hong Kong HONG KONG, July 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This summer, Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre will transform into a giant board game wonderland! From 18 July to 25 August, the Centre will collaborate with Hasbro Gaming, the global manufacturer of classic board games, to host the “Chess Fun Battle” promotional event. Several classic Hasbro games will be presented in giant form, including a special Sau Mau Ping-themed giant version of “The Game of Life”. The entire mall, both inside and out, will be transformed into the most intellectually stimulating and entertaining theme park and photo spot of the summer, ensuring fun for the whole family during the holidays. This summer, Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre, in collaboration with Hasbro Gaming, presents the “Chess Fun Battle”. Link Up members can redeem game experience vouchers upon specified spending. In addition, in late August, Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre and Hasbro will host Asia’s First “Connect 4 Competition”. This event will invite citizens and students aged six and above from across Hong Kong to participate for free, providing a platform for participants to learn from and compete with top players, enhancing their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Nostalgic blast from the past! Giant classic board games debut with a must-play limited-edition “The Game of Life” Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre, in collaboration with Hasbro Gaming, has meticulously crafted a giant Sau Mau Ping-themed version of “The Game of Life”.

宏安鰂魚涌商住項目命名FINNIE 提供90伙|新盤登場

宏安鰂魚涌商住項目命名FINNIE 提供90伙|新盤登場 港島區有全新盤登場!宏安地產(1243)旗下鰂魚涌芬尼街9號商住發展項目今日(18日)正式命名為「FINNIE」,提供90個住宅單位。宏安地產執行董事程德韻表示,現時項目銷售中心及示範單位的工程已接近尾聲,正積極進行銷售籌備工作。 程德韻指,「FINNIE」預計關鍵日期為2026年5月31日,樓花期長約22個月。該盤名字的意思是「Fostering Inspiration, Newness Nestles In Everywhere每一個細節裏都蘊藏著生活的驚喜和靈感的種子」。在這裡,發掘靈感成為日常,每個角落都有故事,每一天都充滿可能,每一次回家都像是走進一個充滿期待的世界;項目亦屬集團旗下《The Met.》系列的最新力作。 宏安地產營業及市務總經理黃文浩稱,該盤鄰近英皇道及港鐵站,步行至港鐵鰂魚涌站 B出口僅需約15秒步程,步行前往太古坊只需約3分鐘;附近亦設有電車站及多條巴士路線,住戶生活相當便捷。 宏安地產營業及市務助理總經理陳永盟說,「FINNIE」周邊配套設施豐富,民生店舖眾多;且位於14小學校網區,周邊擁有眾多知名學校,如北角官立小學、香港嘉諾撒學校、太古小學、丹拿山循道學校等,為住戶的子女提供優質的教育環境。 原文刊登於 AM730 Source link

降低強拍門檻草案通過 發展局局長:並非要發展商得益

香港立法會最近三讀通過一項重要草案,針對樓齡達50年或以上的私人樓宇,強拍門檻由現行的八成降至七成或六成半,具體比率根據樓齡和地點而定。此外,草案亦提出在長沙灣、馬頭角、旺角等7個「指定地區」中,強拍門檻可進一步降低。對於非工業區且樓齡超過30年的工業大廈,草案亦建議強拍門檻從八成降至七成。發展局長甯漢豪闡明,調整強拍門檻的主要目的是加快舊樓和失修樓宇的重建,從而改善居民的生活環境及樓宇安全,而非為了樓市開發商的利益。甯漢豪進一步表示,政府將於今年內成立專門辦事處,提供包括獨立物業估值在內的支援服務,以協助小業主並改善公眾對政府介入重建的觀感。甯漢豪又表示,每當講起強拍,就好像是無助的小業主和發展商對壘,她亦透露,已要求市建局加強聯售推介服務,若有40%的小業主同意聯售,市建局將介入並提供服務。對於「指定地區」範圍的設定,地產建造界的龍漢標認為應該擴大至更多舊樓密集地區。他建議政府放寬舊區的地積比率,並推廣跨區地積比率轉移,以加速重建進程。選委界的江玉歡則因為對降低非「指定地區」強拍門檻的擔憂,選擇在投票中棄權。新思維的狄志遠則提出修訂,主張保持非「指定地區」的強拍門檻在八成,強調這是 Source link

美聯:撤辣帶動次季二手註冊量按季上升 最活躍10區呎價按季3升7跌

受撤辣效應帶動,今年第二季全港二手住宅(包括二手私人住宅及二手公營房屋)註冊量錄13295宗,按季顯著增加約74.2%。據美聯物業研究中心綜合土地註冊處買賣註冊登記個案並將全港劃分為130分區分析,今年第二季共有125區註冊量按季上升,即宗數增加的地區比率達到約96.2%。若以次季10個二手住宅註冊量最多的區份計算,註冊量悉數按季增加,當中屯門市中心錄537宗登記居首,宗數按季增加約43.6%;元朗市中心宗數升近8成至372宗,排名第二;荃灣市中心錄354宗緊隨其後,按季亦升約65.4%。美聯物業首席分析師劉嘉輝指出,若以宗數按季升幅計算,首季最活躍的10區中,除宗數排名第二的元朗市中心升近8成外,馬鞍山與粉嶺/粉嶺北/沙頭角/打鼓嶺升幅更超過8成,按季分別上升約81.6%及約80.7%。然而,樓價並未有跟隨註冊量同步明顯上升,上述最活躍的10區中,呎價按季「三升七跌」。當中將軍澳市中心平均實用呎價升幅最大,呎價按季升約4.8%;北角/炮台山呎價則按季升約3%;而天水圍呎價亦有約1.9%的按季升幅。反觀,最活躍的10區中,康城平均實用呎價按季跌幅最大,跌約6.9%;粉嶺/粉嶺北/沙頭角 Source link

8年前入市仍輸一成離場 馬鞍山半新樓一房劈至「3字頭」易主|二手蝕讓

8年前入市仍輸一成離場 馬鞍山半新樓一房劈至「3字頭」易主|二手蝕讓 二手市場續見半新樓業主蝕賣個案,2017年底入伙的馬鞍山薈朗新近有業主大劈價130萬元或約25.5%沽出一房單位,持貨約8年轉售帳面輸41萬元或近一成離場。 世紀21奇豐物業雲海分行高級分行經理蔡蓓表示,薈朗2座中層B06室,實用面積約283方呎,一房兩廳間隔,坐向東南,望山景。單位放盤4個月,原叫價510萬元,最終以380萬元沽出,減幅達130萬元或約25.5%,呎價約13,428元。 據了解,原業主於2016年以421萬元購入單位,持貨約8年,現轉售帳面虧損41萬元,物業期內跌價約9.7%。 即睇馬鞍山薈朗放盤 (House730) 馬鞍山中心海景兩房9年平手沽 另外,世紀21奇豐物業錦豐分行助理區域營業董事黎健峯指,馬鞍山中心2座中層C室,實用面積約364方呎,兩房兩廳間隔,坐向西北,享海景。單位放盤約3個月,當時叫價500萬元,累減20萬元或4%,以480萬元易手,呎價約13,187元。 據了解,原業主於2015年以480萬元買入單位,持貨約9年,現沽售帳面平手離場;惟計及使費料損手離場。 即睇馬鞍山中心放盤 (House730) 原文刊登於 AM730 Source link

沙士後首見!商廈告急 業主加佣至3個月誘代理搶客

香港商廈空置率創下五年新高,令業主們飽受壓力,市場傳出有商廈業主加佣至租金2至3個月,誘使代理積極搶客,而對上一次有業主採取高佣策略已數到2003年的沙士疫情期間,香港百業蕭條的慘淡日子。 沙士後首見!商廈告急,業主加佣至3個月誘代理搶客。(Getty Images) (Karl Hendon via Getty Images) 下載Yahoo財經APP 美股外幣即時報價 多國新聞任睇 增至2、3個月佣成常態 寫字樓空置率創新高,業主要靠高佣金吸客已成為市場新常態。有物業代理向《彭博》透露,不少發展商已將佣金由以往的租金1個月,增至2至3個月,有人甚至可以拿到4個月的佣金,涉及的發展商包括長實、新世界發展、置地等,但各發展商皆拒絕或沒有回應相關傳聞。 而高力企業客戶服務主管顏慧萍表示,自去年中旬開始,物業代理整體獲得的佣金收入增加了三成,顏氏稱上一次商廈業主動用到高佣吸客,已要數到2003年沙士期間,當時疫情重創香港各行各業。 多家企業遷出中環核心區,「大地主」置地首當其衝。 (Marc Fernandes/NurPhoto via Getty Images) (NurPhoto via Getty Images) 上次高佣吸客在2003年「沙士」 香港商廈市道疲弱,空置率更連升五年,據差估署月前公布的《香港物業報告2024》,2023年底整體寫字樓空置樓面高達約2,110萬平方呎,空置率達14.9%,相當於逾10幢中環國金二期,而空置甲級商廈亦達1,483萬平方呎,超過7幢國金二期。 造成這個現象可從供應和需求兩方面去觀察,事實上有企業租戶對香港前景有所保留,據高力於2024年4月至5月間進行的《香港寫字樓租戶調查報告》指出,受到宏觀經濟和地緣政治環境的挑戰和波動,有29%受訪企業對業務持負面看法,27%受訪公司擬縮減辦公室面積,有高達94%認為租金是選擇辦公室的首要考慮因素。 上一次業主以高佣搶客,要數到2003年沙士期間。 (PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images) (PETER PARKS via Getty Images) 縮面積、遷離核心區 企業老闆的想法其實亦早已付諸實行,今年三月已傳出全球最大律師事務所之一的歐華律師事務所(DLA Piper),已將交易廣場的辦公空縮小5,000方呎,Clyde & Co.和MinterEllison律師樓亦有意縮減租賃樓面,此外在港歷史最悠久的律師事務所的近律師行,亦退租歷山大廈一個樓層,律師事務所削減寫字樓面積,凸顯本港經濟放緩實況,因為商業律師與投資銀行家和私募基金經理一樣,受經濟衝擊最明顯的一群,而上述涉及物業均屬「中環大地主」置地持有。 另外也有企業索性搬離中環核心區,美國銀行就放棄長江集團中心一層半的寫字樓樓面,將支援員工調遷至租金較低的葵涌九龍貿易中心;法巴亦將大部份香港員工從中環國際金融中心二期遷至太古坊,以削減成本;亦有跨國企業索性撤出香港,包括Fedex聯拜快遞、英美煙草、澳洲西太平洋銀行Westpac、德國商業銀行Commerzbank、加拿大皇家銀行 Royal Bank of Canada等,都將亞洲總部遷往新加坡。 中環近年甲級商廈新供應,包括The Henderson(中)及長江中心二期。 (Bob Henry/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) (UCG via Getty Images) 市場供應多 推高空置率 需求降低之餘,市場供應增多更令商廈業主感到不安,中環長江中心二期及觀塘道350號兩個新商廈項目於五月竣工,推高中環和九龍東的空置率至12.0%及18.5%,較四月份10.7%及17.7%明明顯上升,據《彭博》今年五月份的報道,長江中心二期出租率僅約一成,毗鄰的The Henderson放租多時亦只有六成出租率,與早前中環甲廈備受追捧的現象大相逕庭。 Source link

傳Bossini棄租西洋菜南街3層巨舖 新租客月租60萬接手 較高峰期跌40%

今日有傳媒披露,本地時裝連鎖品牌Bossini旺角分店不再續租,該舖位為西洋菜南街38至40號萬高商業大廈地下至2樓共3層巨舖,建築面積共4,750平方呎,Bossini由2022年8月開始承租,當時以月租25萬短租,平均呎租53元,於2023年3月轉為長租,加租一倍至月租50萬,平均呎租105元。消息指,Bossini將不再續租該舖位,舖位已由另一間零售商接手預租,月租60萬元,平均呎租126元,租金升幅20%,據知新租客打算年於11月進駐,趕及年底的聖誕新年消費旺季開業。雖然是次新租金升幅明顯,但比較再一手租客,租金就下跌了40%。連鎖化妝品店莎莎於2017年承租,月租升至高峰100萬,平均呎租211元,至2021年約滿遷出。其後2年,該舖都以短租形式出租,租客包括本地時裝品牌Bauhaus,於2021年4月起以每月20萬元承租,呎租42元,租約半年,因市道低迷,難以覓得長租客,舖位繼續由包浩斯短租逾1年。旺角一向為Bossini的重地,過去曾於旺角核心地帶經營2間街舖,包括西洋菜南街6至12號中信大廈地下至3的4層旗艦店,為西洋菜南街的重要地標;以及於亞皆老街28至30號地下至1 Source link

柏蔚森III加推60伙 最平419.6萬 海景一房首登場|啟德新盤

柏蔚森III加推60伙 最平419.6萬 海景一房首登場|啟德新盤 新世界發展(017)及遠東發展(035)合作的啟德跑道區新盤「柏蔚森III」今日(16日)加推第2號價單,涉及60伙,首度推出海景一房,維持最高折扣18%不變,折實售價419.6萬元起,折實呎價16,800元起,折實平均呎價18,354元,較首張價單的17,956元高出約2.2%。 新世界營業及市務(特別項目) 及尊貴客戶拓展部總經理何家欣表示,是次屬原價加推,海景一房交樓標準示範單位同步開放參觀,單位以第6座6樓K室為藍本改造,實用面積276方呎,層與層之間高度約3.15米,配備10多項發展專利及註冊設計。她相信一房具有競爭力,分別享九龍東商貿區遊艇海景,以及正南啟德郵輪碼頭維港海景。項目目前以兩房查詢最熱烈,前排一房及三房亦受歡迎。 兩房呎售最低1.68萬 遠東發展營業及市務總經理陳富強稱,2號價單包括4伙三房、34伙兩房、以及22伙一房。價單定價由511.8萬至1,729.1萬元,呎價介乎20,489元至25,962元,扣除最高折扣18%後,折實售價由419.6萬至1,417.8萬元,折實呎價介乎16,800元至21,288元。以定價計,該批市值約4.79億元。 陳富強補充,該批售價最低單位為第1座2樓K室,實用面積223方呎,連106方呎平台,一房間隔,折實售價419.6萬元,折實呎價18,816元;呎價最低單位為第1座2樓G室,實用面積395方呎,兩房間隔,折實售價663.6萬元,折實呎價16,800元。 「柏蔚森」分3期發展,合共提供1,305伙,當中「柏蔚森III」包括第1座「AZURE FOREST」,樓高26層,提供264伙,涵蓋一房至三房間隔,實用面積介乎223至666方呎,項目預計關鍵日期為2025年8月31日。 即睇啟德柏蔚森III最新資訊 (House730) 原文刊登於 AM730 Source link

內地生高價搶租 大學區鄰近屋苑租金顯著上升

隨著內地學生陸續收到錄取通知,近期紛紛加快租樓步伐,帶動鄰近大學區的屋苑租金顯著上升。其中,大埔中心有單位以每平方呎36.2元租出,較市價高出約10%;沙田偉華中心有單位以每月1.5萬租出,較5月份租賃旺季前高1000元或逾7%。中原高級分區營業經理黃達雄表示,大埔中心2座高層D室,單位面積409平方呎,2房間隔,議價後獲兩名內地女學生以每月1.48萬承租,呎租約36.2元,較市價高約10%,並且預先繳付一年租金。據了解,業主於2012年斥資298萬購入上述單位,按最新租金計算,租金回報率約6厘。區內代理表示,沙田偉華中心1座中層C室,單位面積308平方呎,2房間隔,原本開價約1.55萬放租,議價後以每月1.5萬租予兩名將於新學年入讀浸大的內地女學生,租金比起5月份租賃旺季到來前高1000元或約7.14%,呎租約48.7元。據了解,業主於2023年斥資約475萬買入單位,按上述租金計算,租金回報率約3.8厘。美聯區域營業董事梁浩文表示,屯門菁雋高層25室,單位面積約171平方呎,屬開放式設計。據悉,單位早前以每月8800元放租,獲內地生以每月1.1萬短租半年,呎租約達64.3元。參考成 Source link

啟德新盤低開 區內業主態度軟化 兩房減價70萬沽 7年輸錢走|二手市況

啟德新盤低開 區內業主態度軟化 兩房減價70萬沽 7年輸錢走|二手市況 啟德區新盤低價開盤,同區二手業主叫價難以企硬。OASIS KAI TAK最新錄得一宗二手成交,有業主減價7%沽出一個兩房單位,持貨約7年蝕錢離場。 利嘉閣地產新啟德OASIS KAI TAK分行經理薛丁武稱,Oasis Kai Tak 3座中層D室,實用面積約494方呎,兩房間隔,外望內園景。原開價1,050萬元,雙方拉鋸持續1個月,當同區新盤「柏蔚森」近期以低價開售,業主心態轉趨軟化,最終以980萬元成交,減價70萬元或約6.7%,呎價約19,838元。 新買家原為將軍澳區業主 薛丁武透露,新買家原為將軍澳區業主,自今年2月樓市撤辣後開始四出搵樓,主力物色34校網方便兒子上學,考慮各方因素後,最終選定啟德新區,認為區內發展配套日趨成熟,且鄰近地鐵站,交通便利。買家早前透過利嘉閣真盤源平台覓得上址,睇樓後隨即向業主議價購入單位。 據悉,原業主於2017年以約986.6萬元買入單位,持貨約7年,現轉售帳面蝕6.6萬元或約0.7%。薛丁武補充,屋苑目前約2個單位放盤,最低入場費約由1,048萬元起。 資料顯示,OASIS KAI TAK位於啟德新區沐寧街10號,2018年12月入伙,共有8座,提供648伙,單位實用面積由275至1,530方呎。OASIS KAI TAK交通便利,鄰近港鐵啟德站。 即睇啟德OASIS KAI TAK放盤 (House730) 原文刊登於 AM730 Source link


沙田第一城租買旺場!用家「零議價」410萬買兩房|藍籌屋苑 藍籌屋苑沙田第一城近期二手買賣及租務表現活躍,中原地產沙田置富第一城分行副區域營業經理伍錦基表示,沙田第一城51座中層C室,單位建築面積410平方呎,實用面積約304方呎,兩房間隔。單位坐向東北,享園景。原叫價約410萬元,放盤短時間內成功「零議價」沽出,呎價約13,487元。 據了解,新買家為用家,見單位價錢合理,間隔合用,即把握機會入市單位自住。原業主早於1996年以156萬元購入單位,持貨約28年,現轉手帳面獲利254萬元,物業期內升值約1.6倍。伍錦基補充,沙田第一城本月暫錄5宗成交,平均實用呎價約13,224元水平。 中層兩房呎租逾42元 屋苑租務交投亦見活躍,世紀21奇豐物業第一城2分行區域經理吳元利指,沙田第一城1座中層H室,實用面積約327方呎,兩房間隔,望園景。單位放盤僅2日,原叫租1.5萬元,最後減價1,200元或8%,以1.38萬元租出,呎租約42.2元。 據了解,業主於2016年以405萬元購入上址,現租出可享租金回報率約4.1厘。 即睇沙田第一城放盤 (House730) 即睇沙田第一城租盤 (House730) 原文刊登於 AM730 Source link

一手貨尾量高企 發展商連續八季低開「求量」 新盤樓價較同區二手低12%

樓價持續向下,新盤市場供應充足,發展商推盤開價未敢進取。根據美聯物業的統計,今年第二季新盤開價較同區二手樓價低約12%,創下該行自2005年有紀錄以來的新高。這個差幅較今年首季的5.1%擴大了約6.9個百分點,也是連續第八個季度出現新盤平過二手的情況。美聯物業研究中心的資料顯示,2005年初新盤開價遠高於同區二手樓價,溢價約42%。隨後逐步收窄,溢價主要穩定在10%至20%之間。直至2014年第二季和第四季才一度出現新盤平過二手的情況,但幅度不足5%。然而,2018年下半年開始,新盤開價逐步貼近二手水平。自2022年第三季以來,新盤開價連續八個季度低於二手。今年第二季,新盤較二手低約12%,成為2005年以來新盤平過二手的最大差幅。美聯物業住宅部行政總裁布少明解釋,一手貨尾量依然高企,發展商面對出貨壓力,因此持續以低價推售搶客,導致新盤持續平過二手。今年第二季不乏低於二手價發售的一手樓盤,例如佐敦彌敦道350號九龍諾富特酒店重建項目高臨,今年4月下旬公布首張價單,折實平均呎價19388元,較同區同期的二手屋苑平均成交呎價低約21%。美聯物業首席分析師劉嘉輝認為,新盤貨尾數字高企,若一手 Source link

柏蔚森I買家心聲|外籍買家租轉買 擲7球買海景兩房 校網優勢吸引入市|啟德新盤

柏蔚森I買家心聲|外籍買家租轉買 擲7球買海景兩房 校網優勢吸引入市|啟德新盤 本月焦點新盤之一、新世界發展(017)及遠東發展(035)合作的啟德跑道區新盤「柏蔚森I」昨日(13日)首輪推售價單198伙,另3伙天台特色戶同日以招標形式發售。項目即日售出181伙,佔可售單位約91%,幾近沽清。 該盤首輪銷售中不乏外籍買家,包括任職銀行的法國籍買家Davy,原為啟德區內租客,他斥資約700萬元買入1伙海景兩房單位作自用。他指,觀察區內環境一段時間後,決定自置物業,其一家亦十分喜愛森林浴主題,並大讚園林會所設施。由於打算讓其2歲女兒就讀本地小學,學習廣東話及普通話,更深入了解本地文化,故項目所屬校網為傳統名校網亦是考慮因素之一。 另一名外籍買家PUSPA表示,是次購入1伙海景兩房單位作自用,因其父親早年於舊啟德機場附近工作,自小居住在九龍城,對這區充滿童年回憶。她稱,現時住在西九龍,因鍾情於項目附近的綠化帶及公共空間,參觀完示範單位後讚賞項目用料設計,十分喜愛單位露台設計,尤其晾掛裝置,另項目位處小學34校網,故決定入市。 「柏蔚森I」首輪截收逾5,150票,超額認購逾25倍,屬啟德跑道區首輪超額認購最高的項目,同為歷年啟德區第3個首輪收票超額認購逾25倍新盤。 「柏蔚森」共分3期發展,合共提供1,305伙,當中第1期「柏蔚森I」涉及291伙,涵蓋一房至三房間隔,實用面積介乎234至560方呎。「柏蔚森I」園林會所「Forest Pavilion」連園林佔地逾5.4萬方呎,分五大主題區,提供50項設施,包括50米戶外游泳池、25米室內游泳池、羽毛球場及天際海景宴會廳等。項目提供31個住宅停車位,預計關鍵日期為2025年8月31日。 即睇啟德柏蔚森I最新資訊 (House730) 原文刊登於 AM730 Source link

日出康城三房呎價跌破1萬關口 業主揸5年貶逾兩成沽|二手市況

日出康城三房呎價跌破1萬關口 業主揸5年貶逾兩成沽|二手市況 二手樓價持續受壓,將軍澳日出康城接連有三房單位成交呎價跌破1萬元關口,部分於樓價高峯期入市的業主更要損手離場。 市場消息指,日出康城2期B領峰7座低層RD室,實用面積約673方呎,三房一套間隔,望內園景。原開價720萬元,放盤約3個月,減價74萬元或約10.3%,獲外區首置客以646萬元承接,呎價約9,599元。據悉,原業主於2019年以830萬元購入單位,持貨約5年,現轉售帳面虧損184萬元,物業期內貶值約22.2%。 至於領峰7座高層RB室,實用面積約732方呎,三房連儲物室間隔,以723萬元易手,呎價約9,877元。據悉,原業主於2013年以568萬元購入單位,持貨約11年,因看淡樓市決定止賺離場,現轉售帳面獲利155萬元,物業期內升值約27.3%。 資料顯示,領峰位於康城路1號,於2011年9月入伙,共有3幢住宅大廈,提供1,416伙。單位面積由896至1,313方呎不等,以三房及四房單位為主,部分更附設多用途房。 即睇日出康城領峰放盤 (House730) 逾千呎四房「千萬有找」成交 另外,日出康城2期C領凱,11座高層LB室,實用面積約1,006方呎,四房連儲物室設計。區內代理透露,單位放盤約半年,新近以998萬元售出,呎價約9,920元。據悉,原業主於2011年以814.7萬元買入單位,持貨約13年,現轉售帳面賺183.3萬元,物業期內升值約22.5%。 資料顯示,領凱位於康城東南面,於2013年5月入伙,共有3幢大廈,提供1,416伙。單位涵蓋三房至五房大單位,面積由896至1,313方呎不等,部分附設套房及儲物室,另有頂層5房雙套特色戶。 即睇將軍澳日出康城領凱放盤 (House730) 原文刊登於 AM730 Source link

啟德維港1號連爆9宗交易告吹 周日減價重售|新盤撻訂 | am730

「維港1號」單日錄得9宗撻大訂個案,涉及成交金額逾1.01億元,眾買家料遭殺訂約1,015萬元。(資料圖片) 摸頂入市買家齊齊撻訂,發展商減價求售。中國海外發展(688)啟德現樓新盤「維港1號」單日錄得9宗撻大訂個案,涉及成交金額逾1.01億元,眾買家料遭殺訂約1,015萬元。 上述單位均屬兩房間隔,原於2021年7月成交,原成交價由1,020萬至1,211.8萬元,惟全數最新顯示於周三(8日)終止買賣合約,意味買家均撻訂離場,當時皆採建築期付款方式入市,料各遭沒收樓價10%的訂金,涉資由102萬至121.18萬元。 有單位變相減價逾兩成 發展商同步更新價單,為該批單位新增2.5%至9%的額外折扣,總折扣率最高達34.5%,並落實於周日(12日)以先到先得形式重售。 以第2B座10樓J室為例,實用面積451方呎,兩房間隔,2021年6月推出時提供最高13.5%折扣,折實售價約1,094.1萬元;現更新價單後提供最高34.5%折扣,單位折實售價約828.5萬元,意味相隔接近3年,大幅賣平265.6萬元或約24.3%。 「維港1號」由2幢高座及1幢低座迎海大宅組成,合共提供1,059伙。標準單位戶型由一房至四房。項目設有住客專屬會所,提供30多項動靜皆宜設施。 即睇啟德維港1號最新資訊 (House730) Source link

Cheung Kong will determine to initiate a price war in Kai Tak – damon ho

In the second half of the year, the effect to withdraw the cooling measures has been fully digested, the first-hand properties have been sold less and less of the public sale. New Territories West is the hard-hitting area, in which the price war of first-hand properties is on fire. Among of which, Golden Coast Bay has recently been lowered the selling price at HK$ 9,980 per square foot (psf). In response to this price reduction, the developer of neighboring SkyeHi has placed the last thirty-three units in the sales list with a lowered price of HK$ 9800 psf. This price was reduced by HK$ 8403 psf from the original price of HK$18,383 psf. It is equivalent to a massive 47% discount at the latest price. Earlier of this year, major developers would avoid competing with each other to open sale of their new properties at the same time. Up to this moment, this market rule has been changed. They will compete each other by providing a more competitive price of their property in the same district. Nowadays, the pricing strategy of developers in the New Territories West has changed to aggressive price- cutting in quick action.  This altering strategy reflects the developers lacking confidence to the outlook of the property market. In New Territories West, regardless of the first-hand or secondary property, the transaction price has been decreased by 30%.  The transaction price of Kingswood Villas has fallen to about HK$ 7,000 psf. The transaction price of first-hand property in this district can be as low as HK$ 8,000 psf in the third quarter, and the price of second-hand properties can slide down to HK$ 5,000 psf at the same time. At present, the New World’s The Pavilia Forest is available for sale and the sales price is HK$18,469 psf,

The Open: Who is Daniel Brown? Meet the English rookie enjoying dream major debut at Royal Troon | Golf News

Dan Brown may share a name with a famous author, but the Englishman is refusing to think about possibly writing his own major story despite an impressive start to The Open. The world No 272 came through Final Qualifying to secure a major debut at Royal Troon, where he snatched a shock first-round lead with a five-under 66 on Thursday evening before battling tough conditions to post a one-over 72. Brown heads into the weekend on five under alongside compatriot Justin Rose and within two strokes of halfway leader Shane Lowry, although isn’t putting any additional pressure on himself as he experiences being in major contention for the first time. Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player Daniel Brown claims he’s aiming to keep his feet on the ground after shooting a six-under-par 65 to lead after the first round “I’ve always been quite laid back really,” Brown said. “I think I am a bit of a realist as well. I know I’m not going to start getting ahead of myself and thinking ‘oh my god, I’m leading The Open’ or ‘I’m second in The Open’ or whatever. “There’s still 36 holes left. I might have a

The Open shots of the day

A look at some of the best shots from the opening round of The Open, from Royal Troon. Source link

Sky Sports News ‘taken off the air’ due to technical issues

Sky Sports News were affected by a global technical issue on Friday, the broadcaster confirmed. The official account for the channel took to X to issue a statement on difficulties they were experiencing, hindering them from live coverage. They encouraged viewers to head to their website for all the latest updates in the sporting world. The broadcaster wrote: “Due to a global technical issue, Sky Sports News is currently unable to broadcast live. “For all the latest sports news, scores and action, go to the Sky Sports app or website.” As a solution, Sky Sports News aired a previous segment, showing footage of presenter David Garrido in the studio, discussing the newspaper backpages with journalists. They confirmed that the golf and cricket coverage on other channels were not affected. Employee Matt Kabir Floyd commented on the matter, explaining the problems Sky were hit with due to technical problems linked to Microsoft. The Daily Mail say the issues are a result of a faulty anti-viral update which US cyber security company CrowdStrike have admitted responsibility for. He said: “Sky Sports News also affected by this global Microsoft situation…nothing really working..not sure when or if we’ll come on air…thank god I woke

Paris Olympics 2024: Adam Peaty on burnout and chasing third gold medal

Just over a year ago Adam Peaty was asked the question that would shape the next period of his life. “What do you want to do?” his coach said. Did he want to do it all again? “In the moment I wanted to just stop. Stop everything,” Peaty tells BBC Sport. “I didn’t even want to see a pool again. I had been beaten down again and again and again.” During the previous nine years Peaty had won two Olympic gold medals, becoming the first British swimmer to retain an Olympic title in the process. For eight of those years had had been invincible in the pool – a remarkable unbeaten run in the 100m breaststroke where he broke the world record five times – and a star out it, dancing into the British public’s living room every Saturday night in glitter and sequins. In 2022 and 2023, however, everything had been different. “It all came crashing down. I came crashing down,” he says. “I didn’t take a break after the Olympics in 2021. “I went straight into work, did a bit of dancing because I thought it’d be the right distraction and I broke my foot later that year.

Transfer Talk: Chelsea look at France’s Wahi to boost attack

Nick Judd, Transfer writerJul 19, 2024, 01:39 AM The summer transfer window is open! Transfer Talk brings you all the latest buzz on rumours, comings, goings and, of course, done deals! TOP STORY: Chelsea look to add Wahi to attacking options Chelsea are looking for attacking reinforcements, and L’Equipe report they’re interested in signing French forward Elye Wahi from Ligue 1 side Lens. The 21-year-old snubbed Chelsea last summer after leaving Montpellier to stay in France for £29m, but it’s believed he could be open to a move this time around. Wahi scored nine goals and registered three assists for Lens last season, to add to the 19 he netted for Montpellier a year earlier. His impressive tally in 2022-23 was more than Lionel Messi registered for Paris Saint-Germain in the same season. Wahi is considered a calculated risk by Chelsea: a prospect with huge potential but without the large transfer fee that comes with a proven player. Chelsea, who have also been linked with Victor Osimhen, are now looking to see what sort of figure it would take to persuade Lens to let him leave. Elye Wahi has represented France at the U21 level and, after stints with Lens

Leny Yoro: Lille defender joins Manchester United in deal that could be worth up to £59m | Football News

Lille defender Leny Yoro has completed his move to Manchester United in a deal worth up to £58.9m. It was thought Real Madrid were the Frenchman’s preference, but United worked hard to convince the 18-year-old to join after agreeing a deal worth an initial £52.2m, with potential add-ons worth almost £7m. Yoro has signed a five-year contract at Old Trafford with the option of a further 12 months. Yoro said: “Signing for a club with the stature and ambition of Manchester United so early in my career is an incredible honour. Since my first conversations with the club, they set out a clear plan for how I can develop in Manchester as part of this exciting project, and showed a lot of care for me and my family. “I know about the history of young players at Manchester United and feel it can be the perfect place to reach my potential and achieve my ambitions, together with my new team-mates. I cannot wait to get started.” ‘One of the most exciting young defenders in world’ Image: Lenny Yoro will play for Erik ten Hag next season Manchester United sporting director Dan Ashworth said: “Leny is one of the most exciting

Marcus Rashford: Manchester United striker issued with six-month driving ban and fine | Football News

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has been given a six-month driving ban for speeding in his Rolls-Royce. The 26-year-old was reportedly caught going at 104mph on the M60 in Manchester in December last year. A court official confirmed the ban and said he had been fined £1,666, ordered to pay £120 court costs and a £66 surcharge. The footballer admitted the offence under the Single Justice Procedure. Rashford, who wasn’t picked for England’s Euro 2024 squad, is believed to earn about £300,000 per week. He was caught speeding less than three months after he crashed a different Rolls-Royce – worth £700,000 – after leaving the club’s Carrington training ground. No ambulance was required after the collision, which involved another vehicle. Rashford also reportedly owns a McLaren 765LT and a £350,000 Lamborghini Urus Performante, but will now have to leave them in the garage until January. After his omission from the England squad earlier this summer, Rashford told fans he wanted to reset mentally after a “challenging season” in which he scored just eight goals. He told his followers on X he was taking a break from social media to “rest and reset”. Source link

The Open: Rory McIlroy turns focus to making major cut after shocking opening round at Royal Troon | Golf News

Rory McIlroy’s hope for major redemption has turned into a battle to just make the cut after he made a nightmare start to The 152nd Open at Royal Troon. McIlroy came into the week looking to end his decade-long major drought, having squandered a two-shot lead over the closing holes of the US Open last month to finish runner-up, only for the 35-year-old’s hopes to suffer a setback after a disappointing first round. The former world No 1 made just one birdie in wet and breezy conditions on Thursday morning, with McIlroy dropping five shots in a four-hole stretch around the turn and also bogeying two of the final four holes of a seven-over 78. Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player McIlroy made a double-bogey five on the short par-three ‘Postage Stamp’ hole as he dropped to two over par for the tournament during round one of The Open at Royal Troon “Difficult day,” McIlroy conceded. “I felt like I did okay for the first part of the round. Felt like I was in reasonable enough shape being a couple over through nine, thinking that I could maybe get those couple shots back, try to shoot

Is sickening craze of schoolgirl fight videos proof that mobile phones must be banned from classrooms?

The graphic content and jerky camera work are reminiscent of chaotic footage beamed back from a war zone. In the brief yet numerous clips, however, there is nothing remotely heroic about these close quarters exchanges where fighting is dominated by flashes of terrifying brutality. In one, a hapless victim cowers as furious blows rain down on their head amid the sickening noise of contact between fist and skull; in another, the target screams as they are slapped and kicked and their hair is violently pulled. It’s a common occurrence for girls to try to boost their status by sharing footage of their successful fights via online platforms It is hard not to flinch when confronted with such uncompromisingly violent content.  But if these shocking videos depict a war, then it is being fought out in the streets and parks near our schools and homes. And it is fuelling a disturbing trend on social media where school bullies are filmed beating up their victims before the results are posted online minutes later like virtual trophies. Of particular concern, new research suggests, this toxic culture of cyberbullying has infected not just boys but growing numbers of schoolgirls as well. The study suggests

Reminders in iOS 18 can now live inside the Calendar app, bringing two key productivity tools together

Apple’s Calendar and Reminders apps have long been core pillars of the company’s productivity offerings on the iPhone, Mac, and more. In iOS 18, Apple is supercharging these tools by integrating them—optionally—into one interface. Now, you can view and manage all your reminders right alongside your calendar events inside the iOS 18 Calendar app. Reminders in Calendar provide a fuller picture of your day Have you ever looked at your Calendar app and realized that, since it didn’t contain your todos, it wasn’t providing the best overview of your day? I’ve felt that way on many occasions, so I’ve always appreciated apps like Fantastical that enabled integrating these two productivity tools. Now in iOS 18, Apple’s Calendar app can provide that same comprehensive integration of todos and events. Viewing your reminders inside Calendar The Reminders app still exists as a separate iOS 18 app, so viewing reminders inside of Calendar is entirely optional, but if you’re interested in bringing these two tools together, here’s how it works. Reminders that have an assigned due date will show up on that date inside of Calendar. This is true for all-day events, as well as those with a specific time assigned. As you

FCC blasts T-Mobile’s 365-day phone locking, proposes 60-day unlock rule

Getty Images | SOPA Images Citing frustration with mobile carriers enforcing different phone-unlocking policies that are bad for consumers, the Federal Communications Commission is proposing a 60-day unlocking requirement that would apply to all wireless providers. The industry’s “confusing and disparate cell phone unlocking policies” mean that “some consumers can unlock their phones with relative ease, while others face significant barriers,” Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said at yesterday’s FCC meeting. “It also means certain carriers are subject to mandatory unlocking requirements while others are free to dictate their own. This asymmetry is bad for both consumers and competition.” The FCC is “proposing a uniform 60-day unlocking policy” so that “consumers can choose the carrier that offers them the best value,” Starks said. Unlocking a phone allows it to be used on a different carrier’s network as long as the phone is compatible. The FCC approved the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in a 5-0 vote. That begins a public comment period that could lead to a final rulemaking. A draft of the NPRM said the FCC “propose[s] to require all mobile wireless service providers to unlock handsets 60 days after a consumer’s handset is activated with the provider, unless within the

Huawei FreeClip

Huawei FreeClip

I made these 10 incredible AI photo edits with Galaxy AI on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 – and I’ll never be lonely again

There is nothing like the excitement of a new AI: the creation, the failures, and bizarre, uncanny valley images, and that’s been no different with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 (unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked in Paris) and its remarkable Galaxy AI capabilities, which are on full display in Sketch to Image inside the photos app. I’ve already written about Sketch to Image in Notes and its make-something-from-nothing capabilities, but I hadn’t truly dug into Galaxy AI’s photography manipulation capabilities, which are formidable. To test them, I took a series of selfies in Times Square in New York. The density of people and just sheer madness provided what I thought would be a particularly challenging environment for the cloud-based generative image engine. Image 1 of 5 It’s a great gull but doesn;t look a lot like my sketch. On the other hand, it does look as if it’s really sitting on my shoulder(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff) I tried so hard to draw a person and get photo-realistic person sitting next to me. This was the best I could do(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff) Uh, oh, that’s just like the penguin I drew.(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Xiaomi (OTC:XIACF) Rolls Out a Strange New Phone, Investors Underwhelmed

Long before I ever started writing here, I used to review mobile phones. And some of the most unquestionably interesting devices came out of China. They weren’t exactly top-of-the-line smartphones, so they focused on gimmicks to succeed. Some included built-in gamepad controls for gamers. One model incorporated an analog television, complete with an extendable antenna built into the side. And Xiaomi (XIACF) may have hit on a surprising gimmick of its own. Investors weren’t impressed, though, and Xiaomi shares were down nearly 1.5% in Friday morning’s trading. The new Xiaomi device has a bit of that old retro-styling to it, as it’s a flip phone. That by itself might be compelling, particularly when you tack on the fact that the device, known as the Mix Flip, comes with an $800 price tag. But it gets better, as it boasts an unexpected add-on: a portable printer that can print photos out immediately for an extra $68. Xiaomi also brought out the Mix Fold 4, which doesn’t seem to boast a printer option but does come with the ability to handle simultaneous language translations. And Xiaomi’s founder, Lei Jun, came out to warn people that getting their hands on one of those

Redmi K70 Extreme Edition is official with Dimensity 9300+, D1 chip and Lamborghini version

The Redmi K70 Extreme Edition is the latest arrival from today’s major Xiaomi event. It comes to sit at the top of a series that started back in late 2023. The performance-focused device packs a 4nm MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ with 12 GB, 16 GB, or 24 GB of physical RAM. The high-revving processor inside can ramp up its performance Cortex-X4 core all the way up to 3.4GHz. Accompanying the Dimensity 9300+ is a special discrete graphics D1 chip. It’s a 12nm display chip that supports 3x interpolation up to “1.5K resolution” (read 1080p) to drive 144Hz content. The chip is said to reduce power consumption during gaming by nearly 15%. Then there’s the special 3D cooling chamber, which can reduce temperature by 3°. The body of the Redmi K70 Extreme Edition is held by a metal frame, while Xiaomi used its Longjing glass for the first time for the front and back. The K70 Extreme Edition is also IP68 rated. The phone is built around a 6.67-inch 2712x1220px 144Hz OLED display with 1,600 nits of nominal brightness and 4,000 nits of peak brightness. It has a 480Hz regular touch sampling rate and 2160Hz instantaneous touch sampling rate. Finally, the panel

Top Stock Trading Apps of July 2024

Affiliate links for the products on this page are from partners that compensate us and terms apply to offers listed (see our advertiser disclosure with our list of partners for more details). However, our opinions are our own. See how we rate products and services to help you make smart decisions with your money. Stock trading apps empower investors to buy and sell securities directly from the convenience of their mobile devices. The best stock trading apps provide useful features, goal-building mechanics, and accessible trading strategies.  Best Stock Trading Apps of 2024 Summary Top Stock Trading Apps Comparison The best stock trading apps offer flexible trading options, customized portfolios, market research, low fees, and access to beginner-friendly and advanced trading strategies. If you’re looking for commission-free trades on assets like stock or ETFs, the best free stock trading apps are the way to go.  Check out the best stock trading apps with low fees, as picked by Business Insider’s editors in 2024.  Best Stock Trading App Overall Charles Schwab Trade your way with Charles Schwab’s robust mobile trading app for stocks and other investable securities. For no minimum or hidden fees, Schwab provides account flexibility and goal-building features suitable for

Xiaomi Mix Flip announced with a big cover screen, big 4,780mAh battery

Xiaomi enters the flip foldable space with the Mix Flip – and it’s an all-out first attempt! Starting from the cover screen, which at 4.01-inch matches the Motorola Razr+ 2024 as the largest in the class. Xiaomi calls it the All Around Liquid outer display and offers a 16:9 functioning area for running full apps or just placing widgets. The 4,780mAh battery is also huge for the segment (not the biggest, but very close). It’s also nearly the fastest charging at 67W HyperCharge. Flipping the Mix Flip open reveals another big screen – a 6.86-inch 120Hz OLED display with 3,000 nits of peak brightness. The Xiaomi Mix Flip is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and sports a 3500mm² vapor chamber for cooling. There are two 50MP cameras embedded into the cover screen. The main is a 50MP f/1.7 unit with 1.0µm binned pixels and 13.5 stops of dynamic range. The other camera is a 50MP f/2.0 with a 46mm focal length – or 2x zoom. It has a floating lens, meaning it can focus as close as 9cm. Using the mechanical hinge, you can use the cameras on the Xiaomi Mix Flip at any angle between 45° and

Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 is here: thinner and lighter body, SD 8 Gen 3 and 5x periscope camera

Foldables in China are developing rapidly – slimming down in size while offering more powerful chipsets, cameras and larger batteries. Xiaomi’s new Mix Fold 4 is impossibly thin and light and it’s going directly at the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 and Honor Magic V3 while offering a larger main display, four rear cameras including a 5x periscope lens. XIaomi Mix Fold 4 At just 226 grams, Mix Fold 4 weighs as much as Honor’s Magic V3 and it’s nearly as thin – 4.59mm unfolded and 9.47 mm in its folded state. Xiaomi went with a curved frame design with the sides tapering into the aluminum frame. Mix Fold 4’s internal structure features T800H high-strength carbon fiber which is remarkably light while offering a 300% increase in impact protection compared to the Mix Fold 3. This is also the first Xiaomi foldable with an IPX8 rating, making it water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. There’s a 6.56-inch LTPO OLED cover display with FHD+ resolution, a 1-120 Hz adaptive refresh rate, and a 21:9 aspect ratio. The star of the show is the 7.98-inch main panel which is made from Ultra Thin Glass (UTG)

Global Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Market Size, Share And Growth Analysis For 2024-2033

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Global Market Report 2024 – Market Size, Trends, And Global Forecast 2024-2033 The Business Research Company’s Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Global Market Report 2024 – Market Size, Trends, And Global Forecast 2024-2033 It will grow from $7.74 billion in 2023 to $9.45 billion in 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.1%.” — The Business Research Company LANDON, GREATER LANDON, UK, July 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The electric vehicle charging stations market has experienced robust growth in recent years, expanding from $7.74 billion in 2023 to $9.45 billion in 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.1%. The growth in the historic period can be attributed to increasing investments by governments, reducing cost of EV batteries and growing demand for electrical vehicles. Strong Future Growth Anticipated The electric vehicle charging stations market is projected to continue its strong growth, reaching $23.18 billion in 2028 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.1%. The growth in the forecast period can be attributed to rise in fuel rates, rising popularity of charging vehicles overnight at home for lower costs, rapid growth in ecommerce and restrictions on sales of petrol and diesel vehicles will

We might have just had our first proper look at the iPhone 16 – and some intriguing changes could be on the way

Keen to see what changes are coming to the iPhone 16 series later this year? Well, we might be getting a sneak peek, as popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy claims to have got hold of dummy units of every model in the range – and there are some intriguing changes to digest. Unbox Therapy claims the devices are non-functioning dummy units that have likely been circulating among case makers in China. Dummy units are created to enable manufacturers to design cases to the exact specifications of upcoming phones, but – as has happened before – there’s a risk that they can leak out into the wider world. So, what changes do these units hint at? On the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models, it looks like the iPhone X-style camera bump is back. This places two lenses in a vertical alignment, rather than the diagonal arrangement you’ll find on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. While the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models seem to be very similar to their predecessors in terms of dimensions and specs, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max have apparently gained roughly 3mm in height. As well as that,

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6 get fewer pre-orders than last year’s models in South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6, unveiled last week, were available for pre-order in multiple markets, including South Korea, where they received fewer pre-bookings than their predecessors. The Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 raked in 910,000 pre-orders until Thursday in Samsung’s home country, which, though impressive, are less than 1.02 million pre-bookings for last year’s Fold5 and Flip5. That’s a decline of about 11 percent. The Galaxy Z Fold6 and the Galaxy Z Fold5 On the upside, Samsung’s target audience – people in their 20s and 30s – made up more than 50% of the pre-order buyers for the first time, compared to 43% last year. The Galaxy Z Flip6 also proved to be more popular, accounting for 60% of pre-bookings this year, while the Galaxy Z Fold6 made up 40% – an increase of 10% compared to the Fold5. You can read our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 review here if you want to buy it. We also have its video review, which is linked below. Source Source link

Google Maps just added a key missing feature in CarPlay – but not Android Auto

At long last you can now use Google Maps to report something on the road – a crash, a speed trap, construction work – through Apple CarPlay, though for some reason the feature remains missing on Google’s own Android Auto platform. As reported by 9to5Google, CarPlay users have started spotting this functionality in their vehicles, though it doesn’t seem to be live for everyone yet. If it’s available, you should see a triangular hazard symbol on the right of the map. This has been a long time coming: the reporting feature has been available in Google Maps on Android and iOS since 2019, so it’s something of a mystery why it disappears as soon as you connect your phone to a car dashboard. It’s possible that an update for Android Auto is imminent as well, though we’ve seen no sign of it yet – and Google Maps doesn’t always keep feature parity in terms of what it offers on CarPlay and what it offers on its own Android Auto. Keeping drivers informed The new Google Maps update should help drivers (Image credit: Google) Crowdsourced user reports are a helpful way of keeping drivers informed about live conditions on their journey:

HMD Skyline is now up for sale

HMD introduced the Skyline smartphone yesterday with a Nokia N9-reminiscent design and a focus on repairability. The Finnish is now ready to ship the Skyline, asking $500/€500/£400 for its base 8/128 GB version. Upgrading to the top 12/256 GB trip means you are looking at a $600/€600/£500 price. Certain regional websites also list a middle 8/256 GB variant, but that is not yet available. HMD Skyline comes with a Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chipset and a 6.55” OLED display with up to 144 Hz refresh rate and a 50 MP selfie camera behind a punch hole. There are three cameras on the back: a 108 MP main camera with PDAF and OIS, a 13 MP ultra-wide shooter and a 50 MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom and PDAF. The battery capacity is 4,600 mAh and supports 33W wired charging, but also uniquely in the Android world 15W wireless Qi2 magnetic charging. Beyond that the HMD Skyline has another trick up its sleeve that the company calls Gen 2 repairability. The phone comes with a screw on the bottom that you unscrew to pop the back panel out, and then easily replace the screen, the battery, or the USB-C port.

Samsung delays Galaxy Buds 3 Pro pre-orders due to quality issues

Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy Buds 3 Pro were supposed to go on open sale from July 24 but quality issues have pushed that date by a full month. Samsung US has updated the availability date to August 28 while Samsung’s UK and Germany branches show the Buds 3 Pro will ship from August 16. Amazon US has completely removed the Buds 3 Pro listing. The suspected cause for these delays are the new silicone ear tips which appear to be ripping when removed. The tears render the tips useless as they cannot be reattached and users are forced to install one of the two replacement sets which is not a perfect solution as those tips are different sizes. Multiple complaints on have appeared on Reddit with users whose ear tips have ripped during removal. Samsung issued a step-by-step guide on how to safely remove the Buds 3 Pro silicone tips. The instructions state that you should not twist the ear tips or use your fingernails during the removal process. Samsung also issued an official community post on its Samsung Korea forum: We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers who participated in the pre-sale of the

You will soon be able to pay with Cash App in the Google Play Store

Cash App announced today that it will soon be a new payment option for Google Play purchases on Android devices. Users will be able to utilize their Cash App balance or a linked debit card to buy apps, games, movies, and ebooks. This move caters to a growing trend among younger consumers who prefer alternative payment methods over traditional credit cards. Cash App Pay joins the existing lineup of payment options in the Play Store, which includes credit/debit cards, Google Play Credit, and PayPal (added in 2014). “We’re continuously expanding payment options on Google Play, and adding Cash App Pay is a significant step in giving users more choice and convenience while meeting their evolving payment preferences,” said Pete Albers, Director, Google Play Retail & Payments Activation. “Next-generation shoppers are demanding more choices at checkout, and we know they’re also looking for more ways to pay with their own money. This partnership not only empowers them to pay flexibly for the things they want, but it also marries two strong customer sets and maximizes their mobile utility,” said Tanuj Parikh, Head of Partnerships, Cash App, and Afterpay at Block. The new Cash App option will show up here, once it’s

OpenAI introduces cheaper GPT-4o mini

OpenAI just announced GPT-4o mini – a new compact but powerful AI model aiming to make the GPT-4 engine more affordable. The price is set at 15 cents per 1 million input tokens and 60 cents per 1 million output tokens, which is a lot cheaper than GPT-3.5 Turbo. OpenAI revealed that 4o mini is much more powerful than other models such as Gemini Flash, Claude Haiku, and GPT-3.5 Turbo. It surpasses all of them in benchmarks and produces results that are nearly as good as GPT-4o. The small model is aimed at textual intelligence and multimodal reasoning, the company revealed in a press release. GPT-4o mini is better than other small models at reasoning tasks, excels in mathematical reasoning and coding, and even performes impressively for multimodal reasoning. The engine has a context window of 128k tokens and has knowledge up to October 2023. Image, video, and audio support is coming in the future. Implementation of GPT-4o mini is starting today, and it is replacing GPT 3.5 in Free, Plus, and Team subscriptions for end users. Enterprise clients will have access to the model starting next week. Source Source link

How does Apple ‘sherlock’ apps and who are its victims this year? | Technology News

Every year, iPhone users are excited about the slew of new features that are coming to their devices as part of the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system. For example, at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in the US, Apple announced its much-hyped iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 with new features that allow users to manage passwords, customise emojis, record calls, transcribe notes, and much more. However, are these capabilities actually new? Or could they have already existed on users’ Apple devices in the form of standalone, third-party apps? If so, what happens to these apps now that Apple is offering the same features natively? What is sherlocking? Simply put, sherlocking is when Apple introduces a new feature or app that offers the same functionalities as an existing third-party app. As a result, there is no longer any use for the third-party app since the same features are easily accessible on the Apple device. There is an interesting history behind the term ‘sherlocking’. In the late 1990s, Apple had launched a desktop search tool called Sherlock which was named after the popular fictional British detective in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. But Sherlock could only look for files

Google will soon remove certain apps from the Play Store

Google is getting ready to clean up the Play Store by getting rid of apps that are considered to be risky and low-quality. The goal is to improve the experience of Android users. Google says that it is updating its Spam and Minimum Functionality policy effective August 31st. Google says that it won’t allow apps that crash, force close, freeze, or function abnormally. In addition, Google wants the Play Store to be full of apps that are engaging, stable, and responsive. Apps that are designed to do nothing are not allowed in the Play Store. Other examples include apps that install but don’t load. Apps that load but are not responsive could also find themselves getting kicked out of the Play Store. By taking a big broom to sweep out the Play Store, it is likely that some apps that appear to be legitimate get the boot along with the non-functional and crashing titles. Back in 2020, when it also went through the Play Store with a fine tooth comb, Google removed a couple of apps with millions of installs each. But both apps violated Google’s spam and minimum functionality policy. Google says that an example of apps with limited

‘Lights off, please’: Local artist Tan Kien Eng’s exhibition reminds people not to sleep with their mobile phones

KUALA LUMPUR, July 19 — Not getting a good night’s sleep? The culprit could be your mobile phone lying next to you. Digital devices emit blue light rays that suppress the release of the sleep hormone melatonin and consequently, you stay wide awake at night. Since nearly nine in ten Malaysians are struggling with sleep problems, award-winning artist Tan Kien Eng is putting together a solo exhibition to remind people not to take their sleep for granted. The Blue Light, Sleep Deprived art exhibition features 14 paintings, three ceramic sculptures and three installations of life size human-shaped pillows which highlight prolonged nocturnal screen time by people before bedtime. Tan painting an artwork to be displayed at the ‘Blue Light, Sleep Deprived’ art exhibition. Tan’s paintings depict people in sleeping positions and how their engagement with content platforms and social media encroach into their resting time. “After long hours at work, I usually unwind by scrolling through social media on my phone or by watching something on the television. “Although I promise myself to only do that for 10 minutes, I end up hooked on the gadgets until the wee hours. “I started noticing people turning up in my office looking

iPadOS 18 Calculator app and Math Notes feature hands-on

At long last, Apple has finally decided to launch a Calculator app for iPad in iPadOS 18. Previously, the company told iPad owners that third-party options were good enough and that it would only release a calculator if it could stand out from the competition. Fourteen years later, Apple discovered what could make its Calculator app unique: a new Math Notes feature. As the company begins to integrate features with AI into all of its apps, here’s a hands-on of what you’ll find once iPadOS 18 is available to all users, and how you can take full advantage of these apps and features. iPadOS 18’s Calculator app is what you expect… Image source: José Adorno for BGR When you first open the new Calculator app on iPadOS 18, you’ll find a zoomed-in version of the iPhone app. Besides a new eraser button, there isn’t much new here. You can use it horizontally or vertically, and there’s a button to switch between a scientific calculator and Math Notes or unit conversion (angle, area, currency, data, energy, and so on). iPadOS 18’s Calculator app also features a sidebar option to show your history, so you can always check your math. Tech. Entertainment.

Fake Bank Apps: Beware of Fake Bank Apps: Cyber Police Warn | Nagpur News

Nagpur: The Nagpur cyber police, in a press note on Thuesday, have cautioned people against downloading fake bank apps after receiving messages on WhatsApp from unknown sources seeking their bank details.“It has come to fore that customers of Union Bank of India were duped after they downloaded apk files received on their WhatsApp from an unknown number that had a display picture similar to that of the bank,” said cops.“These customers went on to put their details, after which money was syphoned off from their account as the crooks got access to their details,” cops added.The customers are advised to call the bank on its toll free number (18002082244) or cyber cops on 1930 to register their complaints. We also published the following articles recently Source link

Google cleans up Play Store from low-quality apps

Google is starting to fight against low-quality apps that are currently available in the Play Store. The tech giant has updated its spam and minimum functionality policy to remove or restrict access to apps that do not meet basic functionality and quality requirements. Here’s What We Know The updated policy comes into force on 31 August 2024. Google has a fairly rigorous process for reviewing Android apps before they are published on the Play Store. Google recently updated its spam and minimal functionality policies to ensure that apps currently available on the Play Store provide a quality user experience. Google clearly states that apps should provide a consistent user experience. This means that apps that crash constantly, don’t have enough content to keep users interested, or don’t offer any useful functionality will be removed from the Play Store. Google explains that companies are at the highest risk of violating the new policy: Apps consisting of only text Apps with a single background image Apps that do not install or download after installation Apps that do not respond to user actions Source: Google Source link

Latest Tech

Flying Taxi is coming ..

As the world grapples with the challenges of worsening traffic congestion and the need for more sustainable transportation solutions, a new era of urban air mobility is on the horizon. At the forefront of this revolution is Hyundai, the global automotive giant, which has unveiled its ambitious plans for an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that could transform the way we move through our cities. In recent years, many manufacturers have been preparing flying taxis, which may become the next important development direction of travel vehicles. So nowadays, in major exhibitions, you can always see some of these products. Hyundai released a prototype of the SA-1 aircraft , in CES 2020, built with Uber in the pavilion. It has a huge propeller that can seat a total of four passengers, which is quite pompous in terms of styling (at least on the ground). This year’s CES, Hyundai unveiled a new “flying car” concept called the S-A2. This is a continuation of the S-A1 concept that debuted at CES 2020, and its purpose is roughly the same, which is to carry out short-distance point-to-point transportation within the city, which is the concept of air taxis. The S-A2 has a cruising speed

Discover Meticulously Crafted Bread Spreads at These 6 MICHELIN-Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong

When dining, a uniquely crafted bread course not only makes a strong first impression but also sets the stage for anticipation of the remaining courses. This explains why many chefs today focus not only on elevating the bread itself but also go the extra mile to improve the accompanying spreads. Discover a holistic bread course experience at these six MICHELIN-Starred restaurants in Hong Kong, where both the bread and the spreads are meticulously prepared, making it one of the highlights of the entire dining experience. RELATED: Here are Our MICHELIN Inspectors’ Favourite Dishes from the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2024’s Newly Starred Restaurants Brioche with Fermented Tofu Butter TATE Two MICHELIN Stars, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2024 It is not uncommon to see guests take their time to appreciate the brioche paired with fermented tofu butter when presented at TATE. Like every detail in this two-MICHELIN-Starred restaurant, the bread and the butter are delicately shaped into perfect squares, exuding a sense of meticulous aesthetics. RELATED:  Video: Her Kitchen: Tate Dining Room “The labour-intensive process of crafting bread daily demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail, even for the most fundamental elements of the meal,” says

5 heart-healthy cooking oils suggested by experts

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Restaurants, Shops, Entertainment & More

Don’t visit Airside Mall without this handy guide to all the best restaurants, shops and more… Have you visited Kai Tak’s new Airside mall yet? We’ve been hearing some good things (pet-friendly, artsy and eco-conscious!) since it opened in September so, naturally, we decided to check it out for ourselves. There’s a lot of ground to cover (700,000 square feet to be exact!), thus we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up the restaurants and shops that stood out to help you filter through the many retail and dining options in Airside. Read More: Your Complete Guide To Every Pet-Friendly Mall In Hong Kong Jump To:Airside Restaurants & CafesAirside Shops & Entertainment Airside Restaurants & Cafes The mall champions a low-carbon lifestyle, with a handful of the restaurants using fresh ingredients from Airside’s own urban farming space. Plus, with ample outdoor spaces, cafes with dedicated menus for dogs and Hong Kong’s first cat-exclusive space, the mall is largely pet-friendly, though not all restaurants will accommodate furry friends. Groundswell Groundswell doubles as Hong Kong’s first in-mall surfing facility and a surf-inspired restaurant that specialises in Southeast Asian cuisine. The kitchen is led by Heri Raharjo (previously Head Chef of Potato Head)

11 lesser-known seeds used in Indian cooking and their unique health benefits

Indian cuisine is known for its exquisite taste and enticing aroma, which comes from an array of spices, seeds and herbs. The use of these ingredients simply amps up the taste as well as the health quotient. Beyond the well-known spices like cumin and coriander, here are eleven lesser-known seeds commonly used in Indian cooking and their distinct advantages: Ajwain Ajwain seeds are prized for their ability to aid digestion, alleviate bloating, and reduce flatulence.They contain thymol, which promotes the release of gastric juices and enzymes, aiding in digestion. Methi Fenugreek seeds are known for their role in managing blood sugar levels. They contain soluble fiber, which helps slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars, thereby improving insulin sensitivity. Kalonji Nigella seeds have bronchodilator properties that make them beneficial for respiratory health. They can help alleviate the symptoms of asthma and improve lung function. Nigella seeds are also rich in antioxidants, supporting overall well-being. Sesame Seeds Sesame seeds are a good source of calcium, essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth. They also contain sesamin and sesamolin, compounds known for their antioxidant properties. Basil Seeds Basil seeds are popular for their cooling properties, making them ideal for summer beverages

MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau’s Young Chef Award 2024 Winner Choi Ming-fai on Pursuing a Chef’s Path

Head chef Choi Ming-fai of Mora was also at the ceremony when the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2023 was announced last year. He remembers seeing one-MICHELIN-Starred Hansik Goo’s chef Steve Lee (who has now left the restaurant) going on stage to receive the Young Chef Award, and Choi, who was born in 1991, had this thought flashed across his mind: Will I be able to achieve this award one day? RELATED: First Day We Got Our Stars: Steve Lee of Hansik Goo Choi says that he couldn’t believe it was true, even when he was being handed the award on stage. (Photo: Mora) Fast forward to a year later, Choi made his way on stage to receive this very same award. Proudly sponsored by AIA Hong Kong and Macau, the MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award aims to recognise young chefs from MICHELIN restaurants who demonstrate outstanding talent and potential. This is a testament to AIA’s aspiration in encouraging young people to unleash their potential and fulfil their own vision of success, overcoming any challenges that arise along the way. Choi says that he wasn’t notified prior to the event, and he couldn’t believe it was true, even when he was being

Weight Loss Nutritionist Shares ‘The Easiest Satiating Breakfast Wrap’ Recipe That’s Under 200 Calories

Breakfast is often dubbed the most important meal of the day, and for good reason. Starting your day with a nutritious, balanced meal can set the tone for the entire day, providing the energy and nutrients needed to kickstart your metabolism and maintain steady energy levels. A healthy breakfast can improve concentration and performance in daily tasks and help control weight by curbing hunger later in the day. In this context, Fishkind’s breakfast wrap emerges as an ideal option, marrying convenience with nutrition. Luckily, there’s no shortage of delicious, healthy breakfast recipes to try—especially on TikTok. Certified nutritionist Alexis Fishkind, also known as @lexlovesfood_, has shared a game-changing breakfast wrap that’s not only easy to make but also under 200 calories. Let’s delve into the details of this nutritious and satisfying breakfast option. @lexlovesfood_ Need some breakfasy ideas? Here’s one that’s easy, healthy & under 200 calories. #weightloss made easy! #flexibledieting ♬ original sound – Lex•Weight Loss Nutritionist “Easiest Satiating Breakfast Wrap” Recipe Fishkind’s recipe is super simple. Here’s all you need: Ingredients: High fiber wrap ½ cup liquid egg whites 2 tbsp light mozzarella cheese 1 cup fresh spinach Seasoning (Kinder’s caramelized onion butter seasoning) Steps to Prepare: “First,

12 Best Low-Sodium Frozen Meals, According to a Dietitian

The product recommendations in this post are recommendations by the writer and/or expert(s) interviewed and do not contain affiliate links. Meaning: If you use these links to buy something, we will not earn a commission. Frozen meals can come to the rescue when you need a fast and convenient meal option. While the nutritional content of frozen meals has improved significantly over the years, and there are tons of healthy options out there, many are still packed with too much sodium. Fortunately, you can still find low-sodium frozen meal options, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of a quick meal without compromising your health. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Americans consume too much sodium on average, with over 70% of their sodium intake coming from prepackaged and prepared foods such as frozen meals. Too much sodium in your diet can increase your risk of high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and stroke. Choose a frozen meal with 600 milligrams of sodium or less to adhere to the CDC’s 2,300 milligrams per day recommendation whenever possible. Keep reading to learn the 12 best low-sodium frozen meals that fit this criteria. Then, check out the 30

Cold Oyster Mushroom and Spinach Recipe

This vegetarian cold oyster mushroom and spinach recipe is a spicy and savory dish for your summer dining. When the hot summer comes, we Chinese usually don’t like to eat very hot food. If there is a steaming hot dish on your table, you will wait for it to cool down a little before eating it, which is a tormenting time for a hungry person. Image Credit: Chen Jing for My Chinese Home Kitchen, 2024. So are you interested in cold dishes? The method of making cold dishes is usually to cut the ingredients, some ingredients need to be simply cooked, and some ingredients can be eaten raw, prepare a sauce, and mix it with the ingredients. In summer, my Chinese Home Kitchen will feature a lot of healthy, simple cold dishes because we know the demand for cool table dishes in summer. Cold dishes are also more convenient to make, since you don’t need to stay in the kitchen for too long. Spinach is rich in iron. In fact, this low-carbohydrate oyster mushroom and spinach dish is high in potassium, calcium, and vitamins A and C, too. Eating spinach occasionally is good for our health. When eating spinach, I

8 Breakfast Foods That Help With Anxiety

VERIFIED By Ms Shivani Bajwa – Functional Medicine Expert Here are some breakfast foods that can help with anxiety, offering a range of delicious options to inspire your morning routine. Beginning your day with a healthy breakfast can set the rest of your day, especially when managing anxiety. The variety of foods that can help calm your mind, stabilize your mood, and reduce stress is exciting. Here are some breakfast foods that can help with anxiety, offering a range of delicious options to inspire your morning routine: Oats: Oats are a fantastic breakfast choice for those dealing with anxiety. They are complex carbohydrates that release energy and a steady mood. Additionally, oats contain magnesium and fibre, which support brain health and reduce stress. Try starting your day with an extra nutrient boost. Yoghurt: Yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt, is often called the gut-brain axis. Consuming probiotics can help reduce anxiety and improve overall mood. Pair your yoghurt with fresh fruits or a handful of nuts for a balanced and anxiety-reducing breakfast. Eggs: Eggs support brain health and provide a satisfying and nutritious start to your day. They are a great source of protein and necessary for brain health. You can enjoy

Boston offering free meals for kids until the end of summer

Local News “In the summer, it’s essential that every child in Boston has continued access to nutritious meals.” David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe Children across Boston can now eat for free at more than 30 sites across the city until the end of August.  The Boston Summer Eats program, which started in 2017 to expand access to free and healthy meals for youth in the city and close the summer food gap, launched on Wednesday. Through the program, kids 18 and younger can access freshly prepared meals at 33 sites. Most locations are offering breakfast and lunch and some will also provide snacks, according to the office of Mayor Michelle Wu.  The meals must be eaten on site, but no registration or identification is required.  “In the summer, it’s essential that every child in Boston has continued access to nutritious meals,” Wu said in a statement. “The Boston Eats program plays a critical role in ensuring our young people are well-fed and healthy, outside of the school year, regardless of their circumstances.” The program is run in partnership between the Mayor’s Office of Food Justice, Boston Public Schools, the YMCA of Greater Boston, Boston Centers for Youth &

Delicious and Nutritious Zucchini Burgers Recipe: Easy and Healthy Meal

Zucchini Burgers Recipe photo by Taste of Home Servings: 4 / Total Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 2 cups shredded zucchini 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1/2 cup dry bread crumbs 2 large eggs, lightly beaten 1/8 teaspoon salt Dash cayenne pepper 3 hard-boiled large egg whites, chopped 2 tablespoons canola oil 4 whole wheat hamburger buns, split 4 lettuce leaves 4 slices tomato 4 slices onion Directions: In a sieve or colander, drain zucchini, squeezing to remove excess liquid. Pat dry. In a small bowl, combine the zucchini, onion, bread crumbs, eggs, salt and cayenne. Gently stir in chopped egg whites. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-low heat. Drop batter by scant 2/3 cupfuls into oil; press lightly to flatten. Fry in batches until golden brown on both sides, using remaining oil as needed. Serve on buns with lettuce, tomato and onion. Zucchini Burgers Recipe photo by Taste of Home Post Views: 356 Previous articleDelicious Sesame Chicken Salad Recipe: A Refreshing and Satisfying Meal Next articleChapelle Hosts U.S. Senate Hopeful Hill Harper’s Comedy VIP Fundraiser in “The D” at St. Andrews Hall, Detroit Source

16 Best Prime Day Meal Delivery Deals: Save Hundreds on Healthy Meal Kits and Prepared Meals

See at Thistle Thistle (fresh prepared meals) Save $100 on your first month of meals See at Factor75 Factor (prepared meals) Save 50% on your first month of meals Show more (12 items) Looking for the best Prime Day deals on meal kits? We’ve got the lowdown on meal subscription sales happening to keep you well-fed with healthy food for pennies on the dollar. Prime Day is here and it’s not all about tech and toys. Edible deals are happening for Prime Day from some of our favorite meal delivery services and meal kit outfits. We found deals on top-rated subscriptions such as Blue Apron, Daily Harvest and HelloFresh that will net your as much as 50% off the normal price. Most meal kits have deeply discounted trial offers but these meal delivery deals get even better around Prime day. We found delicious deals from top meal kit companies such as Blue Apron and HelloFresh as well as our top-rated prepared meal services including Mosaic Foods and Daily Harvest — some as much as 50% off the normal price. And unlike that random phone gadget or another pair of shoes you don’t need, you know you’re going to get use

15 High-Fiber Recipes

Welcome to Start TODAY. Sign up for our Start TODAY newsletter to receive daily inspiration sent to your inbox — and join us on Instagram! Fiber is one nutrient everyone could stand to get a little more of in their diet. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that only 5% of the U.S. population gets enough fiber daily. Not only is fiber helpful for digestion, but it also plays a role in heart health, blood sugar control and healthy weight.  Not to mention that eating more fiber can and should be delicious, especially with these high-fiber recipes. Every below recipe features fiber-rich foods, like oats, beans, cruciferous vegetables and fruit.  Adding even one of these recipes to your routine can help you meet your daily fiber goals and live healthier. Here are our top 15 picks for high-fiber recipes that you’re going to want to make again and again.  Breakfast  Starting your day with fiber ensures you’ll meet the daily recommendations. These breakfast recipes pack a fiber punch.  Joy Bauer Oats contain beta-glucan, a fiber that is known for reducing cholesterol levels. In addition to oats, this recipe has bananas, which are rich in prebiotic fibers that feed the

Dietitians Reveal 6 Sneaky Breakfast Foods That Can Slow Your Metabolism

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, providing the energy and nutrients needed to start the day right. However, not all breakfast foods are created equal. Some options, particularly those high in refined sugars and processed carbohydrates, can cause a slow metabolism. These foods can lead to spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling sluggish and less energized. We spoke with Emily Johnson, RD, nutritionist from Juicereport; Lisa Richards, nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet; Krutika Nanavati, registered dietitian and nutritionist; Jesse Feder, dietitian and CPT; and Shana Abraham, NASM-certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition-certified nutrition coach, to learn about the six morning meals to avoid when it comes to your metabolism. They revealed that some of the culprits are granola, cereal, and pancakes with syrup. Read on to discover all six! The 125 Best New Beauty Launches Of 2023 Shutterstock 1. Sugary Cereals Eliminating sugary cereals from your breakfast routine can be a significant step towards boosting metabolism and promoting overall health. Many commercial cereals are loaded with added sugars, providing a quick energy spike followed by a crash that can leave you feeling fatigued. “These sugary cereals tend to

Mix of old and new in Michelin’s HK choices

Seven Hong Kong restaurants kept their status as Michelin three-star restaurants, the highest rating, while Noi, represented by Luigi Troiano, far left, and Paulo Airaudo, was promoted to two stars. Previous Next Five new restaurants in Hong Kong have snatched a Michelin star while another was promoted to a two-star restaurant in the latest Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau announced yesterday. Among the 95 Michelin star-rated restaurants, 79 are in Hong Kong and 16 in Macau. Seven top-tier, three-star restaurants kept their status, while 12 were rated two stars, including Italian restaurant Noi. Five local restaurants were awarded one Michelin star, taking the tally to 60. “HK is a melting pot that embraces diverse talent, with chefs from around the world returning to their hometowns, and foreign chefs bringing their specialties and know-how to the industry,” said Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin Guide. Poullennec said the culinary industry locally and in Macau is progressing and fostering a “healthy and vibrant” environment despite economic challenges. “Our inspection team is thrilled with the diverse selection, particularly the emphasis on local cuisine in the Bib Gourmand category, announced last week, where we uncover

Easy Spinach Salad with Creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette

This easy spinach salad is topped with dried cranberries, goat cheese, toasted walnuts and avocado all tossed in a creamy balsamic dressing. It’s perfect as a side salad or topped with protein for a full meal. As I’m sure you all know I love my meal-sized salads, but sometimes I just want a simple and delicious side salad to serve at dinner like this kale salad, arugula salad or this easy spinach salad! It’s such a great salad recipe to have in your back pocket as it pairs with just about any main dish! My grandma’s staple salad recipe is something very similar to this one. I switched up her recipe and used toasted walnuts in place of her candied pecans (to reduce the sugar content!) and used dried cranberries instead of fresh strawberries, because dried cranberries are always in season and one of my favorite salad toppers. I’d like to receive more tips & recipes from Eating Bird Food. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Why You’ll Love This Salad Easy – It’s easy to make. Just whisk the dressing together, chop the veggies and toss to combine. Nutritious –

Personalized meal delivery could be key to ‘substantial savings’ in health care costs, study suggests

Meal delivery could be the key to cutting health care costs, nutritional researchers claim. Not just any meals, though. For patients who have certain conditions that require special diets and restrict their ability to perform daily activities, bringing them medically tailored meals (MTMs) could lead to “substantial savings,” according to a study by the American Society for Nutrition. Based on prior MTM programs that provided 10 meals per week for an eight-month period, the study concluded that a wider rollout would result in cost savings in almost every U.S. state. ASK A DOCTOR: ‘WHY DO I KEEP EATING FOODS THAT I KNOW ARE BAD FOR ME?’ Using data from nearly seven million U.S. adults with “diet-sensitive chronic diseases,” researchers used computer models to predict how using MTMs would affect health care costs and hospitalizations. The findings were presented at NUTRITION 2024, the flagship annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition held earlier this month in Chicago. Meal delivery could be the key to cutting health care costs, nutritional researchers claim. (iStock) Benefits of medically tailored meals With MTM programs, dietitian nutritionists create customized meal plans that cater to each patient’s individual health needs, according to a press release from

Under 300 calories nutritious breakfast options

We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It works as a fuel that keeps you going throughout the day. So, make sure that you eat what is sufficient for you. Here are some under 300 calories breakfast options that you can try at home. Source link

Thunderclap headaches: What are they? Know causes and prevention tips | Health

Jul 19, 2024 07:38 AM IST From potential causes to treatment options to prevention tips, here’s all that you need to know about thunderclap headaches. Severe headaches that start very suddenly and are explosive in nature are referred to as thunderclap headaches. “It’s explosive and unexpected nature is likened to a clap of thunder. A thunderclap headache is a very severe headache of abrupt onset that reaches its maximum intensity within one minute or less of onset and demand immediate medical attention due to its potential to signal serious underlying conditions,” explained Dr. Darshan Doshi, consultant – Neurology, P. D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mahim, in an interview with HT Lifestyle. A thunderclap headache is a very severe headache of abrupt onset that reaches its maximum intensity within one minute or less of onset and demand immediate medical attention due to its potential to signal serious underlying conditions,” explained Dr. Darshan Doshi.(Unsplash) Often thunderclap headaches are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, altered consciousness, confusion, seizures, neck stiffness and sensitivity to light and sound. Here’s what we need to know about these severe headaches. ALSO READ: Extreme stress can give you ‘tension headaches’ Thunderclap headaches: Potential causes Subarachnoid hemorrhage: Bleeding between the

Latest lifestyle News, Live Updates Today July 19, 2024: Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: State hero, national champ

July 19, 2024 8:16 PM IST Stay informed with Hindustan Times’ live updates! Track the latest lifestyle news including fashion trends, style guide & Tips, India & World Events. Don’t miss today’s key news for July 19, 2024. Latest news on July 19, 2024: Guide to safe and transparent IVF: Know all about ART Act and overcome infertility with legal protection Get the latest news updates and breaking news stories from the world of lifestyle. Track all the latest fashion trends, delicious recipes, travel tips and more. Disclaimer: This is an AI-generated live blog and has not been edited by Hindustan Times staff.…Read More Follow all the updates here: July 19, 2024 8:16 PM IST Health News LIVE: Guide to safe and transparent IVF: Know all about ART Act and overcome infertility with legal protection IVF and the ART Act: Here’s how it empowers couples on their parenthood journey during fertility treatment Read the full story here July 19, 2024 8:15 PM IST Art and Culture News LIVE: Closing credits: Anupama Chopra bids farewell to Always at the Movies Nothing matches the high of a good film. So, in the final instalment of her column, Chopra lists the most notable

Osteocare Liquid

Osteocare 90 Tablets

Brain-Damaging Habits: 8 Lifestyle Habits That Can Damage Your Brain

Your lifestyle and diet can contribute to your brain damage and cognitive decline Many of your daily patterns – your lifestyle and diet set the tone for your long-term health and well-being. According to experts, many of these habits contribute to poor brain health, which in the long run can contribute heavily to cognitive decline that causes dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, according to experts, these are the easiest to change as well. A few of these brain-damaging habits include: Sleeplessness According to doctors, lack of sleep is not good as the consequences of sleep deprivation lead to many physical and mental health issues. Sleeplessness causes insomnia, which, according to experts, causes dementia. And so, it is best to create a regular bedtime routine. If you have trouble sleeping on time, avoid drinking alcohol, caffeinated beverages, and electronic devices at night, and do soothing activities before bedtime. Too much sitting According to Harvard Health, an average adult sits for more than six-and-a-half hours daily, and all this chair time can massively affect your brain. A study in PLOS One found that sitting too much is linked to changes in a section of the brain essential to memory, being a precursor to

Healthy Recipe for Making Bone Broth: An Easy Ingredients and Guide

19 Jul Healthy Recipe for Making Bone Broth: An Easy Ingredients and Guide Posted at 10:08h in Nutrition by Marie Benz MD FAAD Image Source Bone broth is a strong healthy nutritional flavor broth that has become a huge popular in the last few years. It is a main ingredient in so many traditional recipes and it is extremely healthy due to amino acids, minerals and collagen content. These healthy benefits assist gut health, joint pain and muscular health and an active lifestyle. It’s brilliant how natural delicious ingredients have not only given traditional cuisine but also helped boost an overall healthy lifestyle. The best part, you can make this delicious plus highly nutritional broth at home. Pick up your recipe diary and follow these easy ingredients. Why Make Your Own Bone Broth? Before planning to cook, several people might think “Why” do we need to cook? The simple answer is just to eat healthy and delicious. Some informative guidelines will allow you to understand why to cook homemade bone broth: Quality Control: For healthy cooking we need to have full control on recipe and ingredients. From bone broth you have the right to add no unhealthy, unwanted ingredients and

Walking After Eating: 5 Health Benefits Of Walking After Meals

5 Health Benefits Of Walking After Meals (Image Credits: iStock) In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem impossible. However, adding small, manageable habits into your daily routine may help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. One such simple yet effective practice is walking after meals. Recent studies have revealed the advantages of this low-impact exercise, making it a highly recommended activity for people of all ages. Walking after meals, also known as postprandial walking, not only aids in digestion but also helps control blood sugar levels, supports cardiovascular health, assists in weight management, and enhances mental well-being. Health Benefits of Walking After Eating Here we have listed how walking after meals can help improve your overall health and well-being. 1. Improved Digestion One of the most immediate benefits of walking after a meal is its positive impact on digestion. Walking helps stimulate the digestive tract, promoting peristalsis, the series of muscle contractions that move food through the digestive system. How It Works: – Increased Blood Flow: Walking increases blood flow to the stomach and intestines, aiding in the efficient breakdown of food. – Enhanced Gastric Motility: Physical activity encourages the movement of food and waste through the digestive

Deepika Padukone Shares Following A Balanced Diet Is Her Way Of Life – Know Its Health Benefits

Deepika Padukone Shares Following A Balanced Diet Is Her Way Of Life (Image Credits: Instagram) Mom-to-be Deepika Padukone, known for her mesmerising on-screen performances and radiant beauty, recently took to Instagram where she shared how a balanced diet is a way of her life. For Deepika, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just about looking good on screen but also about feeling good from within. Her commitment to a balanced diet has not only helped her stay in shape but also contributed to her overall well-being. The actress in her Instagram post debunked the myth that achieving a good body requires always eating healthy and maintaining a restrictive diet. “Surprised to see this on my feed? Well, I eat! And I eat well! Ask anyone who knows me. So don’t believe anything else you might hear or read. The trick? Balance, Consistency and Listening to YOUR Body. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around the word ‘Diet’. We often believe that ‘Diet’ means to starve, to eat less and to eat all of the things we detest. What ‘Diet’ really means is the total of all the food and drink consumed by an individual. The word actually comes

How to look younger: Daily anti-ageing habit ‘makes a significant difference’ to your hands

While many women have their anti-ageing face routine honed to perfection, hand care is often forgotten. Consequently, a woman’s hands can give her age away – or make her look older than she actually is. A skin care expert spoke exclusively to GB News about how women can minimise ageing in this neglected area. She advised that the application of a broad-spectrum SPF should be an essential daily ritual. This comes as a plastic surgeon also shared advice on how you can improve the look of wrinkled, damaged hands. Adele O’Donoghue, holistic therapist and head of education at SBC Skincare, said: “Hands age faster than the face due to constant exposure to environmental stressors like UV rays, harsh chemicals and frequent washing. ‘Hands age faster than the face due to constant exposure to environmental stressors’ GETTY IMAGES “The skin on our hands is thinner and has less fat, making it more susceptible to dryness and damage and, unlike our faces, hands are often neglected in skin care routines, accelerating signs of ageing such as wrinkles, age spots and loss of elasticity.” The good news is that women can reduce these signs of ageing from the comfort of their own homes.

Plix And Kapiva Health Supplements Starts At ₹99

Best Deals On Wellness Routine From Myntra Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world. However, with the right health supplements, you can give your wellness routine the boost it needs. The Myntra Super Saver Sale is here to make that easier and more affordable. Featuring renowned brands like Plix and Kapiva, this sale offers a wide range of health supplements starting at just ₹99.  Let’s dive into the incredible deals available and discover how you can take your wellness journey to the next level. 1. Sri Sri Tattva Set Of 2 Tulasi Arka Ayurvedic Anti-Viral Drops For Immunity-30ml Each Discount: 10% | Price: ₹99 | M.R.P.: ₹110 | Rating – 4.0 out of 5 starsSri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka Ayurvedic Anti-Viral Drops are crafted to boost your immunity and support respiratory health. Made with natural Tulsi extracts, these drops offer a holistic approach to enhancing your body’s defences. Regular use can help improve overall well-being and protect against common ailments, making it a valuable addition to your health regimen. Key Features: Boosts immunity Supports respiratory health Natural formulation Easy to use 2. PLIX THE PLANT FIX Set Of 4 Apple Cider Vinegar Effervescent Tablets


歐洲國家盃曲終人散,對我來說,最大的得着,是發現自己仍然非常熱愛睇波。 潮流不斷改變、人生也不斷轉變,試問有幾多年少時的興趣能堅持到今天?老實說,基於大部分球賽都在深夜上演,我在球壇的活躍程度已大不如… Source link

Ambassador Shabazz Promotes Healthy Living with Visiting Chef Series in Belize City – Love FM Belize News & Music Power

Ambassador A. Shabazz is continuing her Visiting Chef series at the OURS Cafe in Belize City to promote healthy living through culinary education. The series will feature Chef Art, a celebrity chef and Chef Lucas Cancelier, an Argentinian rugby player. Their collaboration emphasizes the importance of healthy eating for athletes and food enthusiasts alike. By bringing together the culinary arts and wellness, the Visiting Chef series seeks to foster community engagement and improve quality of life for its participants. Jaleeza Roberts reports. Source link

10 Surprising Habits That Can Boost Longevity

A healthy weight reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc. Longevity refers to the length of time an individual lives, particularly focusing on living a long and healthy life. Some surprising habits can significantly boost longevity by promoting overall health and well-being. By incorporating these habits into daily routines, individuals can enhance their quality of life and potentially extend their lifespan. Keep reading as we share a list of surprising habits you can inculcate into your routine for longevity. Gradually incorporate these habits into your routine to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Surprising habits that can contribute to a longer healthier life & on how to incorporate them into your daily routine 1. Maintaining strong social connections Social interactions reduce stress, combat loneliness, and contribute to mental and emotional health. Stay connected with family and friends, join clubs or groups, volunteer, and engage in community activities. 2. Practicing gratitude Gratitude can enhance mood, reduce stress, and improve overall mental health. Keep a gratitude journal, express appreciation to others, and reflect on positive experiences daily. 3. Eating a Mediterranean diet Mediterranean Diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats, this diet can reduce the risk of

Health and Fitness All Year Long

14 BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JULY 09: David Greenholtz, Ian Ziering Newton Mayenge and Whitney Bowerattend the ECOLUXE pre-ESPYs sports lounge on July 09, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Debbie Durkin/ECOLUXE Pre-ESPY’s Sports Lounge) One of the of the talked-about events summer was Debbie Durkin’s ECOLUXE Pre-ESPYS Sports Lounge, where professional athletes, Olympians, and celebrities merged fitness and philanthropy to benefit Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue. BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JULY 09: Willie Gault, Greg Louganis and Al Joyner attend the ECOLUXE pre-ESPYs sports lounge on July 09, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Debbie Durkin/ECOLUXE Pre-ESPY’s Sports Lounge) The popular ECOLUXE Lounge was a celebration of the ESPYS, creating a unique intimate ambiance of purposeful brands, bringing together brands and high-profile guests for a day of wellness. BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JULY 09: Ian Ziering attends the ECOLUXE pre-ESPYs sports lounge on July 09, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Debbie Durkin/ECOLUXE Pre-ESPY’s Sports Lounge) Notable attendees included Marcellus Wiley, Willie Gault, Al Joyner, Crystal Manning, Sofia Milos, Ian Ziering, Shaun Toub, Petri Hawkins Byrd, Jarrod Bunch, Sundiata Gaines, Greg Louganis, Princess Martha Louise


台灣高雄「旗津風箏節暨氣墊水樂園」活動,將在七月二十日開始,連續兩個禮拜的六、日舉行主題風箏展演;首周「海洋派對」由十二米高雄熊領軍,帶領鯨魚、魟魚、章魚、螃蟹等各式海洋生物,遨遊旗津天空。 責任編輯… Source link

MM6 Maison Margiela X Salomon 登山.休閒齊出擊

今天幾乎每個人的家中都擁有超過一雙球鞋,亦因為市場龐大,單是這兩個月,就先後有3個主力銷售球鞋的品牌首次在港開設旗艦店,不約而同地它們創立已經有一段好長日子,而其中兩個都以和時裝品牌合作推出聯乘系列而… Source link

Adopting a healthy lifestyle boosts life expectancy and cuts healthcare costs

A study published in the journal JMIR Public Health and Surveillance highlights the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle in enhancing life expectancy and reducing lifetime healthcare expenditure.  Study: Impact of Healthy Lifestyle Factors on Life Expectancy and Lifetime Health Care Expenditure: Nationwide Cohort Study. Image Credit: nadianb / Shutterstock Background The associations between unhealthy lifestyle factors and the risk of chronic diseases and mortality have been well-established in the literature. Adopting an unhealthy lifestyle, including poor-quality diet, physical inactivity, smoking, and heavy alcohol drinking, has been found to be associated with 60% of all premature deaths worldwide. An increase in average life expectancy has been observed globally in recent decades. However, it remains uncertain whether increased life expectancy is associated with an overall reduction in healthcare costs. Several studies have highlighted associations between lifestyle risk factors and healthcare-related economic burden. In this study, scientists investigated the individual and combined effects of five healthy lifestyle factors on Taiwan’s life expectancy and lifetime healthcare expenditure. Study design The study included a nationally representative group of more than 19,000 Taiwanese adults participating in the Taiwan National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) in 2001 and 2005. A rolling extrapolation algorithm estimated the study population’s lifetime survival

What Sonam Kapoor eats in a day? Lemon water, collagen coffee to pasta, actor shares the secret to her healthy diet | Health

Sonam Kapoor is sharing the secret to her healthy metabolism and fit lifestyle in a new post. The actor took to Instagram to share a video documenting what she eats in a day. Read on to know her secret diet plan. (Also Read | Priyanka Chopra will forever be a style icon: Rare wedding dress to Met Gala gown, 14 iconic looks of Desi Girl) Sonam Kapoor shares what she eats in a day. (Instagram) What does Sonam Kapoor eat in a day? Sonam Kapoor’s video shows the well-rounded meals and drinks she has throughout the day, which include lemon water, collagen chocolate coffee, decadent pasta, chicken toast for some protein, and more. She captioned the clip, “What I Eat in A Day! Thank you, @chefvelton, for making my food healthy and tasty. Thanks, @radhkarle @radhikasbalancedbody, for always making my nutrition plan healthy and balanced so my metabolism never takes a hit.” According to the clip, Sonam starts her day at 6:00 am with a glass of hot lemon water to aid digestion and hydration and increase her Vitamin C intake. Then, she makes herself a cup of coffee with oat milk, collagen, and a spoonful of chocolate. At 6:45

Ivory Coast Launches First Malaria Vaccine Program

Health workers in Ivory Coast have launched the country’s first child vaccination program against malaria. The effort aims to reduce cases of the mosquito-spread disease, which has become one of Africa’s biggest killers. Officials in the West African nation said the program is designed to cover about 250,000 children under the age of two. The three-shot vaccine was developed by Britain’s Oxford University. The World Health Organization (WHO) approved the vaccine last October. Research has shown the vaccine to be more than 75 percent effective at preventing severe disease and death during the first year. A second shot, called a booster, aims to extend the protection for at least another year. India’s Serum Institute has already made 25 million doses of the Oxford vaccine. It says it plans to make at least 100 million each year. The cost is $4 per dose. A health worker administers the malaria vaccine Oxford-Serum R21 to a child in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Monday, July 15, 2024. (AP Photo/Diomande Ble Blonde) More than 95 percent of the world’s estimated 249 million yearly malaria cases and 608,000 deaths happen in Africa. The disease most often affects children under the age of five, as well as pregnant

奢華酒店Palace Hotel Tokyo 首獲《米芝蓮指南》三星鑰殊榮 – 香港經濟日報 – 報章 – 副刊

副刊版 發布時間: 2024/07/19 日本奢華酒店Palace Hotel Tokyo自2012年開業以來,一直是當地最受歡迎的酒店之一,近日更榮獲《米芝蓮指南》頒發三星鑰殊榮,表彰其在提供卓越服務方面所取得的成就,亦是東京僅有3家獲得《 … 2024書展早鳥訂閱3重賞︰至低價+額外訂閱期+禮品詳情 Source link

Spider-Man 4 Update Given by Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige has offered up a new Spider-Man 4 update, providing fans with some new insight on how the movie’s development is going. Speaking to io9 in a recent interview, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that work on Spider-Man 4 had already begun, and that writers have begun working on something. “Amy [Pascal] and I are working on it,” Feige said. “We have writers who are going to be delivering us a draft relatively soon.” Nothing else has been revealed as of yet about Spider-Man 4, but Marvel Studios is set to return to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, with many fans wondering if the studio will have any surprises at the show. What do we know about Spider-Man 4? Throughout the past few years, reports and rumors began circulating that a new Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland was in the works. In September 2021, Holland told GQ that he doesn’t want to play Spider-Man after he turns 30 (Holland is currently 28), saying that means he’s “done something wrong” if that ends up happening. “Maybe it is time for me to move on. Maybe what’s best for Spider-Man is that they do a Miles Morales film. I have to take Peter

Can You Watch Find Me Falling Online Free?

If you’re eager to know where to watch and stream Find Me Falling, then here are the streaming details. Find Me Falling is a romantic comedy that follows a rockstar experiencing a failed comeback, prompting him to seek solace at a cliffside home in search of his true calling. However, his peaceful retreat is disrupted when unwanted visitors and an old flame appear. Stelana Kliris directed and wrote the movie. How to watch Find Me Falling streaming online You can watch Find Me Falling via Netflix. Netflix is a digital streaming service that offers you a huge library of popular shows, blockbusters, anime, documentaries, standup specials, and more. Additionally, it offers you content in multiple languages too. Head to Netflix’s webpage or application. Create an account, adding the necessary credentials. Upon signing up, choose from the listed plans and proceed with billing. Can you watch Find Me Falling online for free legally? You can’t watch Find Me Falling for free. Netflix is a globally recognized OTT streaming service that does not offer a free trial. To access its content, a valid subscription plan is necessary. What is Find Me Falling about? Find Me Falling follows John Allman, a once renowned

Were OMG! Vampire’s Frank & Lee Long Shi Dating? Explained

Thai actors Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai and Lee Long Shi starred in the Thai BL drama OMG! Vampire earlier this year. The popular on-screen pair have shared the screen in multiple projects. This includes Love Syndrome III and Crazy Handsome Rich, among others. Frank and Lee Long Shi’s latest BL series concluded earlier this month. Now, the former’s recent announcement has sparked confusion about the pair’s relationship. Frank and Lee Long Shi never openly admitted to dating each other. This article throws light on what the actor’s announcement was about. Frank Thanatsaran parts ways with Lee Long Shi Frank took to X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, July 19, 2024, and announced that he and Lee Long Shi “are not together anymore.” However, the actor means that in terms of their on-screen partnership. For the unversed, Thai dramas are famous for their on-screen pairing of BL actors who remain constant in multiple projects. If a particular couple gains popularity, they go on to star in several more titles. Similarly, Frank and Lee Long Shi garnered attention in their projects together. Frank shared in the statement that he and Lee Long Shi “have different opinions and different paths.” He also thanked the fans

Charlize Theron Reveals Why It’s Taking So Long to Release

Charlize Theron has recently given some promising updates regarding the release of The Old Guard 2. She originally starred in the franchise’s first outing in 2020, which turned out to be a huge success for Netflix. Plans for a sequel were announced shortly afterward but no release date was attached to the project. After suffering from several holdups, The Old Guard 2 has finally received some positive updates regarding its premiere schedule. Charlize Theron gives exciting update on The Old Guard 2’s release According to Theron, the second installment of the Greg Rukka comic book adaptation will be coming out soon. In a recent interview with Variety, Theron gave multiple updates regarding the release of The Old Guard 2, while also shedding light on why the film has been delayed. She explained that even though the movie completed filming in 2022, structural changes in Netflix’s upper management resulted in the much-awaited sequel being held. Theron stated, “We got kind of stuck in that and our post-production shut down, I think, five weeks into it.” The Academy Award winner then disclosed that the actors’ and writers’ strikes also played a major role in derailing the movie’s release schedule. Despite the roadblocks,

Does BTS Member V Appear in Jimin’s New Video?

BTS Jimin released the title track “Who” from his latest album, Muse, on July 19. The cinematic music video of “Who” sent fans into a frenzy, and many speculated that V (Kim Taehyung) made a cameo in it. After Jimin‘s Face era, the BTS singer returned to the music scene with a new album with a star-studded list of artists as collaborators. While none of the BTS members appeared in the feature list, ARMYs spotted a cameo of V in Jimin’s title track, “Who.” Why do BTS fans think V (Kim Taehyung) has a cameo in Jimin’s ‘Who’ music video? Before Jimin’s “Who” music video dropped, ARMYs saw the first clue of a possible cameo of V in the MV teaser. The video featured a billboard with the words “slow dance records” written behind Jimin. “Slow Dancing” was BTS V’s title track on his debut album, Layover. Jimin also has a song titled “Slow Dance” in his album Muse, which features Sofia Carson. After the teaser clue, ARMYs spotted another small scene in the main music video, which appeared to be a brief V cameo. Almost at the end of “Who” MV, Jimin sings, “Who is my heart waiting for?”

What Happened to Bob Newhart? Comedian Passes Away

Fans are in shock over reports about the death of legendary comedian Bob Newhart. Known for his deadpan comedy and stammering delivery style, Newhart earned several accolades throughout his career, including multiple Grammys and an Emmy Award. In 2002, he was awarded the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. As a result, the disheartening news of Newhart’s passing has left many wondering about the cause of his death. Here is everything we have learned about the circumstances around Bob Newhart’s death. Bob Newhart passes away at 94, claims report Comedy legend Bob Newhart passed away peacefully at his Los Angeles home on July 18, 2024, at the age of 94. According to his publicist, Jerry Digney, Newhart died due to a series of short illnesses. Fox News reported that he was surrounded by loved ones at the time of his passing. He is survived by his four children — Robert Jr., Timothy, Courtney, and Jennifer — and 10 grandchildren. His wife, Virginia “Ginnie” Newhart, passed away last year in April at the age of 82. Condolences poured in from various sections of the entertainment industry. On their account on X (formerly known as Twitter), Saturday Nights Live shared the

How Much Money Does She Make?

Amanda Seyfried‘s net worth in 2024 has become a topic that has greatly interested curious fans. This is due to Seyfried’s appearances in multiple film and television projects in Hollywood over the years. Here is everything we have uncovered on Amanda Seyfried’s net worth. What is Amanda Seyfried’s net worth in 2024? Amanda Seyfried has an estimated net worth of $16 million in 2024. Seyfried’s net worth in 2024 consists of earnings from the various films and television shows she has acted in. Moreover, her income also comes from writing and performing several songs over the years. Furthermore, she has also endorsed several brands over the years, like Lancome and Maisonette. Seyfried is most famous for her roles in several noteworthy films and television shows. These films/television shows include Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!, Les Miserables, Mank, Ted 2, and The Dropout. What does Amanda Seyfried do for a living? Amanda Seyfried is primarily an actress. However, she has also dabbled in a singing-songwriting career. Most recently, Seyfried starred in Apple TV Plus‘ psychological thriller miniseries The Crowded Room opposite Tom Holland. In this show, she played an interrogator named Rya Goodwin, who interviewed Holland’s Danny Sullivan and asked him about

Can You Watch T. P BON Season 2 Online? 

If you’re wondering where to watch T.P BON Season 2, then don’t worry, as we’ve got all the streaming details. Buckle up for more time-traveling adventures in T. P. BON Season 2! Ordinary high school student Bon is back on the job as a time patrol agent. Alongside his team, he’ll zip through different eras, fixing historical mishaps and saving lives. Get ready for action, laughs, and maybe even a few history lessons along the way! How to watch T. P BON Season 2 streaming online You can watch T. P BON Season 2 via Netflix. Netflix is your one-stop shop for entertainment. Sign up for a subscription and unlock a massive library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and even mobile games. To join Bon on his next time-traveling escapades in T. P. BON Season 2, head over to Netflix’s website and sign up for an account. Can you watch T. P BON Season 2 online for free legally? You can’t watch T. P BON Season 2 for free. This is because Netflix does not provide a free trial. What is T. P BON Season 2 about? T. P. BON Season 2 follows high schooler Bon Namihira, who is back

Can You Watch Tribhuvan Mishra CA Topper Online Free?

Want to find out where you can watch Tribhuvan Mishra CA Topper online? Here are all the details about which streaming service you can watch the show on and whether it is available for free. Tribhuvan Mishra CA Topper is an Indian comedy crime-drama TV series created by Puneet Krishna. It follows a man named Tribhuvan Mishra, who is forced by a banking crisis to take up sex work. He enters the world of escort services under the alias CA Topper. However, things take a turn when he comes across a woman linked to a dangerous criminal. How to watch Tribhuvan Mishra CA Topper streaming online You can watch Tribhuvan Mishra CA Topper via Netflix. Netflix is an extremely popular streaming service that offers access to a vast collection of movies, TV series, and documentaries. It also features original productions like the hit shows Bridgerton, Money Heist, and Stranger Things. To stream Tribhuvan Mishra CA Topper via Netflix, you will first have to create an account or sign up with the service. After creating an account, you will arrive at the page where you can select a subscription plan of your choice. These include both ad-supported and ad-free options with

Halo TV Show Canceled: Possible Reasons It May Have Ended

Image Credit: Paramount+ After two seasons the Halo TV show has been canceled. Paramount released a statement that it won’t be developing the series further. However, Xbox, 343 Industries, and Amblin Television are said to be shopping it around, which means a Season 3 may be in the picture. Paramount didn’t include a reason why it canceled the Halo TV series, so we’ve listed some of our theories below. Why was the Halo TV series canceled It took Paramount a while to cancel the Halo TV show, so it’s natural to wonder why it’s happening now. Unfortunately, the announcement (via The Hollywood Reporter) just thanked a bunch of people and didn’t get into why the series was canceled. Usually, you’ll see a show get canceled shortly after a season airs, but season two of Halo finished back in March. However, Paramount is going through a merger and restructuring, so here’s some of our theories on why Halo didn’t make the cut for a third season: Paramount wants to cut costs in wake of Skydance merger Paramount has been bleeding money for a while and Skydance will be eager to slash spending in the wake of the merger between the two

Was She in Foster Care?

Fans want to know more about whether Simone Biles was adopted, especially after the documentary, Simone Biles Rising, released on Netflix on July 17, 2024. The first two episodes of the docuseries share some details about the Olympic gymnast’s time in foster care and her adoption. Biles has opened up about her experience through the system in the past, but the documentary provides an additional perspective from her adopted mother, Nellie Biles, the wife of Simone’s adopted father and grandfather, Ronald Biles. Here’s what we know about how Simone Biles was adopted, her biological parents, and her experience in foster care. When was Simone Biles adopted? Simone Biles was officially adopted in 2003 when she was six years old by her grandfather, Ronald Biles, and his second wife, Nellie Biles. They also adopted Simone’s younger sister, Adria Biles. When Simone was three years old, she and her siblings entered foster care because her biological mom, Shanon Biles, was struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Simone’s biological father, Kelvin Clemons, was never a part of her life, according to Life & Style magazine. Simone recalls her struggles during that time, saying in Simone Biles Rising that she didn’t know where she

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Questions & Answers for 2024 (Season 23)

The list of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire questions and answers for Season 23 with Jimmy Kimmel is generally easier than most WWTBAM seasons. This is because this season features pairs of celebrities playing for charity, instead of regular civilians, which essentially makes this a throwback to the popular Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Celebrity Edition with Regis Philbin. Fans of the game show will also be reminded of the UK version of WWTBAM, which had episodes that had celebrity duos as contestants too. Either way, we’re just glad that this show is making a comeback after a three-year hiatus. But even though two heads are better than one, perhaps you can answer the questions below without any help or lifelines. Here’s the full list of questions and answers for WWTBAM 2024. What are the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire questions and answers for Season 23? The following is a breakdown of every question and answer for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2024. We are aware that ABC calls this Season 3, given that it’s the third season with host Jimmy Kimmel, though fans of the show will understand that this is technically Season 23 for

Crisis on Infinite Earths Trilogy

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths executive producer Butch Lukic about the final film in the trilogy of animated movies. Lukic discussed some of the cameos, the end of the Tomorrowverse, and more. It is available now digitally and is out on 4K and Blu-ray on July 23. “Now fully revealed as the ultimate threat to existence, the ANTI-MONITOR wages an unrelenting attack on the surviving Earths that struggle for survival in a pocket universe. One-by-one, these worlds, and all their inhabitants are vaporized! On the planets that remain, even time itself is shattered, and heroes from the past join the Justice League and their rag-tag allies against the epitome of evil. But as they make their last stand, will the sacrifice of the superheroes be enough to save us all?​” says the synopsis. Tyler Treese: One thing that really impressed me is just how much these three films really helped contextualize what we had seen in the movies prior. It makes me want to revisit them and see them through a new lens. So, what are you most proud of about with the Tomorrowverse as a whole now that we’ve capped off this really

Simon Rex, Wayne Brady & More Join Nicolas Cage Movie

Simon Rex (Red Rocket), Wayne Brady (The Good Fight), Inanna Sarkis (After series), George Newbern (Father of the Bride), Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoon’s Vacation), Paul Cassell (Just Like Heaven), and Courtnee Carter (Anything’s Possible) have officially been tapped to join The Prince cast for the upcoming drama film about addiction. “The Prince chronicles the outrageous story of Parker Scott, a drug-fueled power broker hungry for non-stop thrills, ruling over a privileged world where pleasure is king, and more is never enough,” reads the synopsis. “The film tells an addict’s tumultuous odyssey through the high-stakes world of power, pleasure, and pain on a transformative journey toward recovery.” Who is in The Prince Cast? The new cast members will be joining previously announced leads Scott Haze (Venom), Nicolas Cage (Longlegs), J.K. Simons (Whiplash), Giancarlo Esposito (Parish), and Andy Garcia (Ocean’s Eleven), with Haze set to portray the role of Parker Scott. The Prince will be directed and produced by Cameron Van Hoy (Flinch) from a screenplay written by Pulitzer Prize-winning scribe David Mamet. The film will be executive produced by John Devaney, CJ Kirvan, and Jose Luiz Zapata, with Sean Wolfington, Jo Henriquez, and Lije Sarki also serving as producers. Cage is

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US) Season Season 23 Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch For Free

Discover about the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US) Season 23 Episode 3 telecast date and time. Viewers can also find out how to watch and which streaming platforms will be available in the United States and the United Kingdom. In Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US) Season 23 Episode 2, viewers got to see how a new contestant steps into the spotlight, ready to tackle the iconic money ladder. A series of increasingly challenging trivia questions stand between them and a life-changing million-dollar prize. Viewers can tune in for the suspense as knowledge is put to the test and dreams of riches hang in the balance. When is the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US) Season 23 Episode 3 release date & time? The episode’s release date is July 24, 2024, and its release time is 08:00 pm ET and 05:00 pm PT. Viewers willing to watch and stream Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (US) Season Season 23 can refer to the table mentioned below to know about the release date and time in the UK and US. Timezone Release Date Release Time Eastern Time (U.S.) July 24, 2024 08:00 p.m. Pacific Time (U.S.) July 24,

Exclusive Surprise! Trailer Sets Release Date for Rom-Com Movie

ComingSoon is excited to debut the exclusive Surprise! trailer for Freestyle Digital Media‘s upcoming romantic comedy starring Melanie Thompson and Bryce Harrow. “The film tells the story of a surprise birthday party, which is really a surprise engagement, that gets repeatedly derailed because of, not despite, the best intentions of all the guests,” reads the film’s official synopsis. “Ethan throws a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend Jane, with plans to propose before the night ends, but despite all his careful planning, things quickly go awry. In SURPRISE!, sibling rivalries cause conflict, exes show up uninvited, and Grandma even stops by to take back the family ring – but will Ethan ever make it down onto one knee? Luckily, Ethan and Jane’s friends are as compassionate as they are chaotic, and they help the couple to find their way to a happy ending.” Check out the exclusive Surprise! trailer below (watch more trailers): When is the Surprise! release date? Surprise! will be available to rent or own on all U.S. digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms, as well as on DVD, starting on August 13, 2024. The film hails from director Nate Hapke, who also co-wrote the screenplay with

Was the Season 26 Premiere on Last Night? Will Episode 2 Be Delayed?

Viewers are wondering whether the Big Brother Season 26 premiere happened last night or if it was delayed. Since the announcement, Season 26 has sparked excitement among fans, teasing a unique technological twist and an interesting guest line-up. It was scheduled to air on July 17 at a specified time, however, it did not premiere as planned. Here’s all the information on what happened and details about episode 2’s premiere timings. Was the Big Brother Season 26 premiere on last night? Yes, Big Brother Season 26 did premiere last night at around 9:27 pm. Season 26 debuts with a recap of Season 25’s last episode wherein Jag Bains and Matt Klotz were the finalists. Bains took home the BB trophy, triumphing with 5-to-2 jury votes. After a sneak peek into the last season, the show began with host Julie Chen Moonves welcoming the new house guests in a futuristic BB house. Moreover, she explains further rules and informs them about not using outside technology. The first episode introduced only eight guests, the rest of them will be welcomed in the next episode. Why was the Big Brother Season 26 premiere delayed? Big Brother Season 26 was supposed to premiere on

This Love Doesn’t Have Long Beans Episode 3 Release Date, Time & Preview

The Thai BL series This Love Doesn’t Have Long Beans is set to release episode 3 this week. The storyline follows Plawan (Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai) as he joins a cooking competition at Chef Oab’s (Sailub Hemmawich Kwanamphaiphan) restaurant. In the previous episode, Oab suspected that Plawan was working for Metas. However, the latter denied the allegations. After Plawan continued to make mistakes, Oab kicked him out of his kitchen.  This Love Doesn’t Have Long Beans episode 3: Release date & time Episode 3 of This Love Doesn’t Have Long Beans is set to be released on Friday, July 19, 2024, at 10:15 p.m. ICT on channel One31. Alternatively, the series’ uncut version can be streamed on iQIYI. Meanwhile, international fans can watch it with English subtitles on the CHANGE2561 YouTube channel. The following are the release times of This Love Doesn’t Have Long Beans episode 3 in various regions: Friday, July 19, 2024, 8:45 p.m. IST Saturday, July 20, 2024, 12:15 a.m. KST Friday, July 19, 2024, 11:15 a.m. ET Friday, July 19, 2024, 8:15 a.m. PT Friday, July 19, 2024, 3:15 p.m. GMT This Love Doesn’t Have Long Beans episode 3 preview: Sailub Hemmawich and Pon Thanapon get close The preview for episode 3 of This Love Doesn’t

Is There a Cobra Kai Season 6 Part 3 Release Date & Is It Coming Out?

With Part 1’s recent premiere, fans are excited to know if the Cobra Kai Season 6 Part 3 official release date is announced and when it’s coming out. The martial arts drama series takes place over 30 years after the confrontation of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso at the All Valley Karate Tournament. A depressed Johnny aims to settle scores by reopening the renowned Cobra Kai dojo. Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg are the showrunners. Here’s all the Cobra Kai Season 6 Part 3 release date information we know so far, and all the details on when it is coming out. Is there a Cobra Kai Season 6 Part 3 release date? Cobra Kai Season 6 Part 3 is expected to arrive in 2025. The audience has to wait till 2025 to witness the final chapter of the Cobra Kai series on Netflix. The third part will see how the students compete in an intense international karate tournament. This event will also showcase top karate fighters from across the world. Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence will step up to train these main martial artists to perform their best in the upcoming tournament. However, the audience will know who will

How to Watch Murdoch Mysteries Online Free

If you’re interested in knowing where to watch and stream Murdoch Mysteries, then here is a detailed streaming guide. Murdoch Mysteries is a crime-drama series that takes place in 1895. It follows an intellectual detective who takes in hand difficult cases and solves them using advanced techniques. These techniques weren’t even in fashion in those times. Throughout the series, he introduces unique methods such as lie detectors and fingerprinting to crack murder cases. It is inspired by Detective Murdoch’s novels by Maureen Jennings. How to watch Murdoch Mysteries streaming online You can watch Murdoch Mysteries via Hulu. Hulu is a premium streaming service with an entertainment library of exclusive TV shows, movies, Hulu originals, kid shows, sports, news channels, and more. Only the first 13 seasons are available on the streaming service. Head to Hulu’s webpage or application. Create an account, adding the necessary details. You’ll be provided a free trial option, depending on your eligibility. Otherwise, you get to choose from a list of subscription plans. Select the paid plan and proceed with billing. How to watch Murdoch Mysteries online for free legally? You can watch Murdoch Mysteries for free via Hulu. Hulu offers a 30-day free trial before

How Much Money Does She Make?

Emma Roberts‘ net worth in 2024 has become a hot topic of interest among fans. This is due to her popularity within the Hollywood industry and her appearance in several noteworthy projects over the years, such as Scream Queens, We’re the Millers and American Horror Story. Here is everything we have uncovered on Emma Roberts’ net worth and where she gets her earnings from. What is Emma Roberts’ net worth in 2024? Emma Roberts has an estimated net worth of $25 million in 2024. Roberts is an American actress, model, singer, and producer. She is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and the niece of actresses Julia Roberts and Lisa Robert Gillan. As a child, she discovered acting by visiting the sets of her aunt Julia’s movies. Roberts made her acting debut in 2001 at 9-years-old. She appeared in Johnny Depp’s Blow. She then had smaller parts in several projects like America’s Sweethearts before getting a major role in Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous, where she starred as Addie Singer. Emma Roberts then continued building her portfolio by appearing in projects like Nancy Drew, Hotel for Dogs, Scream 4, We’re the Millers, Palo Alto, Nerve, Who We Are Now, Holidate, Madame Web, and

Who Are Stray Kids Members? Name, Birthday & Age

JYP Entertainment’s boy group Stray Kids announced their recent comeback date with the release of a new studio album, Ate. The group’s journey in K-pop has inspired fans, who have praised how every member of the music octet has contributed something unique, paving their distinguished mark in a competitive industry. Here, we look at the profiles of Stray Kids’ members, including their age, birthday, and some characteristics that make them stand out. Stray Kids debuted in March 2018 with the extensive play I Am Not. Initially, the group had nine members: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N, and Woojin. A year after the debut, Woojin left the group, and Stray Kids continued their journey with eight members. Profiles of Stray Kids’ members Billboard 200-topper K-pop act Stray Kids is winning fan hearts with eight equally talented members. The group’s unit 3RACHA, which consists of leaders Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin, especially helped give Stray Kids their unique identity in K-pop. The group contributes to Stray Kids’ music production and gives it an edge, making it sound different from any other K-pop act. Before the group returns with another impressive album, let’s look at the profiles of all the Stray

NEBULA Capsule 3 Laser Mini TV Projector — Prime Day 2024

The NEBULA Capsule 3 Laser Mini Smart TV Projector is running a promo for Prime Day, and it’s a top pick here at ComingSoon. To nab this home theater projector at 28% below its typical list price, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime and act fast. This promo only runs from July 16 to 17. Become a savvy Prime Day shopper by signing up for Prime Insider. 30-Day Free Trial, Just in Time for Prime Day Free & Fast Delivery, Prime Video, Whole Foods Discounts, etc. We’ve been independently researching and testing products for over 20 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. NEBULA Capsule 3 Laser Mini Smart TV Projector $799.99 $579.99 Save $220 Product Highlights Laser projection 1080p resolution Travel-friendly design 120-inch image projection Battery life of up to 2.5 hours For a captivating home cinema experience, you can get the NEBULA Capsule 3 Laser Mini Smart TV Projector in a staggering Prime Day deal. With this mini laser projector, you will witness colorful images in full HD 1080p resolution with a peak brightness of 300 ANSI lumens, bright enough to even play it

台灣旅遊|屏東小琉球獨木舟體驗推介!人均只需$96起 免費航拍相/泛舟睇日出/加錢升級透明獨木舟

夏天去台灣旅行,就是去小琉球玩水上活動的最佳時機!現時去當地玩獨木舟有超抵優惠,二人同行的話人均只需$96起就可以玩100分鐘,包事前教學及裝備,更獨家贈送一組航拍照。全程有專業教練隨行,零經驗人士都可以放心報名,而且5至6歲小童亦能免費一同參加,一起盡情享受屏東海邊的熱情吧! Source link

Taiwan raises China travel alert over death penalty threat

A general view of Taipei skyline during sunrise in Taipei, Taiwan. (Reuters) Taiwan’s government raised its travel warning for China on Thursday, telling its citizens not to go unless absolutely necessary, following a threat from Beijing last week to execute those deemed “diehard” Taiwan independence supporters. Liang Wen-chieh, spokesperson for Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, told reporters the raised travel warning also applied to the Chinese-run cities of Hong Kong and Macau. China, which views democratically governed Taiwan as its own territory, has made no secret of its dislike of President Lai Ching-te, whom it views as a “separatist”, and staged two days of war games after he took office last month. Last week, announcing new legal guidelines, China threatened to execute Taiwan independence separatists in extreme cases, a further ramping up of tensions that drew condemnation from Lai and his government, as well as the United States. Liang, making the announcement at a regular news conference in Taipei, said those guidelines represented a serious threat to the safety of Taiwanese visiting China, in addition to other measures China has been taking to strengthen its national security laws. “If it is not necessary to go, then don’t,” he said, adding

Hong Kong condemns Taiwan after second-highest travel warning issued for city

The Hong Kong government has condemned Taiwanese authorities for smearing the national security law by issuing its second-highest travel warning for the city, calling it political manipulation. A government spokesman said on Thursday night the administration had constitutional responsibilities to ensure national security, as other common law jurisdictions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore did. “However, the Taiwan authorities turned a blind eye to this, spoke nonsense, maliciously smeared and demonised the national security law and the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance, completely exposing their double standards,” he said. Earlier in the day, Taiwan issued its second-highest travel warning for Hong Kong, telling the self-ruled island’s residents to avoid non-essential travel to the city due to its national security laws and cases of Taiwanese being detained on mainland China. Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said an “orange” travel warning had been issued for the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. “There have been several cases of citizens going to mainland China and getting illegally detained, kept and interrogated,” it said. It also brought up a judicial guidance issued by Beijing earlier this month, which stated “diehard” Taiwan independence separatists could face the death penalty in extreme secession cases.

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CASEGO Electric Suitcase

Six LGBTQ+ destinations around the world

Alamy (Credit: Alamy) Beyond famous hotspots like Brighton and Berlin, these are some of the most accepting places for LGBTQ+ travellers to visit. Even though it’s Pride season, it can still be a potentially nerve-racking time for LGBTQ+ travellers. While LGBTQ+ rights and visibility have increased greatly in the last decade, so have some increasingly intimidating threats, as the community continues to battle international customs, legality and cultural norms. Case in point: in May, the US State Department issued a worldwide travel warning about the “increased potential for foreign terrorist organisation-inspired violence against LGBTQI+ persons and events.” It recommends staying alert in locations “frequented by tourists, including Pride celebrations and venues frequented by LGBTQI+ persons.” Matthieu Jost, CEO of LGBTQ+ accommodation app misterb&b, which has 1.3 million registered users, advises queer tourists to “travel and stay like a local, particularly in areas you’re not sure about, and get advice from LGBTQ+ residents before you even step foot in a new travel destination.” Even in less LGBTQ+-friendly places, Jost maintains that “LGBTQ+ travellers often aren’t as deterred to visit as you would expect, and that’s likely due to local gay hosts as well as allies within the community itself.”   This


國泰航空宣布,將於今年12月17日至明年3月29日期間,復辦每星期3班往返澳洲開恩茲的季節性直航服務。 國泰航空說,在今年12月每周將營運73班往返香港與澳洲的航班,前往布里斯本、開恩茲、墨爾本、珀斯,及悉尼。 Source link

Taiwan raises travel risk warnings for mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau over new anti-separatist rules

Taiwan has raised its travel warnings for mainland China – as well as Hong Kong and Macau – after Beijing released new judicial guidelines that could carry the death penalty for “diehard separatists”. Taipei’s Mainland Affairs Council said the new rules “severely threatened” the personal safety of Taiwan residents. The updated guidelines raise the warnings for the mainland and two special administrative readings from yellow – for places “requiring special attention” – to orange, the second highest level in the four-tier system. Residents are now warned to avoid “unnecessary travel”, the same warnings in force for places such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Lebanon. The council said that if residents “really have a need” to travel to the other side of the Taiwan Strait, they should “avoid getting involved in or discussing sensitive issues and affairs, photographing ports, airports, military exercise venues, and carrying books on politics, history, religion”. 03:11 Mainland China launches PLA blockade around Taiwan, 3 days after William Lai speech Mainland China launches PLA blockade around Taiwan, 3 days after William Lai speech Beijing’s new guidelines – effective from last Friday – said the police and legal system must “severely punish Taiwan independence diehards for splitting the country

Hong Kong Airport Authority Awards Pioneering Tender For Autonomous Mass Transit

Home » AIRLINE NEWS » Hong Kong Airport Authority Awards Pioneering Tender For Autonomous Mass Transit Thursday, June 27, 2024 Reading Time: 2 minutes Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) unveiled plans to develop an innovative autonomous vehicle system that will transport passengers between the Hong Kong Port of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) and SKYCITY at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). This initiative marks the first large-scale autonomous mass transportation system in Hong Kong. AAHK has entrusted the project to KCM – PML Joint Venture, a collaboration between KC Smart Mobility Company Limited—a subsidiary of Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited—and Prime Motors Limited. Additionally, the joint venture will collaborate with Baidu, a leader in autonomous driving technology, to supply the intelligent transportation system, and Xiamen King Long will provide the vehicles. The new transportation system will operate along the Airportcity Link, a specifically designed vehicular bridge that includes a pedestrian pathway. This link is designed to connect the Hong Kong Port of HZMB with SKYCITY, a sprawling commercial hub on Airport Island featuring extensive dining, shopping, and entertainment options. The autonomous vehicles will facilitate a rapid three-minute commute between the Hong Kong Port and SKYCITY. Each vehicle can accommodate up

Delhi HC rejects former Religare Enterprises promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh’s plea to travel to sons’ graduation in UK | Delhi News

The Delhi High Court Wednesday dismissed former promoter of Religare Enterprises Ltd (REL) Shivinder Mohan Singh’s plea seeking permission to travel to the United Kingdom to attend the graduation ceremony of his two sons. A single judge bench of Justice Dharmesh Sharma said in its order, “There are sufficient grounds to raise an inference that in case such liberty is granted to the petitioner (Singh), he may abuse the same and may not come back to India so as to scuttle the entire investigation and the ensuing process”. The case pertains to the Serious Fraud Investigation Agency’s (SFIO) probe into the financial affairs of REL, Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) and sister concerns involving allegations of fraud and siphoning of funds. “This Court finds no illegality, perversity or incorrect approach adopted by the learned Special Judge in passing the impugned order dated 05.06.2024,” the bench added. Singh had approached the HC after a trial court on June 5 rejected his plea seeking the suspension of the Look Out Circular issued against him. The trial court had also denied him permission to travel to the UK between June 14 to July 4 and again from August 20 to September 10. Singh said that he wanted to attend


香港人愛出遊,特別是暑假旅遊旺季,機場出境安檢經常都排長龍。為疏導人流,以及提升旅客體驗,香港機場引入全新智能系統,將由7月2日起分階段投入服務。以後旅客出境時,就無須按現行規定,在安檢時將電子用品及液體等物品取出,物品安放在手提行李中即可!不但大大簡化整個流程,縮短安檢時間,旅人也能夠輕鬆過安檢,不再狼狽地在海關前收拾行裝了。 Source link

北上好去處|深中通道6.30起通車!1日遊/2日遊套票買1送1優惠 人均$149起坐來回直通巴+下午茶套餐

趁有優惠去中山走走!連接深圳和中山的深中通道將於6月30日通車,KKday現正發售通車當日出發的中山2日1夜及1日遊套票,更推出買一送一優惠。兩款套票都包來回永東直通巴士車票,以及威尼斯西餐廳下午茶,2日1夜套票則額外安排到盛景尚峰酒店住一晚,折後價錢每位分別只需$149起,大小同價。如此低價只此一日,又適逢七一假期,快約親朋好友一起搶先體驗啦! Source link

Hong Kong MTR will raise ticket fares by 3.09% starting this June 2024

It was only last year that Hong Kong MTR hiked prices by 2.3%. Be ready to pay a little more for your commute within the territory as MTR is all set to raise the fares by up to 3.09% this year too! The new fares would be applicable from June 30, 2024. But what makes the MTR fares go up this rapidly? It is the inflation to blame apart from other factors including MTR’s productivity and profitability and a wage index for transport workers. However, taking public affordability into account, MTR has implemented a fare-capping mechanism. This is to ensure that the fare remains within the means of the public.      MTR fares: Frequent commuters can enjoy some perks The hiked prices would mean that a passenger using an Octopus Card for a trip from Tung Chung to Hong Kong will pay HKD 24.30 as opposed to HKD 23.60 now. A trip from Admiralty station to Shenzhen via the Lo Wu border checkpoint would cost HK$52.30 (HK$1.60 more). Meanwhile if one travels from Kwun Tong-Tsim Sha Tsui, one must pay HKD 9.2 instead of HKD 8.9. However, frequent travellers can enjoy some perks with the special offer, “Ride 10

深圳酒店|南山酒店20大推介!人均最平$122.5起 行5分鐘到山姆超市/2萬呎椰林樹影沙灘泳池/兒童滑梯房

港人近期經常北上深圳旅遊,相信不少人都玩夠福田區或羅湖區一帶,開始往外發展,深入地遊覽深圳不同地區!當中靠近深圳灣口岸的南山區是深圳市較新發展區域,設有大量新商場、新酒店、歷史建築、主題樂園等打卡景點;繼福田區及羅湖區酒店推介後,今次就精選南山區20大酒店住宿推介,有的行5分鐘就到前海山姆店、有的設有2萬呎戶外沙灘泳池可盡情玩水、有的以健康為主題於房內設有健身及瑜伽器材,當然亦有些鄰近歡樂港灣、南頭古城、世界之窗、深圳灣萬象城等玩樂景點及購物中心,適合來個深圳南山快閃遊! Source link

海洋公園刷新入場人次單日紀錄 水上樂園增奧運元素吸引旅客

【on.cc東網專訊】早前新增個人遊城市來港,帶動海洋公園趁機吸納更多內地旅客。海洋公園公司主席龐建貽表示,海洋公園今年首5個月的整體入境旅客,對比去年同期有1.5倍增長,形容是「好大的強心針」,當中中國內地旅客佔好大比重,最大增長的內地旅客按年有1.6倍增長, Source link

Shenzhen-Zhongshan mega link to open at 3pm on Sunday, cutting Hong Kong travel time

Shenzhen-Zhongshan mega link to open at 3pm on Sunday, cutting Hong Kong travel time The Shenzhen-Zhongshan link, which is set to shorten travel time between Hong Kong and cities on the other side of the Pearl River Delta, will open to traffic at 3pm on Sunday. The 24km (15 mile) crossing, situated 30km south of the Humen Bridge that links Guangzhou and Dongguan, will connect the two sides of the Pearl River Delta within mainland China. It will connect the city of Zhongshan with Shenzhen via two bridges, two artificial islands and one undersea tunnel that is 6.8km long and 46 meters (151 feet) wide. Hong Kong-based operators of intercity coaches have suggested that the new link will trim travel time between Hong Kong and Zhongshan, which lies west of the Pearl River Delta, from 2½ hours to under two hours. The 44.69 billion yuan (US$6.16 billion) project is expected to be a key link in the Greater Bay Area, a mega city plan designed to turn the southern cities in China into an economic powerhouse that rivals other global metropolises. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is located 31km south of the new link and currently only connects to Hong Kong

Concerts in Hong Kong and Macau you shouldn’t miss out in 2024

There’s no denying that 2023 has been an exciting year for concerts, events, and festivals in Hong Kong. As one of the last cities to drop social distancing measures and restrictions, there’s no denying that every Hongkonger is hungry to enjoy live music and big-scale events. And 2024 is just about to get even more exciting! Global superstars will grace the stages along with homegrown talents and up-and-coming artists. So, mark your calendars for the most anticipated concerts in Hong Kong and Macau in 2024. With Macau being just a bus ride or ferry ride away, we are spoiled for choice. Many artists will hold shows in one city (or both if we’re fortunate). K-pop fans will surely have a great time in 2024 as various artists are already pencilled in for a concert or fan meeting. So, whether you’re into K-pop or Cantopop, see our top picks of the best concerts in Hong Kong and Macau in 2024. Don’t miss the best concerts in Hong Kong and Macau in 2024 Concerts in Hong Kong and Macau – January 2024 Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour Grammy Award-winning artist Bruno Mars will spin some magic in Macau this January. The


夏日炎炎,北上深圳除了進行各種室內活動,擁抱陽光與海灘亦是不錯的消暑活動!Yahoo Travel今次推介龍崗區網紅沙灘「桔釣沙」一日遊推介,到訪深圳版「馬爾代夫」玻璃海、人氣打卡位藍色跑道、周星馳電影《美人魚》取景場地「鹿嘴山莊」等。想住一晚的話,更有兩間酒店推介,優惠低至買1送1,今個夏天打算北上深圳的話不妨參考下! Source link


北上深圳旅遊,想一次過滿足按摩、睇戲、嘆自助餐等多個願望,推介大家去養生連鎖品牌「康悅故事」,每人最平港幣$399.9,可於獨立酒店級房間內一邊享受100分鐘高級足療,一邊睇戲睇電視,價錢更包平日免費過夜,以及椰子雞清湯自助任食火鍋,重點是環境高級、乾淨舒服,尤如住進酒店一樣,一齊睇睇! Source link

香港好去處|紅Van美食半日遊推介!優惠低至44折、每人$228起 小巴牌工作坊/參觀戰前唐樓/天際100嘆下午茶

紅Van相信大家都有搭過,但背後的歷史故事你又了解幾多?KKday近日推出香港紅Van歷史美食半日遊,優惠低至44折,每人$228起。半日遊會帶大家了解紅Van背後歷史之餘,還可體驗香港僅存的手寫小巴牌工作坊、參觀戰前唐樓,再登上天際100、到互動故事牆聽導遊講「港故事」,以及品嚐Cafe100 by The Ritz-Carlton HK香港特色下午茶。想深度了解本土文化的朋友,就要mark實時間,8月僅限5團,報名要趁早! Source link

回鄉證報失教學|北上消費遺失回鄉證 報失流程/申請臨通/福田、羅湖辦理中心地址及時間

意外,即意料之外,出外遊玩或會遇上不如意事,例如北上消費時遺失回鄉證。遺失回鄉證應該怎樣做呢?入境管理部門、香港中國旅行社辦公時間又是甚麼呢?Yahoo Travel為大家整合了回鄉證報失教學,幫大家順利申請補領。不怕一萬,只怕萬一,建議各位先Bookmark這篇文章,假如朋友一個不留神不見了回鄉證,都可以第一時間幫手,冷靜地處理! Source link

IMG Travel Insurance Review 2024: Pros and Cons

We like the iTravelInsured Travel SE plan from IMG because it checks all the boxes for travelers who want comprehensive coverage, including benefits for pet owners. We were also impressed with its competitive average price ($434 a trip). Source link

Salcombe Distilling sees “huge growth” potential in travel retail

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